Infobox animanga character
color = #FFFF00
name = Usopp
series = One Piece

caption = Usopp, from the anime and manga series "One Piece".
first = Manga Chapter #23 ["One Piece" manga - Vol.3 - Chapter 23 (((JP) ISBN 4-08-872569-7 (US) ISBN 1-59116-184-3 )]
Anime Episode #8
last =
creator = Eiichiro Oda
voiced by = Japanese
Kappei Yamaguchi
Jason Anthony Griffith (4Kids)
Sonny Strait (Funiimation)
Jamie Meldrum (Odex #1)
Chuck Powers (Odex #2)
alias = "King of Snipers" Sogeking
age = 17
gender = Male
species = Human
born = April 1
occupation = Pirate
(Straw-Hat Pirates, Marksman, ships gunner)
relatives = Yasopp (father)
Banchina (mother, deceased)
paux1 name = Bounty
paux1 = 30,000,000 Beli (as Sogeking)

nihongo|Usopp|ウソップ|Usoppu is a fictional character from the anime and manga "One Piece". He is the crew's marksman and the third member joining the Straw Hat Pirates.

Creation and conception

Character outline


Usopp's dream is to become a brave warrior of the sea, ["One Piece" manga - Vol.12 - Chapter 100: Usopp - "I want to be a brave warrior of the sea!"((JP) ISBN 4-08-872822-X (US) ISBN 1-4215-0664-5 )] like his father Yasopp of the Red Haired Pirate Crew. After meeting the giants Dorry and Broggy, Usopp was inspired to travel to their home village, Elbaf, one day and meet the proud warriors there. ["One Piece" manga - Vol.15 - Chapter 128: Usopp vows to visit Elbaf.((JP) ISBN 4-08-873009-7 (US) ISBN 1-4215-1092-8 )]

Usopp is easily scared and always makes up excuses to avoid going on dangerous outings, excuses which are simply ignored by his crew-mates. Despite his timid nature, he will do anything to help his friends,if it means standing up to a far more powerful enemy. In battle he uses various tricks to deceive his opponent, such as calling out the name of a previously used attack but doing something completely different.


Usopp is a talented inventor, creating the Clima Tact for Nami ["One Piece" manga - Vol.19 - Chapter 168 - Page 29.((JP) ISBN 4-08-873133-6 )] and the dial-upgraded Perfect Clima Tact. Prior to Franky joining, he is the crew's acting carpenter and patches up the "Going Merry" whenever it's damaged. He also has notable artistic talent, shown in his painting the Straw Hat jolly roger and crafting of detailed snow sculptures.

Usopp has outstanding marksmanship abilities with his slingshot and his remarkable accuracy often surprises his enemies. He utilizes extremely varied ammunition, including rotten eggs, hot sauce, pepper, shuriken and powerful explosives. Using his self-developed weapon, Kabuto, a slingshot connected to the end of a long staff, Usopp is even able to out range guns. Based on the skill he's shown, he's easily within the top five greatest marksmen in the One Piece world.

Plot overview

Usopp's father left to become a pirate when Usopp was still very young. Some time after this, Usopp's mother became very ill, and was on the verge of dying. He began lying to keep his mother's spirit up, often saying that he and his pirate crew had returned to take them away with him. Even after she died, Usopp continued to run throughout the town every day yelling that pirates were coming. Usopp began calling himself a pirate and took in three younger children as his crew. After Luffy, Nami, and Zoro help him defeat a crew of pirates, intent on raiding his home village, Usopp is inspired by the three, and decides to go out to sea.

Usopp follows his dream of becoming a "brave warrior of the sea". Meeting the giants Dorry and Broggy of the warrior nation Elbaf, Usopp decides to one day visit Elbaf and become a warrior with bravery and pride like them. Usopp grows very fond of the Going Merry, having been given it by one of his closest friends. Up until Franky joins the crew Usopp tended to be the one given the task of repairing the ship, and remains the only crewmember to have seen the ships "spirit."

Throughout the story Usopp continues to act cowardly and remains one of the weaker fighting powers of the Straw Hats. This leads him to feeling inferior and after an argument over the fate of the Going Merry on Water 7 he leaves the Straw Hat crew. He dons a mask in order to anonymously help save Robin however and later, after many tears, rejoins the crew.

During the Straw Hats time at Enies Lobby, Usopp follows his captain's order and burns the flag of the World Government (while under the persona of Sogeking,) effectively declaring war on the Government. He gains a wanted poster as Sogeking "King of Snipers" due to this and his impressive sharpshooting from atop the Tower of Justice.

Appearances in other media

Along with other "One Piece" characters, Usopp appeared in a "Shonen Jump" special, where Enel attacks Tokyo and Odaiba, in "Cross Epoch" the short story created in cooperation by Oda and Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, as well as in the video games "Jump Super Stars", "Jump Ultimate Stars", and "Battle Stadium D.O.N".


Eichiro Oda has stated that Usopp most resembles an armadillo. SBS questions: "One Piece" manga - Vol.20 - Chapter 177, Fan question: What animals represent each of the 5 crew members, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami and Usopp? ((JP) ISBN 4-08-873158-1 )] Oda uses the color yellow to represent Usopp, and he smells of gunpowder. SBS questions: "One Piece" manga - Vol.40 - Chapter 380, Fan question: What colors represent the crew. What do each of the Straw Hat Crew smell like? ((JP) ISBN 4-08-874003-3 )]


According to a recent Japanese fan poll in the "Shonen Jump" magazine, Usopp is the 6th most popular character. [SBS fan poll "One Piece" manga - Vol.43 - Chapter 419((JP) ISBN 4-08-874149-8 ).]


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