name = Pulmonata
fossil_range= fossil range|Carboniferous|recent

image_width = 250px
image_caption = Roman Snail, "Helix pomatia"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Mollusca
classis = Gastropoda
subclassis = Orthogastropoda
superordo = Heterobranchia
ordo = Pulmonata
subdivision_ranks = Suborders
subdivision =

The Pulmonata or "pulmonates" are an order (once a subclass) of snails and slugs that have developed a pallial lung and thus can breathe air. The group includes many land and freshwater families and a few marine ones.

Pulmonata are known from the Carboniferous to the recent periods. [(in Czech) Pek I., Vašíček Z., Roček Z., Hajn. V. & Mikuláš R.: "Základy zoopaleontologie". - Olomouc, 1996. 264 pp., ISBN 80-7067-599-3.]


Order Pulmonata Cuvier in Blainville, 1814 (pulmonates)
*Suborder Systellommatophora Pilsbry, 1948
***Superfamily Onchidioidea Rafinesque, 1815
***Superfamily Otinoidea H. & A. Adams, 1855
***Superfamily Rathouisioidea Sarasin, 1889
*Suborder Basommatophora Keferstein in Bronn, 1864 (freshwater pulmonates, pond snails)
***Superfamily Acroloxoidea Thiele, 1931
***Superfamily Amphiboloidea J.E. Gray, 1840
***Superfamily Chilinoidea H. & A. Adams, 1855
***Superfamily Glacidorboidea Ponder, 1986
***Superfamily Lymnaeoidea Rafinesque, 1815
***Superfamily Planorboidea Rafinesque, 1815
***Superfamily Siphonarioidea J.E. Gray, 1840
*Suborder Eupulmonata Haszprunar & Huber, 1990
**Infraorder Acteophila Dall, 1885 (= formerly Archaeopulmonata)
***Superfamily Melampoidea Stimpson, 1851
**Infraorder Trimusculiformes Minichev & Starobogatov, 1975
***Superfamily Trimusculoidea Zilch, 1959
**Infraorder Stylommatophora A. Schmidt, 1856 (land snails)
***Subinfraorder Orthurethra
***Superfamily Achatinelloidea Gulick, 1873
***Superfamily Cochlicopoidea Pilsbry, 1900
***Superfamily Partuloidea Pilsbry, 1900
***Superfamily Pupilloidea Turton, 1831
***Subinfraorder Sigmurethra
***Superfamily Acavoidea Pilsbry, 1895
***Superfamily Achatinoidea Swainson, 1840
***Superfamily Aillyoidea Baker, 1960
***Superfamily Arionoidea J.E. Gray in Turnton, 1840
***Superfamily Buliminoidea Clessin, 1879
***Superfamily Camaenoidea Pilsbry, 1895
***Superfamily Clausilioidea Mörch, 1864
***Superfamily Dyakioidea Gude & Woodward, 1921
***Superfamily Gastrodontoidea Tryon, 1866
***Superfamily Helicoidea Rafinesque, 1815
***Superfamily Helixarionoidea Bourguignat, 1877
***Superfamily Limacoidea Rafinesque, 1815
***Superfamily Oleacinoidea H. & A. Adams, 1855
***Superfamily Orthalicoidea Albers-Martens, 1860
***Superfamily Plectopylidoidea Moellendorf, 1900
***Superfamily Polygyroidea Pilsbry, 1894
***Superfamily Punctoidea Morse, 1864
***Superfamily Rhytidoidea Pilsbry, 1893
***Superfamily Sagdidoidera Pilsbry, 1895
***Superfamily Staffordioidea Thiele, 1931
***Superfamily Streptaxoidea J.E. Gray, 1806
***Superfamily Strophocheiloidea Thiele, 1926
***Superfamily Trigonochlamydoidea Hese, 1882
***Superfamily Zonitoidea Mörch, 1864
***? Superfamily Athoracophoroidea P. Fischer, 1883 (= Tracheopulmonata)
***? Superfamily Succineoidea Beck, 1837 (= Heterurethra)


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