Bad Eagle

Bad Eagle

Bad Eagle (1839-1906 or 1909) was a "kwerharenu" (abbreviated to "Quahadi", or "Antelope") Comanche from the Southwest Plains area of the United States. In the Comanche language, his name is "quin-ne kish-su-it", which means "wild (or wicked) eagle".

Early life and capture

As a young brave ca. 1855, Bad Eagle was captured by Spanish military forces while on a raid and taken to Mexico. He was legally adopted by Captain Luis Portillo, at the fort El Conejo in Coahuila. As a result of this adoption, Bad Eagle was given the name Cruz Portillo, and became the only full-blooded Comanche to wear the uniform of the Mexican military. [ [ "The Bad Eagle Foundation - History of Bad Eagle"] , 2004, accessed 28 March 2007] The Spanish Catholic christening of Bad Eagle as Cruz Portillo was witnessed by godfather Captain Don Antonio Ponce De Leon at El Conejo. [ [ "David Yeagley: Views On Christianity"] , 7 January 2004, accessed 28 March 2007] At the fort, Bad Eagle began a family with another Comanche captive, and had two sons named Ignacio and Hermragildo.

Return to the Comanche

Bad Eagle returned to the Comanche tribe and became a band headman after observing that America offered a more meaningful existence for Native Americans than Mexico did at the time. [ [ "Frontpage Magazine Interview with David Yeagley"] , 10 March2006, accessed 27 March 2007] He was the cousin of Mumsekai and Ishatai, of the Quahadi. After his return, he began a new family, as his family in Mexico did not wish to leave. Bad Eagle (also known among the Comanche as "Tu-vi-ai" and "Ka-dose"), married two sisters, Erk-say and To-nar-ci, daughters of Horse Back (Ten-a-mahk-i), a famous Comanche leader. There were only two children born to Bad Eagle through these sisters, O-dah-pee-ah (by Erk-say) and Pee-so-vo-ee (by To-nar-cy). O-dah-pee-ah died in her early teens. Pee-so-vo-ee was blind. There were no children from either of these girls, as far as is known.Fact|date=March 2007

As social and political circumstances evolved in Indian Territory (later called Oklahoma), Bad Eagle realized that Comanche life on the plains was over. Bad Eagle (Tu-vi-ai), together with Dr. Jacob Sturm and Wild Horse (another Comanche) led Col. Ranald McKenzie's cavalry to Palo Duro Canyon, where Quanah Parker and the last of the Quahadi Comanche hid out. This act is considered noble by some and traitorous by others. Bad Eagle made this decision in order to save the lives of his people, and lived with the consequences of a controversial decision. Quanah's group surrendered at Fort Sill on June 2, 1875, due to starvation.Fact|date=March 2007

Some time after this, Quanah Parker abducted To-nar-cy from the home of Bad Eagle while Bad Eagle was away. (To-nar-cy had no children after Pee-so-vo-ee). Since To-nar-cy was barren, Bad Eagle let her go, but he extracted a very high price for her. Quanah was determined to have her and paid it.Fact|date=March 2007

Later, Bad Eagle sent for his sons in Mexico. Hermragildo died suddenly, and Ignacio was soon murdered in cold blood, as witnessed by his son, Anacleto (George) Portillo. Bad Eagle himself was apparently poisoned to death in 1906 (or 1909). Several members of the immediate family died under suspicious circumstances in close succession, in 1902, 1903 (Ignacio), and 1904. After Ignacio was murdered, Bad Eagle sent for George, who was about eight or nine years old. George lived with Bad Eagle in southwestern Oklahoma for several years, while many Comanches were still holding on to traditional customs, such as living in tipis. Bad Eagle later sent George to Chilacco Indian School.Fact|date=March 2007

The Bad Eagle Foundation

David A. Yeagley, who claims to be a direct descendant of Bad Eagle, created the non-profit Bad Eagle Foundation in 2004 in Oklahoma City. The stated goal of the foundation is to support modern Native American citizens who are conservative and patriotic. The foundation also expresses a message of unity for all Native Americans, social force, preservation, and advocation of such views through media outlets. [ [ "The Bad Eagle Foundation"] , 2004, accessed 28 March 2007]


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