Spanish-Portuguese War

Spanish-Portuguese War

Spanish-Portuguese War may refer to one of the following conflicts between Portugal and Spain or between Portugal and Castile (before 1516) :

* 1383–1385 Crisis, when Castile intervened unsuccessfully in a Portuguese civil war.
* 1580 Portuguese succession crisis, when Portugal and Spain were united in a personal union under Philip II of Spain in the Iberian Union
* Portuguese Restoration War (1640-1668), when Portugal regained an independent dinasty.
* War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714), when Portugal supported the allies against Philip of Anjou
* Spanish-Portuguese War, 1735-1737
* Spanish-Portuguese War, 1761-1763
* Spanish-Portuguese War, 1776-1777
* War of the Oranges in 1801, when Spain joined a French attack against Portugal.
* Peninsular War in 1807, when Spain initially supported the French invasion.


[ Guerras entre España y Portugal en la cuenca del Río de la Plata]

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