Dystopia (disambiguation)

Dystopia (disambiguation)

Dystopia is an antithesis of utopia. It is how reality is. It may also refer to:

In computer gaming:
*"Dystopia" (computer game), a "Half-Life 2" modification

In music:
*Dystopia (band), a sludge metal/crust punk band:*"Dystopia" (Dystopia album), the final album by Dystopia
*Dystopia (band), an extreme metal band from the Netherlands
*"Dystopia" (Babes in Toyland album), a compilation album by Babes in Toyland
*"Dystopia" (Beneath the Massacre album), an album by Beneath the Massacre
*"Dystopia" (Betty X album), an album by Betty X
*"Dystopia" (Midnight Juggernauts album), an album by Midnight Juggernauts
*"Dystopia," a Kreator song from their album Enemy of God

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