Raw describes a material that is in its natural unprocessed form, or has not had the final stages of processing. For example, "raw food" refers to food that has not been cooked, and "raw silk" is the term for unprocessed silk. "Raw" also has symbolic meaning. See Claude Lévi-Strauss's "The Raw and the Cooked"

RAW or raw may also refer to:

Entertainment and literature

* Robert Anton Wilson, American author
* Eddie Murphy Raw, a 1987 live stand-up comedy recording
* The Mighty RAW, an American music artist, most commonly known as Ron Wasserman or Aaron Waters
* "", a 2004 music documentary featuring the Ramones
* "R.A.W" (album), an album by Daz Dillinger
* "Raw" (album), a 2001 album by Jimmy Barnes
* "Raw", a tentative album title for Monica's "The Makings of Me" album
* "RAW" (magazine), an avant-garde alternative comics magazine launched in 1980
* "Raw magazine" (rock), a heavy metal magazine published by EMAP in the 80's and 90's
* Raw magazine, an in-house BBC magazine
* R.A.W. Records, a record label based out of Windsor, Ontario
* "Raw" (film), a 1996 skateboard film from Thrasher Magazine
* "RAW" (novel), a novel by Scott Monk
* "Raw" (song), a 1988 rap single by Big Daddy Kane
* RaW, or Radio Warwick, the University of Warwick student radio station
* "Raw Deal" (1986 film), a 1986 thriller film
* Raw FM, an Australian Broadcasting Corporation television series
* "Raw Meat", a 1972 British horror film
* WWE Raw, a World Wrestling Entertainment program
* Raw (television series), an Irish drama series


* Raw audio format, a file type used to represent sound as pulse-code modulation data
* Raw image format, a variety of image files used by digital cameras containing the unprocessed data from the sensor
* Raw Architecture Workstation, a simple wire-efficient multicore CPU architecture
* Read after write, technologies used for CD-R and CD-RW
* "Read and write," see Input/output
* An uncompressed disk image
* A Unix file format containing insufficient information for proper screen mapping of characters. [http://www.rt.com/man/consolechars.8.html Linux User's Manual CONSOLECHARS(8)]


* Sexual intercourse engaged without using a condom


* RAW (animanga), unsubtitled or untranslated anime or manga
* RAW (rolling paper), a brand of cigarette rolling paper
* Raw Design, an architecture firm based out of Toronto, Ontario
* Rifleman's Assault Weapon, a rocket propelled rifle launched standoff munition
* Research and Analysis Wing, India's external intelligence agency

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