Coat of arms of Qatar

Coat of arms of Qatar

The coat of arms of Qatar ( _ar. شعار قطر) show two crossed white bent swords in a yellow circle. Between the swords there is a sailing ship (dhow) sailing on blue and white waves beside an island with two palm trees. The circle is surrounded by a round doughnut-shaped object, which is divided horizontally. In the white section the name of the state of Qatar is written in brown Kufi writing and in the brown section, the English translation (State OF Qatar) is written in white writing. The coat of arms is sometimes shown without the English translation, the middle circle is occasionally yellow and the bent swords are sometimes brown (instead of white).

The coat of arms was introduced in 1976 and replaced another emblem (which was used since 1966), and consisted of two bent swords, one Pearl shell and two palm tree-branches with the label "Qatar".

Several elements of the coat of arms are featured in national emblems of several Middle Eastern countries: the traditional Arab bent sword is also present in the coats of arms of Saudi Arabia and Oman; the dhow is in the coat of arms of Kuwait and the former coat of arms of the United Arab Emirates. The palm tree is also a national symbol of Saudi Arabia. The colours and the separation of the outside ring come from the flag of Qatar.

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