FRONT is an international broadcast design and branding firm for television, film and interactive media. FRONT specializes in creative thinking, network branding, station IDS, film titles, 2D-3D animation, web, print, and sound design. FRONT is wholly owned by [ Peak International Ltd] , a global holding company whose operations include branding solutions, broadcast design and television branding, entertainment, post production services, interactive design, music publishing, printing, and advertising. FRONT's main headquarters, animation and post facilities are located in Toronto, Canada.

FRONT was founded in 1999 by Jeff Rustia, who remains company president. Their first client was [ Nickelodeon Philippines] , for whom they created an on-air image that won Best Campaign at the [ Promax/BDA Awards] . Subsequently, Nickelodeon in New York awarded FRONT the on-air launches of its networks in Malaysia, India, and Singapore. Since then, FRONT has produced visual identities for other blue chip international networks such as HBO Asia and Cinemax.

FRONT's clients include many other international TV network entities including the Republic of Georgia's public broadcaster Georgian Public Broadcasting, Indonesia's national channel Global TV, [ [ - Program Guide - Venture ] ] Vision TV (Canada's multi-faith religious channel), Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), QTN, (an American gay and lesbian channel), CPAC (Canada's political television), ichannel (Issues Channel) and The Pet Network (a 24 hour pet channel). [ [ ] ]

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