Getting the Fear

Getting the Fear

:"This article refers to the English band; for the Poison Idea EP, see Poison Idea."

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Associated_acts = Southern Death Cult, Into A Circle, Fun-Da-Mental and FUTON
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Past_members = Bee (Paul Hampshire), Barry Jepson, Buzz (DavidBurrows) and Aki Nawaz
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Getting the Fear were an English band of the 1980s. Its members were Barry (Jepson), Buzz (David Burrows), Aki Nawaz (Haq Quershi), and Bee (Paul Hampshire). The band was formed largely of former members of Southern Death Cult, with the exception of the singer Bee who replaced Ian Astbury on vocals.

After the band dissolved, Bee and Barry went on to form Into A Circle, another 1980s band. Bee later moved to Thailand and joined the electro-rock band FUTON alongside Simon Gilbert from Suede. Barry became a tour manager for bands in the UK. Aki went on to form the political Islamic hip-hop group Fun-Da-Mental and to create the label Nation Records. Buzz moved to the south of France and became an antiques dealer.



*7" Last Salute "(1984, RCA, RCA432)" Last Salute, We Struggle
*12" Last Salute "(1984, RCA, RCAT432)" Last Salute, Last Salute (Instrumental), We Struggle

=Tapes= "( demos and lives, available only at live concerts )"
*Volume 1 (1984) We Struggle, Swell, Rise, Before I Hang, Getting The Fear, Sometimes, Fatal Date, Swell (reh'), Wish I Was Dreaming (reh')
*Volume 2 (1984) Before I Fall, Spirit of Youth, Rise, Fatal Date, Dune Buggy Attack, Fatal Date, Last Salute, Dune Buggy (Instrumental), Sometimes, Last Salute (Live)
*Volume 3 (1984) Against The Wind (a), Against The Wind (b), Sometimes, Before I Hang, Rise, Sometimes, Yurune (Jeroen), Yurune (Aki on vocals), Intro, Swell


*Huddersfield Polytechnic - 7th March 1984 ( Allah Akhbar, Death Is Bigger, Fatal Date, Spirit Of Youth, Getting The Fear, Dune Buggy Attack, Wish I Was Dreaming, Swell, Against The Wind, Last Salute, Before I Hang, Getting The Fear, Death Is Bigger



*7th Mar, Huddersfield Polytechnic
*29th Aug, Leeds Warehouse
*20th Oct, Aberdeen St Katherines's Hall1985
*22nd April,Stoke Shellys

TV Appearances

*Oxford Road Show (BBC TV), live performance of Yurune (Youtube link:

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