Constantia of Sicily

Constantia of Sicily

Constantia or Constance (1249 - 9 April, 1302) was the Queen consort of Peter III of Aragon.


She was the only daughter of Manfred of Sicily and his first wife Beatrice of Savoy. Her paternal grandparents were Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and his mistress Bianca Lancia. Her maternal grandparents were Amadeus IV of Savoy and his first wife Anne of Burgundy.

Anne was a daughter of Eudes III, Duke of Burgundy and his second wife Alice of Vergy.


On 13 June, 1262, Constantia married Prince Peter of Aragon, eldest son of James I of Aragon and his second wife Violant of Hungary.

Manfred was killed in the Battle of Benevento (26 February, 1266) while fighting against his rival Charles of Anjou, posthumous son of Louis VIII of France and Blanche of Castile. As his eldest daughter she could be considered his heiress but did not pursue her claim at this time.

James I died on 27 July, 1276 and Peter succeeded to the throne. Constance became his Queen consort. With the War of the Sicilian Vespers (1282 - 1302), at first Peter and then their sons claimed the throne of Sicily in her right. The War resulted in the partition of the Kingdom of Sicilyto the "Kingdom of Trinacria" (the island of Sicily) under her descendants and the Kingdom of Naples under the descendants of Charles of Anjou.

Peter III died on 2 November, 1285 and Constantia remained a widow. She ended her days as a nun in Barcelona.


Constantia and Peter III of Aragon had six children:

*Alfonso III of Aragon (1265 - 18 June, 1291).
*James II of Aragon (10 August, 1267 - 2 November, 1327).
*Elizabeth of Aragon (1271 - 4 July, 1336). Married Denis of Portugal.
*Frederick III of Sicily (13 December, 1272 - 25 June, 1337).
*Yolanda of Aragon (1273 - August, 1302). Married Robert of Naples.
*Infante Pedro of Aragon (1275 - 25 August, 1296). Married Guillemette of Béarn, daughter of Gaston VII of Montcada, Viscount of Béarn.


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