The acronym IES can stand for:

* Industrial Engineering Society
* Illumination Engineering Society
* Impact of Event Scale
* Indian Economic Service
* Indian Education Society
* Indian Educational School
* Indian Engineering Service
* Infolab Enterprise Server (Software)
* Institute of Education Sciences
* Institute for Employment Studies
* Institute for Environment and Sustainability of the European Commission
* Institute for the International Education of Students
* Integrated Electrical Services, Inc
* Integrated Exploration Systems, GmbH
* Integrated Encryption Scheme
* International Education Service
* International English Service
* Integrated Environmental Solutions
* International Euphorbia Society
* Internet Entertainment Systems, Inc.
* Israel Exploration Society
* IES - Italiana Energia e Servizi S.p.A. - oil refinery and service station chain based at Mantova, Italy
* The Institution of Environmental Sciences
* IES News Service


* 1960-ies - alternate form of 1960s or 1960s.
* beneficiary(ies) - where singular or plural is unclear.

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