List of Lebanese people

List of Lebanese people

This is a list of Lebanese people. The list has been ordered by Alphabetical order of Section names. No specific order was used within the sections.


Activists of Lebanese Descent

* John Snow- born Hanna Talj
* James Zogby - founder of Arab-American Institute, brother of John Zogby, "an American of Lebanese Christian heritage." [cite book
title=Marketing the American Creed Abroad: Diasporas in the U.S. and Their Homelands
publisher=Cambridge University Pre
id=ISBN 052164531X
* John Zogby - American political pollster, brother of James Zogby.


Architects of Lebanese Descent

* Pierre Fakhoury Architect of the Basilica of Notre Dame de la paix a Yamoussokro
* Reem Acra - fashion designercite web
title=Lebanese abroad >> archive
publisher=Today's Outlook Magazine
* Sam Maloof - woodworker, owned an orchard in Douma, Lebanon. [cite book
title=The Furniture of Sam Maloof
coauthors=Sam Maloof
publisher=W. W. Norton & Company
id=ISBN 0393730808
* Joseph Philippe Karam - a leading modernist architect [ [ Home ] ]

Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

Businessmen and Entrepreneurs of Lebanese Descent

* Lucie Salhany- Chairwoman - Fox Broadcasting Co
* Warren Buffet- Famous U.S. investor whose Lebanese parents originally from the village of Soffra, emigrated to N.Y. in the early 1920's
* Malouf Brothers - Palms Casino,
* Chad J. Saikaley - Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP
* T. Nicholas Allaham - Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP
* Paul Orfalea: Founder and CEO - Kinko"s
* Ray Irani, PhD: Chairman - Occidental Petroleum.
* Philippe Jabre - Hedge Fund Manager
* Carlos Slim Helu - Mexican-Lebanese. World's richest man.cite web
title=Lebanese People Abroad >> archive
publisher=Today's Outlook Magazine
* Anna Ouroumian Social entrepreneur, President and CEO of the Academy of Business Leadership.
* Carlos Ghosn - (also known as Carlos Gaune, from the Lebanese "Ghosn" family), Lebanese Brazilian-born CEO and President of Renault and Nissan Motor, nicknamed the "Cost Cutter".
* Edmond Safra - founder of Republic Bank of New York and Banco Safra in Brazil, born in Aley, Lebanon. [cite web
title=Edmond Jacob Safra (Swiss banker and philanthropist)
publisher=Encyclopaedia Britannica
*John Mack, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley, one of the world's largest Investment Banks
* Al-Waleed bin Talal - Saudi Prince whose mother is the daughter of ex Prime Minister [Riad as-Solh
* Nicolas Hayek - 'Mr. Swatch', Chairman of the Swatch Group, the 'father of Swatch' and the man behind the concept of the Smart Car.
* Robert Abboud - ex-chairman of First National Bank of Chicago, cousin of Joseph Abboud. [cite book
title=Crashing the Gates: the De-WASPing of America's power elite
first=Robert C.
publisher=Simon & Schuster
id=ISBN 0671473344
* Sam Hammam - owner of Cardiff City F.C.. [cite book
title=Professional sport in the European Union: Regulation and re-regulation
coauthors=Simon Gardiner
publisher=Cambridge University Press
id=ISBN 9067041262
* Mario Kassar - co-founder of Carolco Pictures. [cite book
title=Arabs of Chicagoland
publisher=Arcadia Publishing
id=ISBN 073853417X
* Jacques Nasser - ex-CEO of Ford Motors, born in Lebanon. [cite web
title=National Press Club: Jacques Nasser
publisher=National Public Radio
* Paul Orfalea - founder of Kinko'scite web
title=Making a Difference
publisher=the Embassy of Lebanon
location=Washington D.C.
* Sharif Hikmat Nashashibi - Co-founder and chairman of Arab Media Watch

Fashion Designers

* Elie Saab - fashion designer.cite book
title=Lebanon in Pictures
coauthors=Sam Schultz, Margaret J. Goldstein
publisher=Twenty-First Century Books
id=ISBN 0822511711

Film, Theatre, Television and Radio Personalities

* Lucien Bourjeily, film director (Born in Lebanon)
* Nadine Labaki, actress/director
* Georgina Rizk, Miss Universe 1971

Film, Theatre, Television, and Radio Personalities of Lebanese Descent

* Jean Paul Belmondo, born in Balamand, North Lebanon, famous Movie Actor (France)
* Joseph Barbera [cite web
title=Master cartoonist who created Tom and Jerry draws his last
location=New York
] - Hanna-Barbera (Lebanese pronunciation: Berbere) Creator of the Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, Yogi Bear and many other world renowned cartoons [Long Live Barbera: The Best Hanna-Barbera Intros of All Time [] ]
* Peri Cochin, television host (French of Lebanese/Iraqi ancestry)
* Shannon Elizabeth, (full name Shannon Elizabeth Fadal) actress with roles in American Pie (film) and Scary Movie
* Lili Estefan, Cuban American television hostess, (niece of Emilio Estefan; Lebanese ancestry)
* Jamie Farr, actor of M*A*S*H fame
* Khrystyne Haje, actress
* Jack Hanna, host of the US hit television series "Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures", frequent guest on Late Night with David Letterman and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Jay LenoHenry Wahbe, telivision and film actor, singer song writer
* Salma Hayek, Mexican actress (Lebanese father and Mexican mother)
* Casey Kasem, television personality of Druze Lebanese descent
* Mario Kassar, film producer
* Gilbert Mamery, television personality in Puerto Rico
* Gricel Mamery, comedian, television host in Puerto Rico
* Wentworth Miller- television actor; stars in Prison Break
* Omar Naim - Director of The Final Cut
* Kathy Najimy - actress
* Arsinée Khanjian - actress (Lebanese-born, Armenian ethnicity)
* Michael Nouri, actor
* George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM
* Keanu Reeves, actor born in Lebanon but raised in Canada. Parents are of English and Hawaiian ancestry
* Tom Shadyac, motion picture director
* Shakira, singer (Lebanese father)
* Tony Shalhoub, television and film actor
* James Stacy, actor
* Danny Thomas, nightclub comedian and television actor
* Marlo Thomas, actress
* Amy Yasbeck, Lebanese-American film and television actress, widow of actor John Ritter
* Vince Vaughn, actor
* Michael Ansara, Actor/director husband of Barbara Eden (TV series Love of Jeany)
* Omar Sharif, Actor/ his real name is Michel Chalhoub from lebanese origin
* Henry Wahbe, radio and television actor, singer-song writer


* Gen. Michel Aoun
* Gen. Emile Lahoud
* Gen. Michel Sleiman
* Gen. Fouad Chehab

Military of Lebanese Descent

* John Abizaid - US general, CENTCOM Commander
* George Joulwan - US general, SACEUR
* Gengis Khan - AKA Gergis Khamis


* Amal Hijazi - Pop Singer and Dancer
* Assi Rahbani - Music Composer (Fairouz's husband)
* Assi El Helani - Pop Singer
* Bassima - Lebanese Pop Singer
* Bassem Feghali - Comedian that pioneered female impersonation in Lebanon (Related to Sabah)
* Bechara El-Khoury - A French-Lebanese Classical Music composer and poet
* Charbel Rouhana - Music composer and Oud player
* Darine Hadchiti - Young Pop Singer
* Elissa - Pop Singer
* Fairouz, born Nouhad Haddad - singer
* Haifa Wehbe - Pop Singer
* Herbert Khaury - (Tiny Tim), singer, Ukulele player (Lebanese father)
* Jalal Haddad - Experimental, Classical, Jazz and Rock music composer
* Jack Barakat - All Time Low guitarist
* Marcel Khalife - singer, orchestral composer, oud player
* Michel Elefteriades - composer/producer/director/song-writer
* Myriam Fares - Arab singer
* Mansour Rahbani - Music composer (Assi's brother)
* Nawal Al Zoghbi - Pop singer
* Nancy Ajram - Pop singer
* Najwa Karam - Pop singer
* Pascale Machaalani - Pop singer
* Sabah - born Janet Feghali from Wadi Al Shahrour, singer and actress
* Wadih Safi - Musician and singer
* Zaki Nassif - musician and singer
* Ziad Rahbani - Classical/Blues Music Composer and singer(Assi's and Fairouz's son)

Musicians of Lebanese Descent

* David M. Bailey - American singer/songwriter. Born to Presbyterian missionaries and raised in Beirut
* Dick Dale - Surf Guitar Player [cite book
title=Guitar World Presents the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time
coauthors=Brad Tolinski
publisher=Hal Leonard
id=ISBN 0634046195
* Emilio Estefan - Husband of Gloria Estefan, Cuban musician/producer (Lebanese parents)
* Frank Zappa - Former legend in the world of rock [Francesco Gentile, [ "A tentative short biography of Frank Zappa (1940-1993)"] .] - A famous musician that played in a wide variety of music.
* Gabriel Yared - Academy Award winner (composer for "The English Patient") and Opera and cinematic music score composer.
* G. E. Smith - Former Bandleader for many years for NBC's "Saturday Night Live"
* John Dolmayan - System of a Down drummer (Lebanese-born, Armenian ethnicity)
* Karl Wolf - (Karl Abou Samah) Canadian singer, songwriter and producer [cite web
title=Karl Wolf - Face Behind the behind the album
publisher=Today's Outlook Magazine
* K-Maro - Canadian rapper of Lebanese origin [cite web
title=K-maro - The Million Dollar Boy
publisher=Today's Outlook Magazine
* Massari - Lebanese pop and hip-hop singer who grew up in Canada. [cite web
title=Massari: Talented and Sexy Heartthrob
* Mika - Pop singer born in Beirut to a Lebanese mother.
* Matthieu Chedid - Lebanese-French Rock/Blues songwriter and singer
* Paul Anka - Pop singer
* Paul Jabara - Oscar-winning composer for Last Dance from "Thank God It's Friday"
* René Angélil - Music composer and manager. Husband of Celine Dion
* Sammy Hagar - former lead vocalist for the rock band Van Halen.
* Sarbel - Greek singer, born in London to a Lebanese mother.
* Shakira - Colombian singer/songwriter, born Shakira Mebarak Chedid (Lebanese father from Zahle, Colombian mother of Spanish descent).
* Soraya - American-Colombian-Lebanese singer/songwriter (Lebanese mother)
* Setrak Setrakian - composer and pianist (Armenian ethnicity)
* Serj Tankian - System of a Down vocalist, guitarist, political activist (Lebanese-born, Armenian ethnicity)
* Steve Perry - Introduced Lebanon to MC Mario, Eiffel 65, and the "Men in Black" soundtrack
* Tony Hajjar - At the Drive-In and Sparta drummer
* Tiffany - The first teenage singer to have her first two singles both hit number one in the U.S.A
* Yfrah Neaman - Violinist

Painters and Sculptors

* Krikor Agopian - Painter
* Paul Guiragossian - Painter
* Youssef Howayek - Painter and sculptor
* Nabil Kanso - Painter

Painters and Sculptors of Lebanese Descent


* Paul Zgheib - Photographer

Photographers of Lebanese Descent


"See also": Politics of Lebanon
* Michel Aoun - former military commander, leader of FPM
* Farid Abboud - Lebanese Ambassador to Tunisia; [] Farid Abboud []
*Mir Magid Arslan - Lebanese politician
**Mir Talal Arslan - Lebanese member of parliament
* Nabih Berri - Parliament Speaker; current leader of Amal Movement
* Camille Chamoun - President (1952-8), founder of National Liberal Party
** Dany Chamoun - former leader of "National Liberal Party", son of Camille Chamoun, assassinated on Oct. 21, 1990 []
** Dory Chamoun - current leader of "National Liberal Party", brother of Dory Chamoun and son of Camille Chamoun
* Fouad Chehab - President (1958-64), general
* Emile Edde - President (1936-41,1943), founder of the Lebanese National Bloc
** Raymond Eddé - Statesman, son of Emile Eddé, former leader of the Lebanese National Bloc
*** Carlos Eddé - Raymond Eddé's nephew, now leading the Lebanese National Bloc
* Abdel Latif El Zein - Member of Parliament since 1964 and ex-Agriculture Minister
* Suleiman Frangieh - President (1970-6)
** Tony Frangieh - son of President Suleiman Frangieh; assassinated on June 13, 1978
*** Suleiman Frangieh - son of Tony Frangieh, politician, ex-minister, and leader of the Marada Brigade
* Samir Geagea - leader of the Lebanese Forces; jailed for 11 years
** Sitrida Geagea - Lebanese Deputy (Legislator or Member of Parliament) and wife of Samir Geagea
* Pierre Gemayel - founder of Kataeb Party
** Bachir Gemayel - former President-Elect, founder of Lebanese Forces, son of Pierre Gemayel; assassinated on Sept. 14, 1982 [] .
*** Solange Gemayel - Lebanese Deputy and wife of the assassinated President-Elect Bashir Gemayel
** Amine Gemayel - President (1982-8), son of Pierre Gemayel
*** Joyce Gemayel - Wife of Amin Gemayel and mother of the assassinated Minister Pierre Gemayel [ [ Lebanon won't give in to pro-Syrian threats | Ya Libnan | Lebanon News Live from Beirut ] ] [ [ Hundretusener tok avskjed - Utenriks - NRK Nyheter ] ] [ [ جريدة النهار ] ] []
*** Pierre Amine Gemayel - legislator, son of Amin Gemayel; assassinated on November 21, 2006 []
* Saad Haddad - founder of the South Lebanon army.
*Marwan Hamadeh - Lebanese minister and member of Parliament
* Rafik Hariri - Ex-Prime Minister. Assassinated on February 14, 2005 []
** Saad Hariri - Legislator (2005-), son of Rafik Hariri
** Bahia Hariri - politician & UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador
* Saadallah Howayek - politian elected to the first administrative council
* William Hawi - former chief of the Kataeb Security Council, predecessor of President Bashir Gemayel in the Kataeb party who, following William's death, was appointed his replacement as president of the Military Council, a faction of which (the "BG" brigade) later became the Lebanese Forces Militia.
* Charles Helou - President (1964-70)
* Elie Hobeika - militia commander, politician; assassinated on January 24, 2002
* Selim al-Hoss - former Prime Minister
* Elias Hrawi - Former president (1989-1998), died at the age of 80 on July 7, 2006
* Hussein el-Husseini - Parliament Speaker (1984-1992) ended Lebanese Civil War; co-founder of Amal Movement; survived assassination attempt by the PLO []
* Kamal Jumblatt - founder of Progressive Socialist Party; assassinated on March 16, 1977 [] .
** Walid Jumblatt - leader of "Progressive Socialist Party", son of Kamal Jumblatt, escaped assassination attempt
* Omar Karami - former Prime Minister - brother of Rashid Karami
* Rashid Karami - former Prime Minister - assassinated
* Hassan Khaled - former Grand Mufti of Lebanon's Sunni Muslim community; assassinated on May 16, 1989
* Bechara El Khoury - President (1943-52) who declared the independence of the Republic of Lebanon from the French mandate that had started in 1919 after World War I
* Riad as-Solh - Prime Minister (1943-45 and 46-51) who played a very important role in the independence of Lebanon alongside President El Khoury and other prominent Lebanese politicians of that era
* Antoine Lahad - former Commander of the South Lebanon army who escaped assassination attempt by Souha Bechara
* Charles Malek - Foreign Minister and Philosopher
* René Moawad - President (1989), assassinated
** Nayla Moawad - female legislator (1991-), widow of René Moawad
* Michel Murr - former Minister of the Interior
** Elias Murr - former Deputy Prime Minister and current Defense Minister - escaped assassination attempt on July 12, 2005 []
* Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah - General secretary of the militant organization Hizbullah.
* Karim Pakradouni - leader of Kataeb party.
* Hagop Pakradounian - politician of Armenian decent; leader of the Lebanese branch of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation
* Antun Saadeh - late leader of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party; executed on July 8, 1949
* Musa al-Sadr - prominent Shi'ite religious leader who spent many years of his life in Lebanon; abducted in August 1978
* Saeb Salam - former Prime Minister
* Étienne Saqr - founder of Guardians of the Cedars
* Elias Sarkis - President (1976-82)
* [ Mir Majid Arsalan] - Legendary Druze Leader
* Fouad Seniora - current Prime Minister of Lebanon, and ex-minister of Finance in the Hariri government

Politicians of Lebanese Descent

* Gerald Ford- Ex U.S. president.The first American of Lebanese descent to be elected President. Originally from the village of "Abou Daasseh" in Lebanon (Ford Aboudaasseh)
* James Abourezk - U.S. Senator from South Dakota from 1973 to 1979, the first American of Lebanese descent to be elected to the US Senate
* Spencer Abraham - U.S. Senator from Michigan (1995-2001), US Secretary of Energy (2001-2005)
* Anthony Alexander Alam - political leader, member of the Australian Labor Party [ALHS website - [] ]
* Julio César Turbay Ayala - President of Colombia (1978-1982)
* John Baldacci - U.S. Representative from Maine (1995-2003), Governor of Maine (2003- )
* Marie Bashir - Governor of New South Wales, Australia (2001-)
* Abdalá Bucaram - President of Ecuador (1996-1997)
* Steve Bracks - Premier of Victoria, Australia (1999-2007)
* Emily de Jongh-Elhage, Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles
* Eddie Francis - Mayor of Windsor, ON
* Joe Ghiz - Premier of Prince Edward Island, Canada from 1986 to 1993
* Robert Ghiz - Premier of Prince Edward Island, Canada 2007 - currently
* Philip Habib, Ronald Reagan's envoy to the ME
* Mac Harb, member of the Canadian Senate
* Darrell Issa - U.S. Representative from California
* George Joseph - ex-Lord Mayors Adelaide [ALHS website - [] ]
* Gilberto Kassab - congressist & mayor of São Paulo
* Bob Katter - right-wing Australian politician [Famous People, [] ] "
* Assad Kotaite - ICAO Council President (1976-)
* Ray LaHood - U.S. Representative from Illinois (1995- ), grandson of Lebanese immigrants
* Jamil Mahuad - President of Ecuador (1998-2000)
* Paulo Maluf - mayor & governor of São Paulo
* George J. Mitchell - Former U.S. Senator from Maine (1980-1995) & peace activist (Lebanese mother)
* Maria Mourani - Bloc Québécois Member of Parliament Canada
* Ralph Nader - Presidential candidate on the American Green Party ticket.
* Jeanine Pirro - District Attorney, Westchester County, New York(1993-), Candidate for New York state Attorney General
* Edward Seaga - Prime Minister of Jamaica (1980-1989)
* Donna Shalala - US Secretary of Health (1993-2001)
* Sir Nicholas Shehadie - ex-Lord Mayor of Sydney [ALHS website - [] ]
* John E. Sununu - U.S. Senator from New Hampshire (2003- )
* John H. Sununu - White House Chief of Staff (1989-1991)

cientists, Doctors

cientists, Doctors of Lebanese Descent

* Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah - seen as being the father of the solar cell.
* Sir Michael Atiyah - (Lebanese British father) - mathematician, Fields Medal (1966), Abel Prize (2004)
* Elias J. Corey - Chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1990)
* Michael Ellis DeBakey - is a pioneering cardiovascular surgeon and researcher.
* Charles El Achi - (born and raised in Lebanon) is now the director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and vice president of the California Institute of Technology
* George Hatem - (Chinese name: Ma Haide) Lebanese-American physician who became Mao-Zedung's main doctor
* Nassim Nicholas Taleb - Philosopher of randomness, researcher, and veteran practitioner of financial mathematics [ [ Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Home Page ] ]
* Winston George Tannis - Multi-disciplinary juridical scientist and Founding President of The Beacon Institute For Advanced Studies and Founding President and Contributing Editor of The Queen's Annual Business Law Symposium at Queen's University, Canada - Formerly associated with Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg and now conducting a clinical research practice and as Managing Director of Tannis & Associates (International) - also listed as an advocate and activist - [] and []
* Peter Medawar - Nobel Prize in Physiology /Medicine 1960 for immune system. Brazilian born. Lebanese father British mother.
* Habib Zughbi - Pioneering researcher and former Professor of Chemical Engineering at King Fahd University, UNSW. Published in Journal of the American Chemical Society and a member of AICHE
* Tony (Antoine) Issa - Order of Australia First Liberal and First Lebanese Lord Mayor in NSW Australia. Born in Lebanon

ports Personalities

* Chirine Njeim - Lebanese Ski Champion with international track record
* Fadi El Khatib - Lebanese basketball Player
* Roda Antar - Lebanese national soccer team player. Plays for FC Köln in Germany.
* Youssef Mohamad - Lebanese national soccer team player. Plays for FC Köln in Germany
* Zakaria Chibab - First Lebanese Olympic medal winner. He received the silver medal in the Men's Greco-Roman bantamweight during Helsinki 1952 Olympics. Father of Abdul-Fattah Chihab, former national football team captain.

ports Personalities of Lebanese Descent

* David Azzi - Pro Football Player
* Alberto Tomba - Famous ski champion from Lebanese descent. His Father, Charbel Tombeh married to Saydé Succar from Becharré , emigrated to the Dolomites as a ski instructor.
* Abbas Saad - is an Australian former international soccer player
* Ahmed Al-Tarabilsi - former Kuwaiti National team goalkeeper who played during the 1982 World Cup
* Ahmad Elrich - an Australian soccer national player who is currently playing for the Wellington Phoenix in the A-league
* Baha Laham - Boxer
* Bill George - NFL Hall of Famer
* Brian Habib - former NFL player
* Branco - Cláudio Ibraim Vaz Leal or Branco is a member of the Brazil 1994 World Cup winner team. He retired his career in 1998, during which he played 72 caps, scoring 9 goals. He also played for a lot of famous clubs in the European and the American continent.
* Bobby Rahal - Winner of the Indianapolis 500
* Darren Flutie - former CFL player
* Doug Flutie - former NFL and CFL player
* Ed Hatoum - former NHL player
* Eddie Elias - founder of the Bowling Association of America
* Faryd Aly Mondragón - Colombian goalkeeper with Lebanese descent, born (Faryd Aly Camillo Mondragón)
* Frank Skaff - former manager of the Detroit Tigers (MLB)
* Fred Saigh - former owner of the St. Louis Cardinals (MLB)
* Fuad Reveiz - former NFL player
* George Mourad - Famous soccer player in Sweden (IFK Göteborg)
* George Farah - 19th Mr Olympia 2002
* George J. Maloof, Sr. - Former owner of the Houston Rockets (NBA)
* Hazem El Masri - NRL player
* Jim Harrick - Head Coach / University of Georgia Bull Dogs
* Joe Robbie - former owner of the Miami Dolphins (NFL)
* John Elway - Super Bowl MVP and Hall of Fame Quarterback
* Jeff George - former NFL player
* Jennifer Shahade - won the 2002 U.S. Women’s Chess Championship.
* Joe Lahoud - former Major League Baseball player
* John Jaha - former MLB player
* Khalil Taha - Bronze Olympic medal winner for Lebanon in Men's Greco-Roman welterweight during Helsinki 1052 summer Olympics. He also coached the American youth wrestling team when he was 23, and was member in the American wrestling team several times.
* Mário Jorge Lobo Zagallo - Brazilian football Manager and former player. He won the world cup twice as a player(1958, 1962), once as a manager (1970), and once as assistant Manager (World Cup 1994), His real family name is Zakkour.
* Marcos Baghdatis - a Cypriot (Cyprus) professional tennis player. His father is Lebanese while his mother is Cypriot.
* Philip Wright - Mr Olympia 1983, Legend of the Arab world, Graphic Designer married to Anna Kournikova, aka Abdulla.
* Pierre Issa - a South Africa former football national
* Rudy Haddad - French footballer
* Rich Kotite - former NFL coach
* Rony Seikaly, Lebanese American, former NBA basketball player
* Sharbel Touma - a Famous Swedish soccer national team player, plays for Borussia Mönchengladbach in Germany
* Sargon Simonsson - a Swedish soccer player from Lebanse origins. Plays in Assyriska FF in Sweden
* Sammy Farha - Professional Poker Player, 2-time WSOP bracelet winner
* Steve Kerr - former NBA star (Lebanese-born)
* Thaer Bawab - Jordanian national soccer player of Palestinian/Lebanese descent. He currently plays for CE L'Hospitalet in Spain
* Tarek Elrich - Younger brother of Ahmad Elrich. Currently plays for A-League club Newcastle United Jets.

Writers & Journalists

* Samir Kassir - journalist of An-Nahar newspaper and writer; assassinated
* Elias Khoury - novelist
* Muhammad Jaber - writer and historian
* Gebran Tueni - former editor and publisher of An-Nahar newspaper - legislator, assassinated
* Ghassan Tueni - father of Gebran Tueni and editor in chief of An-Nahar newspaper, legislator
* Wadih Saadeh - Journalist, poet & writer
* May Ziade - writer

Writers & Journalists of Lebanese Descent

* Rabih Alameddine - painter, novelist
* Fouad Ajami - writer, professor
* Michael Karam - English-born Lebanese writer and journalist; author of Wines of Lebanon (book)
* Edward Atiyah - writer
* William Peter Blatty - writer, "The Exorcist"
* Andree Chedid - poet
* May Chidiac - journalist, nearly killed by an assassination attempt
* Neal Conan - radio journalist (Lebanese-born)
* Gibran Khalil Gibran - poet and writer, "The Prophet"
* Philip Khuri Hitti
* Amin Maalouf - writer, Prix Goncourt (1993)
* Ann-Marie MacDonald - writer (Lebanese mother)
* David Malouf - Australian author (Lebanese father, English-Sephardic Jewish mother of Portuguese descent)
* Helen Thomas - White House correspondent and Dean of the White House Press Corps, covered eight US Presidents starting with John F. Kennedy in 1961


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