House of Kosača

House of Kosača

Royal house
surname = House of Kosača
estate = of Herzegovina
coat of arms =
country = Herzegovina
titles = Herzog
parent house =
founder = Vuk Kosača
final ruler = Vlatko Hercegović
current head = extinct
founding year =
dissolution =
nationality = Serbian
cadet branches = House of Miroslav

House of Kosača] The House of Kosača was a medieval Orthodox Serb Bosnian-Herzegovinian family that ruled over Hum (Herzegovina).

Members of the House of Kosača

*Vuk:*Vlatko Vuković:*Hranja (Hran) Vuković::*Sandalj Hranić::*Vuk Hranić:::*Ivan Vuković::::*Adam Vuković::*Vukac Hranić:::*Stjepan (Stefan) Vukčić::::*Vladislav Hercegović:::::*Petar Balša::::::*Matija:::::::*Nikola (Niklos) Balša::::::::*Georgije::::::::*Pavle::::::::*Stefan::::::::*Katarina::::::::*Marija:::::::*Unknown Daughter::::::*Vladislav::::*Vlatko Hercegović:::::*Marija:::::*Jovan::::::*Sava::::::*Ferante:::::::*Fernandin:::::::*Olympia::::::*Florence::::::*Unknown daughter::::::*Vlatko III:::::::*Alphonse Sandalj:::::::*Silvije:::::::*Hector:::::::*Unknown son:::::::*Jovan II::::::::*Marija::::::::*Vlatko IV:::::::::*Elizabeta:::::::*Stefan V:::::::*Merkurije:::::::*Horacije::::::*Stefan III::::::*Stefan IV::::::*Elizabeth::::::*Unknown daughter::::::*Unknown daughter::::*Stefan Hercegović::::*Mara Hercegović::::*Katarina Kosača-Kotromanić (Married Stjepan Tomaš Kotromanić, King of Bosnia):::::*Sigismund (Šimun) Kotromanić (Converted to Islam and changed his name to Išak-beg Kraljević (Ishak-bey Kraloglu)) :::::*Katarina Kotromanić (Died in Skopje around the age of 10-11) :::*Unknown son:::*Teodora Vukčić


* Zagrađe Monastery, Serbian Orthodox monastery built by Stjepan Vukčić Kosača, ruins of the Herzegovinian capital, and a Church to Saitn Achdaecon Stephen built by Sandalj Hranić

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