Nour El Deen Mahmoud Nour El Deen

Nour El Deen Mahmoud Nour El Deen

Nour El Deen Mahmoud Nour El Din (Arabic: نور الدين محمود نور الدين‎) is the main character in the science fiction series Malaf Al Mostakbal by Nabil Farouk. He works in the Egyptian Scientific Intelligence Agency. His is characterized with an outstanding ability to solve mysteries.


According to the series, Nour is born in 1976. His father is a policeman. In 2000 at the age of 24, he forms his own team consisting of: Salwa, Ramzy and Mahmoud, a group of experts in different fields. He marries Salwa in novel 13 and becomes a father in novel 16.

Through the novels, Nour travels to the past and future many times. He also travels in space to other planets and even worlds in other dimensions. According to the novels Nour is highly trained on martial arts and in many novels Nour had to use his language skills such as Hebrew in novel 16 and French and German in novel 119.

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