The Sport of Kings

The Sport of Kings

Infobox Album | Name = The Sport of Kings
Type = Album
Artist = Triumph

Released = Start date|1986|11|4
Recorded = May–August 1986
Genre = Rock
Length = 42:47
Label = MCA (U.S.), TML (CA)
Columbia, Capitol (U.K.)
Producer = Mike Clink
Reviews =
*Allmusic Rating|2|5 [ link]
*Pitchfork Media (5|3.4) [ link]
Last album = "Stages"
This album = "The Sport of Kings"
Next album = "Surveillance"

The Sport of Kings is the eighth album by Canadian hard rock band Triumph, released in 1986.recorded at the bands home studio of Metalworks_Studios from May to August 1986.


It is the second to last studio album to feature the band's guitarist and primary songwriter Rik Emmett. The album is predominantly the work of outside writers, this being the only Triumph album on which the composers' credit on every track is given to other writers included, with no songwriting credits given to any other member of the band. Mike Levine played no keyboards in the recording of "The Sport Of Kings" having been sacked for three outside keyboardists who were hired to synthesize the sound of the album, meaning that this is the only Triumph album on which Levine is not featured on keyboards at all. Rik Emmett meanwhile sings lead vocals on six of the album's ten songs with vocals, four songs were sung by Gil Moore, while one track was sung as a duet by the two lead vocalists. The recording of "The Sport Of Kings" was marred by tension between Triumph and their then label of MCA, particularly Emmett, who has since expressed his dislike for much of the album. Only three of album's songs has ever been performed live by Triumph, though one track was performed live by Emmett during his first three solo tours.

Track Listing

ide One

# "Tears in the Rain" (Emmett, Levine, Moore) – 3:55
#*Lead vocals: "Gil Moore"
# "Somebody's Out There" (Emmett, Levine, Moore) – 4:04
#*Lead vocals: "Rik Emmett"
# "What Rules My Heart" (Emmett, Huff, Levine, Maloney) – 3:52
#*Lead vocals: "Gil Moore"
# "If Only" (Emmett, Levine, Moore) – 4:00
#*Lead vocals: "Rik Emmett"
# "Hooked On You" (Emmett, Levine, Moore) – 3:22
#*Lead vocals: "Rik Emmett" & "Gil Moore"
# "Take A Stand" (Emmett, Levine, Moore, Santers) – 4:33
#*Lead vocals: "Rik Emmett"

ide Two

# "Just One Night" (Fanucchi, Martin, Schon) – 3:40
#*Lead vocals: "Gil Moore"
# "Embrujo" (Emmett, Levine, Moore) – 1:29
#*Lead vocals: "Instrumental"
# "Play with the Fire" (Emmett, Levine, Moore) – 5:18
#*Lead vocals: "Rik Emmett"
# "Don't Love Anybody Else But Me" (Miller, Roynesdal) – 3:55
#*Lead vocals: "Rik Emmett"
# "In the Middle of the Night" (Emmett, Levine, Moore) – 4:34
#*Lead vocals: "Rik Emmett"


* Rik Emmett – lead & rhythm guitars, lead & backing vocals
* Gil Moore – drums, percussion, lead & backing vocals
* Mike Levine – bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals

* Lou Pomanti – synthesizer, synthesizer programming, keyboards
* Michael Boddicker – synthesizer, keyboards, synthesizer programming
* Scott Humphrey – synthesizer, keyboards, synthesizer programming
* Johnny Rutledge – backing vocals
* David Blamires – backing vocals
* Neil Donell – backing vocals


* Mike Clink – producer, engineer
* Thom Trumbo – executive producer
* Mike Reese – mastering
* Yoshiro Kuzumaki – mastering
* Brett Zilahi – remastering on 2005 re–issue
* Harry Witz – engineer, sound advisor
* Noel Golden – assistant engineer
* Toby Wright – assistant engineer
* Dave Runstedler – assistant engineer
* Allen Abrahamson – assistant engineer
* Tommy Steele – design
* Adamoff – cover art concept




External links

* [ The Sport of Kings Entry At Official Triumph Homepage]
* [ Info At Fan Site]

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