Insecta Britannica Diptera

Insecta Britannica Diptera

Insecta Britannica Diptera is a seminal work of entomology by Francis Walker. The most important part of the work was written jointly with Alexander Henry Haliday. It is the synonyma and the synoptic table.

The dating of "Insecta Britannica Diptera".

The precise dates of early entomological publications, which are all important are frequently hard to establish. For this reason we are including these here:

*Walker, F. 1851. Insecta Britannica, Diptera. Volume 1. Reeve & Benham, London. vi + 314 p. (31 December). The Preface is dated December 1851. It might have been issued in early 1852 because it was presented to the Entomological Society of London on 2 February. Walker states in the preface that Haliday is responsible for the characters and synoptic tables of the Empididae, Syrphidae, and Dolichopodidae.
*Walker, F. 1853. Insecta Britannica, Diptera. Volume 2. Reeve & Benham, London. vi + 297. Putatively dated 1853.
*Walker, F. 1856 Insecta Britannica, Diptera. Volume 3. Reeve & Benham, London. xxiv + 352 p. (31 March). An advertisement bound at the back of this volume is dated 31 March.
*Walker states in the preface that Haliday is responsible for the Addenda and corrigenda, p. xi-xxv which were intended for Vol. 4. This volume was never published.

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