International Year of Natural Fibres

International Year of Natural Fibres

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2009 as the International Year of Natural Fibres.UN document |docid=A-RES-61-189 |type=Resolution |body=General Assembly |session=61 |resolution_number=189 |accessdate=2008-07-15|date=20 December 2006|title=International Year of National Fibres, 2009]

The proposal for this International year originated in FAO at a joint meeting of the Intergovernmental Group on Hard Fibres and the Intergovernmental Group on Jute in 2004, and was endorsed by FAO Conference in 2005. It is one of many International observances declared for specific days, months and years.

The IYNF is intended to cover a wide range of natural fibres, of animal and vegetable origin, and with uses ranging from luxurious apparel to traditional and non-traditional industrial uses.

The IYNF is expected to raise the profile of natural fibres. Observance of the Year will be based on cooperation among producers all natural fibres and will emphasise the positive qualities of natural fibres.

Tentatively, the objectives of the International Year of Natural Fibres would be:
*To raise awareness and stimulate demand for natural fibres;
*To encourage appropriate policy responses from governments to the problems faced by natural fibre industries
*To foster an effective and enduring international partnership among the various natural fibres industries;
*To promote the efficiency and sustainability of the natural fibres industries.



* [ International Year of Natural Fibres (IYNF) 2009]

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