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ImageFile = Hexachloroethane-2D-stereo.png ImageFile1 = Hexachloroethane-3D-balls.png IUPACName = Hexachloroethane
OtherNames =
Abbreviations =
Formula = C2Cl6
MolarMass = 236.7 g/mol
CASNo = 67-72-1

Hexachloroethane, also known as perchloroethane (PCA), C2Cl6, is a colorless solid at room temperature which is used by the US Military in contemporary base-eject smoke munitions. Hexachloroethane is used in most aluminium foundries around the world to remove hydrogen.

Hexachloroethane is susceptible to reduction reactions as the result of the electron deficiency on the carbon atoms. It has a half life of 36 minutes in a reductive environment.


External links

* [http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/tfacts97.html US Government Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry ToxFAQs for Hexachloroethane]
* [http://www.scorecard.org/chemical-profiles/summary.tcl?edf_substance_id=67-72-1 Scorecard.org chemical profile]
* [http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/hazwaste/minimize/factshts/hexchlet.pdf US EPA Hexachloroethane fact sheet]

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