FEC is an acronym which may refer to:
* Foreign Exchange Certificate, a type of currency
* Family Entertainment Center, a small park intended for family fun, not quite on the amusment park level.

* Far Eastern College, founded in 1919 in the City of Manila, Philippines
* Florida East Coast Railway
* Frank Erwin Center, a multi-purpose facility on the campus of the University of Texas

* Federal Election Commission, administers and enforces campaign finance legislation in the United States
* Far Eastern Commission, policy making commission for post war Japan
* Federación Ecuatoriana de Ciclismo, national governing body of cycle racing in Ecuador
* Further education College, mainly used in connection with education in the United Kingdom
* Farnell Electronic Components, distributor
* Fanwood Environmental Commission, local environmental commission promoting green and sustainable living in Fanwood, NJ, United States
* Federation of Egalitarian Communities, a group of intentional communities that subscribe to the same principles.

* Fecal Egg Count, a procedure for determining worm burden in livestock
* Fluorouracil-epirubicin-cyclophosphamide, a chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer

* Fast Ethernet Channel, the original name of EtherChannel which is a method for bundling ethernet channels
* Forward error correction, in digital communications coding
* Forwarding equivalence class, in Multiprotocol Label Switching

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