Sign language media

Sign language media

Sign language media are media based on a media system for sign languages. Interfaces in sign language media are built on the complex grammar structure of sign languages. Generally media are built for spoken languages or written languages. Unfortunately those media are not compatible with sign languages.

Sign language media have specific characteristics:
* Sound is absent, or on very low frequencies (bass).
* No, or very little, text is used.
* A specific camera frame for close-ups.


* Analog era:
** Film - Sign language media is born. The first sign language film is created in 1907.
** Video - Sign language magazines on video are distributed.

* Digital era:
** Digital video and software - Sign language interfaces are created to browse content.
** World wide web - Information in sign language becomes available for everyone.
** The videophone and webcam - Sign language telecommunication becomes possible.
** Mobile videotelephony - UMTS provides support for sign language telecommunications.
** Vlogs - Sign language newssites start booming with the protest against Jane Fernandes.

External links

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* [ Sign Language Film list]

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