March 14 Alliance

March 14 Alliance

Politics of LebanonThe March 14 Alliance ( _ar. تحالف 14 آذار), or M14, named after the date of the Cedar Revolution, is a coalition of anti-Syrian political parties and independents in Lebanon, led by MP Saad Hariri, younger son of Rafik Hariri, the assassinated former prime minister of Lebanon, Samir Geagea president of the Lebanese Forces, former President Sheik Amine Gemayel and MP and former minister Walid Jumblatt of Progressive Socialist Party. Free Patriotic Movement of General Michel Aoun left the Alliance (March 14 was not an established alliance back then) before 2005 general elections due to major disagreements and became part of March 8 Alliance year 2006.

At the last legislative elections, May and June 2005, the alliance became the dominant group in parliament with 72 MP:s out of 128. Currently the Alliance has 68 of 127 MP:s because of assassinations, a defection and a natural death.

Parties and Leaders

Major parties and leaders are:
*Future Movement ("Tayyar Al Mustaqbal"), 34. (Officially secular; Mainly Sunni Muslim.)
*Progressive Socialist Party ("Hizb al-Taqadummi al-Ishtiraki"), 15. (Officially secular; Mainly Druze.)
*Lebanese Forces, 5 (Officially secular; Mainly Maronite Christian.)
*Qornet Shehwan Gathering, 6 (Mainly Maronite Christian.)
**Phalangist or Kataeb Party ("Hizb al-Kataeb"), 0
**National Liberal Party ("Hizb al-Ahrar al-Watani"), 0
**Independence Movement ("Harakit al-istiklal"), 2
**independents, 4
*Tripoli Bloc, 4 (3 Muslim MPs and one Christian)
*Democratic Renewal, 1 (Muslim MP)
*Democratic Left, 1 (Christian MP)
*Ramgavar Party (Ramgavar Azadakan - Liberal Democratic), 1 (Armenian)
*Social Democrat Hunchakian Party, 1 (Armenian)
*Lebanese National Bloc, 0
*Free Shiite movement, 0

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