List of foods of the Southern United States

List of foods of the Southern United States

List of foods of the Southern United States:


* Sweet tea - usually served with lemon and sometimes with mint
* Tennessee whiskey - Jack Daniel's and George Dickel are the two remaining brands
* Bourbon - made in central Kentucky
* Muscadine wine and juice - usually homemade products, though also commercially available from regional vineyards
* Lemonade
* Mint julep - associated with the annual Kentucky Derby horse race
* Sugarcane juice
* Some rum is produced locally, such as small-batch rums in New Orleans []
* Coca-Cola - first made in Atlanta, Ga.
* Pepsi Cola - first made in New Bern, North Carolina
* Blenheim Ginger Ale
* Buffalo Rock ginger ale
* Buttermilk
* Cheerwine - a longtime favorite among North Carolinians and Virginians
* Orange juice from Florida
* Nehi sodas - produced by RC Cola, including grape, peach, and orange flavors
* RC Cola - first made in Columbus, Georgia
* Double Cola - based in Chattanooga, Tennessee
* Barq's Root Beer - first made in Biloxi, Mississippi
* Dr. Pepper - a popular drink in Texas before it achieved national standing
* Grapette - grape soda first made in 1939 in Camden, Arkansas; currently available exclusively at Wal-Mart stores nationwide
* Grapico - grape soda made by Buffalo Rock
* Mountain Dew - originally made in southwestern Virginia
* Sun Drop - citrus drink found in northern Alabama, central Tennessee, the Carolinas, western Kentucky, southeastern Missouri, and parts of Virginia
* Yoo-hoo
* Ale-8-One

Meats, poultry and seafood

* Barbecue - sauces vary regionally
* Boudin - spicy sausage, either white boudin, made with dirty rice in a casing, or red boudin, a type of blood sausage
* Chicken and dumplings
* Fried steak
* Chicken gizzards - fried
* Chit'lins - fried small intestine of a hog
* Quail
* Country Captain
* Crab cake - popular along the Chesapeake Bay (Maryland and Virginia), where the crab cake is not typically dredged in bread crumbs, and in Louisiana, where it typically is.
* Crawfish - also called crawdad
* Fried chicken - usually flour battered and pan fried
* Fried fish - cornmeal battered or dredged and pan or deep fried
* Catfish - usually fried
* Frogmore Stew - not an actual stew but a "boil" of sausage, corn, crabs, and shrimp popular in the Low Country of South Carolina
* Game meat - venison, squirrel, and various game fowl are most common, but opossum, rabbit, and raccoon are also encountered
* Ham - pan fried, roasted, or smoked; varieties include sugar cured or country (salt cured)
* Ham hocks
* Jambalaya
* Liver - usually pork or fried chicken liver
* Shrimp and grits
* Smithfield ham - a specialty of Smithfield, Virginia
* Souse meat, also called Head cheese

Soups and stews

* Brunswick stew - originated in either Virginia or Georgia
* Burgoo - served at barbecues in western and central Kentucky; similar to Brunswick stew
* Chicken Sauce-Picquante - chicken cooked in a tangy stew with tomatoes and spices, often served over rice; a favorite in southern Louisiana
* Conch chowder
* Gumbo - made with seafood or meat and okra; a Cajun/Creole delicacy
* Étouffée - a very thick stew made of crawfish or chicken and sausage, okra and roux served over rice
* She-crab soup - mainly served in the area around Charleston, South Carolina from Atlantic crabs
* Terrapin stew - a historical dish of Atlantic Coast states such as Maryland and Virginia

Vegetables and salads

* Beans - often cooked down with chunks of ham, bacon grease, or onions
** Butter or Lima beans
** Pole beans
** White or great northern beans
** Green beans
** Pinto beans
* Greens - seasoned with some kind of meat or meat grease. The liquid left after cooking is known as "pot likker".
** Collard greens
** Turnip greens
** Kale
** mustard greens
* Carrots (cooked with butter and brown sugar)
* Congealed salad
* Corn
** Boiled, steamed, or grilled corn, often "on the cob"
** Fried corn fritters
** Creamed corn
** Corn pudding
* Hoppin' John - black-eyed peas served with rice
* Mashed potatoes - called "creamed" in some regions
* Okra - flour-battered and pan-fried or boiled, stewed, or steamed
* Onion - Sliced Vidalia, whole green onion, and onion rings
* Peas - often cooked with chunks of ham or onions
** Black-eyed peas
** Purple hull
** Field peas
* Swamp cabbage
* Squash - often cooked down with onions or fried like okra
* Tomatoes - sliced ripe, also eaten at breakfast
** Fried green tomatoes
* Sweet potatoes
* Poke sallet - cooked pokeweed
* Macaroni and cheese
* Ramps - wild leeks popular in the mountains
* Red beans & rice - the rice is often some kind of dirty rice, a longstanding favorite in Louisiana
* Tomato aspic
* Wilted lettuce- with dressing, an Appalachian speciality
* Yams


* Biscuits - traditionally prepared with buttermilk
* Cornbread
* Cracklin' Cornbread - has pork cracklins in it
* Corn pone - also called hoecake, Johnny cake
* Hush puppies
* Spoonbread

Side dishes and complements

* Peanut butter
* Mayhaw jelly
* Pepper Jelly
* Muscadine jelly
* Cane syrup
* Apple butter
* Deviled eggs
* Dressing - stuffing, but with cornbread as a base and prepared and served separately from the meat
* Gravy is used liberally on meats, potatoes, biscuits, rice. May be milk-based (country gravy) or based on coffee (red-eye gravy) mixed with the fat drippings leftover from cooking meat
* Hot sauce - some are made in either Louisiana or Texas
** Texas Pete - hot sauce made in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
** Tabasco sauce - trademarked of aged hot sauce
* Grits
* Pickled or brandied peaches
* Sorghum molasses
* Watermelon rind pickles
* Cayenne peppers
* Cracklin' - fried pork rind
* Cole Slaw


* Boiled peanuts
* Cornbread sunk into a tall glass of milk or buttermilk
* Peanuts in Coke
* Pimento cheese sandwiches
* Steen's cane syrup
* Vienna sausages

Desserts and sweets


* Coconut cake
* Pound cake
* King cake
* Peach shortcake
* Red velvet cake
* Stack Cake
* Butter pecan cake


* Benne seed candy - found primarily in the coastal region of Georgia and South Carolina
* Peanut brittle
* Squirrel Nut Zippers
* Pecan brittle
* Moon pies
* Goo Goo Cluster
* Pecan Divinity
* Pralines - a specialty of New Orleans
* Kentucky Cream Candy - a pulled candy that is made usually during the colder months (40 deg or below) of the year when humidity is low


* Blackberry cobbler
* Dewberry cobbler
* Peach cobbler


* Tea cakes - similar to sugar cookies
* Butter pecan cookies


* Apple pie
* Chess pie
* Dewberry pie - from the native blackberry ripening in early summer
* Fried pies - peach, apple, cherry and chocolate are most common
* Key lime pie
* Lemon ice box pie
* Mississippi mud pie
* Pecan pie
* Peanut butter pie
* Shoo fly pie - found in parts of the South where Pennsylvania Dutch settled, such as the valley of Virginia
* Sweet potato pie
* Buttermilk pie
* Squash pie
* Pumpkin pie


* Banana pudding
* Bread pudding
* corn pudding


* Creme sticks


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