Raw Comedy

Raw Comedy

Raw Comedy is an Australian competition for emerging stand-up comedians, established in 1996 and held annually since.

Heats take place in major Australian cities through January, February and March. State semi-finals and finals are held in the state capitals in March. The final is held as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April and televised on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The winner of Raw Comedy is sent to the So You Think You're Funny competition at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Two Raw Comedy winners, Drew Rokos and Nick Sun, went on to win So You Think You're Funny.

Raw Comedy is produced by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and supported by youth radio station Triple J.

Past winners

*1996 Anthony Menchetti, Western Australia and Stephen Head
*1997 Subby Valentine, New South Wales
*1998 Chris Franklin, New South Wales
*1999 Chris Wainhouse, Queensland
*2000 Drew Rokos, Victoria
*2001 Emily O'Loughlin, South Australia
*2002 Dave Elvins, New South Wales
*2003 Nelly Thomas, Victoria, and Steve Sheehan, South Australia
*2004 Nick Sun, New South Wales
*2005 Josh Thomas, Queensland
*2006 Hannah Gadsby, South Australia
*2007 Jonathan Schuster, Victoria
*2008 Neil Sinclair, Victoria

2008 finalists

* Melinda Buttle QLD
* Ryan Coffey VIC
* John Conway WA
* Laura Davis WA (Raw Recruit Prize)
* Michele Fryer SA
* Scott McGowan NT
* Luke McGregor TAS
* Louise Sanz [http://www.lousanz.com ] ] VIC
* Neil Sinclair VIC (Winner)
* Smart Casual NSW
* Jay Sullivan ACT
* David Cunningham NSW (Runner Up)

2007 finalists

* Xavier Susai, Western Australia
* Shaun Conroy, Queensland
* Ellen Briggs, Queensland
* Maverick, Northern Territory
* Aleisha McCormack, Tasmania
* Jack Druce, New South Wales (Raw Recruit Prize)
* Anyone for Tennis, Victoria
* The D, South Australia
* Tracy Crisp, South Australia
* Saikim Wan, Northern Territory
* Aamer Rahman, Victoria (Runner Up)
* Jonathon Schuster Victoria (Winner)

2006 finalists

* Hannah Gadsby, South Australia (winner)
* Michael Williams, Victoria (runner-up)
* Dylan Bennett and Kadek Hobman are Separated At Birth, Northern Territory (runner-up)
* Celia Pacquola, Victoria (Raw Recruit Prize)
* Bart Freebairn, Queensland
* Bec Hill, South Australia
* Tom Ballard, Victoria
* Jeff Hewitt, Western Australia
* Danii Johnstone, New South Wales
* Paul Ayre, New South Wales
* Matt Burton, Tasmania
* Ben Jenkins, New South Wales
* Selina Jenkins as “Beau Heartbreaker”, Victoria

2001 finalists

* Alan Rutledge, Queensland
* Eleven Thh, Tasmania
* Emily O'Loughlin, South Australia (winner)
* Geraldine Hickey, Victoria
* Luke Whitby, South Australia
* Martin Steel, Queensland
* Michael Chamberlin, Victoria
* Penny Tangey, Victoria
* Robert Nix, New South Wales
* Ronan McChesney, New South Wales
* Ross Janetzki, Queensland
* Terry North, Victoria
* Vanessa Hill, New South Wales
* Xavier Michaledes, Western Australia
* Yianni Agisilaou, Victoria

Other participants of note

* Dave Bushell
* Tommy Dassalo
* Tom Taylor
* Simon Barlow

ee also

*Melbourne International Comedy Festival
*Stand-up comedy

External links

* [http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/raw/ Raw Comedy page] at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival site

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