1942 in poetry

1942 in poetry

in?=in poetry
in2?=in literature
cp=19th century
c=20th century
cf=21st century



* George Oppen joins the U.S. Army.

Works published

* John Berryman, "Poems"
* Earle Birney , "David and Other Poems"
* Walter De la Mare, "Collected Poems"
* T. S. Eliot, "Little Gidding", published in New English Weekly
* John Heath-Stubbs, "Wounded Thammuz"
* Patrick Kavanagh, "The Great Hunger"
* Alun Lewis, "Raiders' Dawn", on a soldier's life in the World War II
* Erik Lindegren, "Manen utan väg" ("The Man Without a Way"), Sweden
* Leslie Norris, "Tongue of Beauty"
* Henry Reed, "The Naming of Parts", published in the "New Statesman"

Awards and honors

United States

* Frost Medal: Edgar Lee Masters
* Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: William Rose Benet, "The Dust Which Is God"


* March 23 — Ama Ata Aidoo Ghanaian author, poet and playwright
* October 23 — Douglas Dunn, Scottish poet, academic and critic.
* November 9 — Karin Kiwus, German
* November 11 — William Matthews, American poet and essayist
* November 19 — Sharon Olds, American poet

* date not known:
** Gladys Cardiff, American poet and academic
** Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian poet and prose writer
** Stuart Dybek, American poet and author
** Mark DeFoe
** Douglas Eaglesham Dunn
** Jennifer Footman
** Marilyn Hacker, American poet, critic, and reviewer
** David Henderson, poet associated with the Umbra workshop and Black Arts Movement
** Pat Mora, female Mexican-American author and poet
** Arthur Nortje, South African poet (died 1970)
** Henry Taylor
** Jakob van Hoddis (born 1887), German


* February 2 — Daniil Kharms, 36, early Soviet-era surrealist and absurdist poet, writer, dramatist, and founder of OBERIU poetry school, probably of starvation in his cell at a Leningrad asylum, after his arrest
* March 28 — Miguel Hernández, Spanish poet
* April 24 — Lucy Maud Montgomery, known as "L.M. Montgomery", a Canadian poet and author best known for a series of novels beginning with "Anne of Green Gables"
* 12 May — Shaw Neilson, Australian poet
* May 26 — Libero Bovio, Italian poet in the Neapolitan dialect
* March 28 — Miguel Hernández, 31, Spanish poet, from tuberculosis in harsh conditions during his imprisonment in Spain
* 23 December — Konstantin Bal'mont, Russian poet
*date not known:
** William Baylebridge, the pseudonym of Charles William Blocksidge, an Australian poet and short story writer

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