Cashier is an occupation focused on the handling of cash money.



A cashier at her register in a Panamanian grocery store.

In a shop, a cashier (or checkout assistant) is a person who scans the goods through a machine called a cash register that the consumer wishes to purchase at the retail store. After all of the goods have been scanned, the cashier then collects payment for the goods or services exchanged. In one form or another, cashiers have been around for thousands of years. In many businesses, such as grocery stores, the cashier is a "stepping stone" position. Many employers require employees to be cashiers in order to move up to customer service or other positions such as produce.

Cashiers are at risk of repetitive strain injuries due to the repeated movements often necessary to do the job, such as entering information on a keypad or moving product over a scanner. Included also is the physical strain of standing on one's feet for several hours in one spot and the emotional strain of managing the variety of customers with less than polite conversation skills and manners. Cashiers jobs are highly stressful, depending on the clientele and is better suited for employees with good social skills and a lot of patience.


A less-current meaning of the term referred to the employee of a business responsible for receiving and disbursing money. In a non-retail business, this would be a position of significant responsibility. With an ever-larger proportion of transactions being done using cash substitutes (such as checks, credit cards, debit cards, etc.), the amount of cash handled by such employees has declined, and this usage of the word "cashier" has been largely supplanted by the title comptroller.

Retail banking

In a bank branch in the United Kingdom, a cashier is someone who enables customers to interact with their accounts, such as by accepting and disbursing money and accepting cheques. In the United States, this job is called a bank teller.

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