Perry (disambiguation)

Perry (disambiguation)

Perry is an alcoholic beverage made of fermented pear juice.

Perry may also refer to:

* "Perry" (album), by American singer Perry Como
* Perry (car), a pre–World War I British car maker
* Perry Drug Stores, a defunct drugstore chain in the United States
* Perry Nuclear Generating Station, Lake County, Ohio
* Perry, a Welsh surname, originating from ap Herry, "son of Herry".



* Adam Perry (drummer), (b. 1969), English drummer
* Adam Perry (rugby player), (b. 1979), Australian rugby player
* Alf Perry, golfer
* Alfred Perry, cofounder of the Douglas Hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
* Anne Perry, (b. 1938), author
* Antoinette Perry (1888–1946), American actress and director; founder American Theatre Wing, annual Antoinette Perry Awards, Tony Awards
* Aylesworth Perry (1860–1956), the sixth and longest-serving Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
* Chris Perry, (Disambiguation)
* Chris Perry (footballer), English footballer
* Christopher Raymond Perry (1761–1818), U.S. Naval officer, father of Oliver and Matthew Perry
* Corey Perry, Canadian NHL ice hockey player
* Edmund Perry, 17 year old Harlem resident shot to death on June 12, 1985
* Edward A. Perry, politician, Governor of Florida
* Enoch Wood Perry, Jr. (1831–1915), American artist
* Dave Perry, UK game show co-commentator
* David Perry (b. 1967), Irish game developer
* Fred Perry (1909–1995), British tennis star and later a Member of Parliament
* Fred Perry (comics) (1969– ), an American comic book artist best know for the furry comic series "Gold Digger"
* Fred Perry (football player) (1975– ), a Canadian Football player
* Gaylord Perry, (b. 1938), All-Star baseball pitcher
* Joe Perry (musician), (b. 1950), rock and roll musician, member of Aerosmith
* Joe Perry (snooker player), English professional snooker player
* Juan Perry, Peruvian congressman
* Katy Perry, American singer
* Kenny Perry, (b. 1960), American golfer
* Lee "Scratch" Perry, (b. 1936), a Jamaican reggae producer
* Linda Perry, American singer, songwriter and record producer
* Luke Perry, (b. 1966), American actor
* Madison S. Perry, politician, Governor of Florida
* Matthew C. Perry, (1794–1858), American naval officer
* Matthew Perry (actor), (b. 1969), Canadian actor
* Michael Perry, various
* Mike Perry (Maxis), game developer at Maxis
* Oliver Hazard Perry, (1785–1819), U.S. Naval officer
* Phil Perry, musician
* Ralph Barton Perry (1876–1957) American philosopher & educator; founder of new Realism school in American Pragmatic philosophy
* Rick Perry, politician, Governor of Texas
* Roland Hinton Perry, American artist
* Scott Perry, Major League Baseball pitcher
* Scott Perry (politician), member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
* Shane Perry, Australian rugby league player
* Shaun Perry, Bristol and England rugby union player
* Stephen Perry, inventor of the rubber band
* Steve Perry (author), author
* Steve Perry (musician), musician, Journey
* Tyler Perry, actor, playwright, director
* William Perry (disambiguation)
* William Perry, (b. 1927), U.S. Secretary of Defense (1994–97)
* William Perry (football), NFL football lineman, ("the fridge")
* William James Perry, cultural anthropologist at University College, London

Given name

* Perry Como, an Italian-American singer and television personality.
* Perry Farrell, an American musician.
* Perry Fenwick, a British actor known for playing Billy Mitchell in the BBC serial drama "EastEnders".

Fictional characters

* Perry Cox, a fictional doctor on the comedy "Scrubs"
* Perry Mason, a fictional lawyer
* Perry Rhodan, the main protagonist of the German science fiction pulp magazine by the same name
* Perry (of Kevin and Perry), fictional teenage characters from Harry Enfield's Television Programme. Perry was played by Kathy Burke and her character was named after her actor friend Perry Fenwick (above).
* Perry the Platypus, an anthropomorphic pet platypus of Phineas and Ferb.



* Shire of Perry, a former Local Government Area in Queensland


* Perry, Ontario
* Perry's Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador
* Port Perry, Ontario


* Perry, Cambridgeshire
* Perry Barr, Birmingham
* Perry Beeches, Birmingham
* Perry Common, Birmingham
* River Perry, Shropshire
* Perry Vale, Lonndon

United States

* Perry, Arkansas
* Perry, Florida
* Perry, Georgia
* Perry, Illinois
* Perry, Iowa
* Perry, Kansas
* Perry, Maine
* Perry, Michigan
* Perry, Missouri
* Perry, New York
* Perry, Ohio
* Perry, Oklahoma
* Perry, Utah
* Perry, West Virginia
* Perry Hall, Maryland
* Perry North (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania
* Perry South (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania
* Perry County (disambiguation)
* Perry Township (disambiguation)
* Perryopolis, Pennsylvania
* Perrysburg (disambiguation)
* Perryville (disambiguation)


* USS "Perry" (1843), a sailing brig, 1843–1865
* USS "Perry" (DD-11), destroyer, 1900–1919
* USS "Perry" (DD-340) a destroyer, turned mine sweeper, sunk in battle off Peleliu Island, 1921–1944
* USS "Perry" (DD-844), destroyer, 1945–1970
* USS "Commodore Perry", armed side wheel ferry, 1859–1865
* USS "Oliver Hazard Perry" (FFG-7), guided-missile frigate, 1976–1997

See also

* Parry

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