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Crix Madine

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General Crix Madine is a fictional character from the "Star Wars" universe, portrayed by Dermot Crowley. He is seen in the film "Return of the Jedi" announcing the capture of an Imperial shuttle and commissioning the crew, headed by then-General Han Solo, to pilot it to Endor. He can also be seen at the Hoth rebel base in "The Empire Strikes Back".


Imperial service

Born on Corellia, Crix Madine attended the Imperial Academy and entered service in the Imperial Army. He rose quickly through the ranks after establishing himself as an innovative tactician and effective leader, who refused to bow to political connections, training his troops thoroughly regardless of whatever COMPNOR influence they might have. When the Imperial Military identified a need for a surgical strike force to counter the Alliance's guerilla tactics, Madine was selected to form the unit. The result was the Storm Commandos, which Madine hand picked from the Stormtrooper ranks and trained himself. He led the unit on a number of missions, but found the missions he and his men were called on to perform were increasingly questionable.

Defection complications

It was the order to release the Candorian Plague on Dentaal that convinced Madine it was time to leave. Wracked with guilt over his role in the death of the entire Dentaalian population, Madine contacted his old friend Carlist Rieekan (who had previously defected to the Rebel Alliance). He then disappeared from his unit while on a training mission. Madine erased himself from all Imperial records he had access to, although his disappearance was covered by some HoloNet news channels. To prove his loyalty, Madine provided essential guidance for the sabotaging of Operation Strike Fear, but after the Battle of Yavin he was captured by General Rom Mohc and imprisoned in Orinackra for execution. Upon learning of his capture, Mon Mothma dispatched Kyle Katarn to rescue Madine, who revealed Mohc's role in the project. He also provided the Alliance with intelligence on two subsequent targets to sabotage the Dark Trooper project. After slipping back to his homeworld of Corellia, Madine's defection was intercepted once more by Imperial forces, but the timely arrival of Rogue Squadron and Han Solo allowed him to escape.

Rebel leader

While some Alliance commanders suspected Madine of disloyalty due to Imperial past, he was allowed into Alliance High Command with the backing of General Carlist Rieekan. His intimate knowledge of Imperial tactics earned him the position of Chief Military Advisor on the Advisory Council and Commander of Alliance Special Forces. In the latter capacity, Madine trained Alliance ground commanders on tactics to use the Alliance's smaller numbers effectively against the Empire. Madine's Rules of War became the baseline standard operation procedure of Alliance SpecForces across the galaxy.

His unit of Alliance commandos sabotaged a number of critical Imperial shipments to slow construction on the second Death Star and was responsible for the capture of the shuttle "Tydirium". When it came time to plan the Alliance's strike on the Death Star, Madine was chosen to coordinate the destruction of the Sanctuary Moon-based shield generator.

New Republic service

Following the foundation of the New Republic, he turned down a seat on its Inner Council, preferring to remain with the Republic's growing military. He eventually ascended to the New Republic Defense Force's highest intelligence post, Supreme Alliance Commander for Intelligence, although he continued to operate in the field.

In 12 ABY, Madine led a team to infiltrate the Hoth Asteroid Field and gather intelligence on the Darksaber project, but his teammates were soon killed, and he was easily captured. Boasting that his new weapon kept him safe from Republic reprisals, Durga the Hutt, the creator of the Darksaber, personally shot Madine through the heart, killing him instantly.


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