List of East European Jews

List of East European Jews

Until the Holocaust, Jews were a significant part of the population of Eastern Europe. Outside Poland, the largest population was in the European part of the USSR, especially Ukraine (1.5 million in the 1930s), but major populations also existed in Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia. Here are lists of some prominent East European Jews, arranged by country of origin.

("Note": Baltic and Balkan Jews are on different lists.)

*List of Czech, Bohemian, Moravian and Slovak Jews
*List of Hungarian Jews
*List of Polish Jews
*List of Romanian Jews
*List of Jews from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (and the former Soviet Union)

Moldova (formerly Bessarabia)

* Lev Simonovich Berg, geographer & zoologist
* Gary Bertini, conductor
* Bronfman family
** Samuel Bronfman, founder of Seagram
* Samuel Cohen (composer), composer of hatTiqwah
* I. A. L. Diamond, comedy writer
* Meir Dizengoff, politician
* Lazar Dubinovski, painter
* William F. Friedman, cryptographer
* A. N. Frumkin, electrochemist
* Mikhail Gershenzon, historian
* Nahum Gutman, painter
* Idel Ianchelevici, sculptor
* Mona May Karff, chess player
* Boris Katz, artificial intelligence researcher
* Gary Koshnitsky, chess player
* Abba Ptachya Lerner, economist
* Avigdor Liberman, politician
* Lewis Milestone, director
* Sigmund Mogulesko, singer, actor, composer
* Sacha Moldovan, painter
* Moishe Oysher, yiddish singer
* Mendel Portugali, An Hashomer founder.
* Sir Michael Postan, historian
* Anton Rubinstein, pianist
* Joseph ben Yehuda Leib Shapotshnick, rabbi
* Andy Zaltzman, British comedian
* Meir Zorea, general in the Israel Defense Forces


* Joseph Goldberger, discovered cure for pellagra
* John Hertz, founder of Yellow Cab & Hertz ("unconfirmed")
* Ignác Kolisch, chess player
* Peter Lorre, actor
* Robert Maxwell, media mogul
* Ivan Reitman, film director
* Richard Réti, chess player
* Herman Steiner, chess player


*Katja Boh, sociologist and politician
*Berta Bojetu, author
*Israel Isserlin, Medieval rabbi
*Dušan Šarotar, author and editor

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*List of Sephardic Jews

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