Coat of arms of Syria

Coat of arms of Syria
Coat of arms of Syria
Coat of arms of Syria.svg
Adopted 1980
Escutcheon vertical version of national flag
Supporters Hawk of Qureish (single supporter)
Motto Syrian Arab Republic (Arabic)
Use on the national currency; in school classes; in the Parliament; on official buildings; on passports; on ID cards; in the header of the official documents (including diplomas)

The national symbol or coat of arms of Syria (Arabic: شعار سوريا‎) includes the Hawk of Qureish,[1] which holds a shield of the national flag (in vertical form), and a scroll with the words "Syrian Arab Republic" (in Arabic الجمهورية العربية السورية).

During Syria's union with Egypt in the United Arab Republic (UAR) between 1958 and 1961, the pan-Arab Eagle of Saladin was used as the basis of the coat of arms. Though Syria withdrew from the union in 1961, Egypt continued to use the official name, flag, and coat of arms of the UAR until 1971.

During the period of the Federation of Arab Republics between 1972 and 1977, a loose association of Egypt, Libya, and Syria, the Hawk of Qureish was used as the coat of arms. After the end of the union, all three former member states retained the Hawk of Qureish. Egypt finally reverted to the Eagle of Saladin in 1984, which had served as the coat of arms of both Egypt, and Libya prior to the abortive union, and still serves as the basis of the arms of Egypt, Iraq, and Palestine.

Syria still uses the Hawk of Qureish, as did Libya under Gaddafi (although the Libyan version faced to the dexter rather than to the sinister, as in the Syrian version).

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