Upright bicycle

Upright bicycle

An upright bicycle is a bicycle on which the rider sits astride the saddle and stands on the pedals; this is the most common type of bicycle. The most popular form of the upright bicycle frame, consisting of two triangles, is know as a "diamond frame". A similar but different frame used in upright bicycles is the step-through frame.

The term upright bicycle is primarily used in contrast to an increasingly popular alternative design: the recumbent bicycle, on which the rider reclines on a larger, more elaborate seat with the crank and pedals positioned higher and further forward.

Advantages and disadvantages

Upright bicycles have some advantages over recumbent bicycles. They are easier to pedal uphill, since the rider can stand up on the pedals and use his or her upper body in addition to the leg muscles. Uprights are easier to balance than some models of recumbent. They have a shorter wheelbase than some models of recumbent and can have better maneuveribility. They also tend to be less expensive than recumbents of comparable quality with comparable components.

Recumbents have advantages over upright bicycles: the principal attraction for most riders being a far greater degree of comfort. The rider's weight is distributed over several square feet of seat back and base, as opposed to being pressed onto a few square inches on the sitz bones as on an upright. Also, recumbent riders enjoy a more natural face-forward position, as opposed to many upright models where the rider's face is tilted toward the ground, forcing a tired rider to strain to keep his or her head aloft. Some upright riders also experience pain in their wrists, hands and shoulders, which is not a problem for recumbent riders. Also, recumbents can be more aerodynamic, presenting a smaller profile into the air, making them substantially faster on flats and downhills.

For more on this topic, see the Compared to uprights section of the Recumbent bicycle article.


Only upright bicycles are allowed to compete in events governed by the Union Cycliste Internationale. Other types of bicycle compete in events governed by the International Human Powered Vehicle Association.

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