List of Ace Combat characters

List of Ace Combat characters

The following list is a collection of prominent characters from the Ace Combat series of video games by Namco.

All information here is (A: Accurate to the most recent game in the series, B: From the latest point in the AC Timeline).


Usean Coup of 1999 (Ace Combat 2)

Unified Forces

Scarface One

The main character of Ace Combat 2, Scarface One is an ace who achieves legendary status through the course of the war. He single-handedly destroys both the coup force Super Powerful Cruise Missiles, the Dragonet class submarine, all of Z.O.E. fighters and the Fortress Intolerance. His fate after the war is unknown.

Kei Nagase

See below for more info.

John Harverd

John is the third member of Scarface Squadron (besides the main character and Nagase), and appears to be of the same ethnicity of Swordsman in AC5 and Keith in AC3. Slash's planes differ from Edge's in that Slash has better attacker aircraft. While not appearing again in any major form in the series storyline, he joins Ouroboros in AC3 according to a newscast. A person with the same name appears in AC04, patrolling over Stonehenge, and it is possible that they are in fact, the same person. One of the crew members of the Arkbird is also, by coincidence, named John Harvard. His hobby appears to be vehicle tuning and his favourite food is the hamburger.

Corporate War (Ace Combat 3)

Note: All characters only appear in the game's Japanese version.


Nemo, "Nought; Nobody", is the 'codename' of AC3's main protagonist. It is a highly intelligent computer programme developed by Simon, capable of flying aircraft and completing missions it is tasked with. It also has its own free will and personality, reaching as far as switching sides and joining the enemy if desired.

Since Nemo is in essence a programme, it is capable of completing sorties with extreme efficiency possibly unmatched by human pilots. The thought and reaction intervals normally present in humans are eliminated, and it can withstand as much G-forces as the airframe could theoretically handle. It could also load itself through an available connection into the Electrosphere or enemy aircraft.

Nemo itself is only, however, part of the big picture. A few years prior to the events of Ace Combat 3, Simon also created a mission simulator to examine all possible outcomes of a potential future Corporate War, and whether the creation of exceptionally intelligent AI pilots like Nemo would help stop the war from breaking loose. The whole programme, with the Nemo coding and the Simulator is collectively called the Nemo Project.

Simon, at the end of the game, determines that while Nemo appears to greatly influence the lives of its copilots, and despite its extreme usefulness as an instrument of war, the impact of its independent decisions on the outcome of the 2045 Corporate War is extremely minute, almost non existent. Since the project has served its purpose, Simon purges all of the programme's files fearing it might fall in the wrong hands.

Simon Orestes Cohen

In 2023, he completed his doctorate in Information Technologies from the graduate program at Accel University. In 2022, he received the Electra award for his published dissertation titled "Basic Theory of Artificial Intelligence Organization by Genetic Information Conversion" this theory has been used in military activities such as the A.I and one of them was A.I "Nemo" but later this A.I was deleted by Simon. In 2023, Simon joined General Resource Ltd. After 8 years of service at GR, he transferred to Neucom Inc. in 2031. Now he belongs to Neucom Info and engages in military-related research. He is the creator of the Nemo project, and after completing all five endings in the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3, it is revealed that the entire game is a computer simulation, and, since the simulation is over, Simon purges Nemo.


Gabriel W. Clarkson

He completed his doctorate in International Political Science Research from Oxform University in 2010. By being a member of the USEA assembly, he became an active voting member of the NUN. In 2037, he became the official representative of UPEO and is still serving that position till halfway through the corporate war. Mr Clarkson decided to leave UPEO and join Neucom in a classified mission at Lambert Mountains.

On discovering Gabriel's betrayal, Nemo (as part of UPEO) and his wingmen were ordered to shoot down the R-505 with Clarkson and Fiona on board. If Nemo spares their life and joins Neucom, Mr. Clarkson successfully flees UPEO's corruption and joins Neucom.

In an alternative scenario, Nemo (as part of General Resources), Keith and Dision shot down the R-505 in the same mission over Lambert Mountains.

Erich Jaeger

After successfully graduating from Oxform University (With an International Political Science degree), he joined Universal Peace Enforcement Organization. He enrolled into SARF after its formation in 2040.

Erich had a significant role in The Corporate War of 2045. His first mission was to, along with other SARF squadron pilots, intercept and destroy Neucom transport planes over Expo City. Despite his squadron temporarily losing its leader, they were thrown into battle again to eliminate Neucom's radar site network and secret military bases in Waiaboro. Participating in most of the major SARF operations, he was recommended as a good and experienced fighter pilot. However, he doubted UPEO's significance and its priorities, calling it a "paper tiger".

During the secret mission concerning the escort of an UPEO representative above Mt. Lambert, he was one of the pilots who refused to shoot down representative's R-505U when ordered to do so. He went AWOL along with his whole squadron during an assignment to rendezvous with an allied UI-4053 Sphyrna airborne aircraft carrier, and there is no further information available at the moment. However, it is certain that he was one of the rogue UPEO pilots who attacked and destroyed the UPEO base in Expo City, along with Gilbert Park, UPEO's supreme commander.


Fiona Chris Fitzgerald

As a kid, she received specialized education to become a pilot for gifted children. At the age of 22, she received the Master of Arts (MA) in Aviation Engineering and Research degrees at Edwards University. Fiona joined UPEO in 2039, continued to work for SARF till halfway through the Corporate War, where she attempted to join her sister at Neucom in an escort mission over Lambert Mountains.

There are two possible fates for Fiona in the Corporate War. Three paths lead to her death and on the last she survived, but at the price of her sister. Fiona was flying an R-505U transport aircraft carrying one of UPEO top ranking officers, Gabriel W. Clarkson. As she approached Mt. Lambert, she was intercepted by a multitude of General Resource fighters. If Nemo formerly decided to join General Resources or refuses to join Neucom when offered the chance, he shoots her down in this mission. If Nemo obliged and joined Neucom when offered the chance, Fiona gets safely escorted to the respective Neucom base.

At Neucom, Fiona regrouped with her sister Cynthia. Their first mission was to destroy some General Resource facilities in White Valley. After the destruction of the base, and after secretly finding out about her sister's involvement in the Sublimation project as a test subject, she had a huge argument with her sister about the matter. Unable to get the reply she wants, she left the matter unresolved for the next few missions.

After another mission well done in the White Valley region, Cynthia made her final decision: to join Ouroboros as a Sublimation project candidate despite Fiona's attempts to change her mind.

If Nemo decided to join Fiona, she lives till the end of the corporate war, assisting in the destruction of the Sphyrna, and a few missions later, the Nightraven in the Geofront. With assistance from Nemo, Fiona also avenges her sister by shooting down Dision, OB leader and the reason why Cynthia got involved with the terrorist organisation, after an extended follow up battle also in the Geofront. Nemo and Fiona returned to Neucom after the showdown.

Sometime later, Fiona receives a message from her sublimed sister Cynthia, telling tales of how great free living in the Electrosphere is and how she wishes Fiona was here to join her.

If Nemo decided to join Cynthia into Ouroboros when given the chance, Fiona is killed in one of Ouroboros' raids on the Neucom bases.

Cynthia Bridgitte Fitzgerald

In 2033 she earned her Master's degree in Genetic Engineering at Chopinbrook University. After she graduated, she joined and spend four years with General Resource Ltd. before she joined Neucom Inc. till the climax of the Corporate War. She's an ace pilot in NEU, Neucom's paramilitary force. She is Fiona's older sister.

Her first missions in the Corporate War are unknown. She made her first appearance in a video call made by her sister to Nemo. During the course of the war, Dision successfully convinced her to sign up for the sublimation project, promising her a life free of bounds in the Electrosphere, striking himself as an example. Fiona, on finding her name in the list of sublimation candidates, spawned a huge argument with her sister. Fiona failed to alter her sister's decision and was left with a disappointing answer.

A few missions later, Cynthia was put as the lead of a three-plane formation tasked the bombing of a General Resource facility in White Valley. After a brief 'row', the mission starts. After the mission, Cynthia followed Dision's calling and decided to join Ouroboros. At this point, Nemo had to choose whether to stay in Neucom or to join Ouroboros.

If you follow Cynthia and join with Ouroboros, she was to attack and infiltrate UPEO base in order to capture Rena, the X-49 Night Raven's trained pilot (and a former friend of her sister's). On returning to base, she witnessed the destruction of Neucom bases and her sister's death in the news. Fueled by her frustration, she went to Dision for answers but to no avail. Feeling powerless and full of sorrow for her sister, she shot the screen through which Dision communicates with her and went on a quest for revenge.

After leaving the Sphyrna for another mission, she predictably turned against the OB headquarters and with aid from Nemo, heavily damaged the huge airship and went for the newly deployed Nightraven. After an extended showdown in the Geofront and over Port Edwards, Nemo and Cynthia successfully shot down the X-49.

After seeing the truth behind Ouroboros and regretting her decision, Cynthia decided to rejoin her former employer, Neucom.

On the other hand, if the player stays with Neucom, Fiona doesn't die under Nemo's lead and therefore Cynthia proceeds with the Sublimation project as originally planned by Dision. Cynthia's body was shot down later on by Nemo in a long lasting dogfight (optional) and after the corporate war was over, the sublimed Cynthia contacted her unhappy sister via the Electrosphere.

General Resource

Youko Martha Inoue

Youko Inoue was a graduate from Accel University and completed her doctorate in the Brain Physiology graduate program in 2025. After her graduation, she joined General Resource Ltd. and participated in the "DOE Plan", a General Resource's secret military research project, started in 2028. She was appointed as the project leader and she became the one who came up with the first concept of sublimation or computerization development, the way to change information within the brain from solid flesh into software, by a brain surgery that transforms the brain into digital data. Through sublimation, it becomes possible for people to discard their physical bodies from this world and live on software. However, she, along with a fellow staff member (the body of Abyssal Dision), was involved in accident while in the midst of researching in 2030.

She appeared to have a special relationship with Abyssal Dision, and it seemed that Dision really took deep heart of her. In the DOE research center, Dision saw, through his vision connected to a camera, Youko in trouble as he found some sneaking terrorist troops who were about to blow up the lab. Dision became really upset as he could not help her out from the accident. Youko would die in the attack, but Dision would live on in the electrosphere.

Keith Bryan

Born on 5/19/2010. After graduating from a senior high school affiliated with Sandberry GR Defense College in 2028, he joined General Resource Ltd. He enrolled and currently goes to GRDF. Unlike his Squad Leader, Abyssal Dision, Keith remains loyal to General Resource and goes on a quest to shoot down Dision. If the player flies for Ouroboros, Keith will attack Dision, Rena, and the player. Once he is damaged enough, he will do a kamikaze attack on the Night Raven and get his plane stuck in it. The player will then shoot Keith off the Night Raven, finally shooting him down, and destroying the Night Raven. If the player joins and stays with General Resource, he and Keith will attack Ouroboros. The player and Keith will attack the Night Raven at the underground city Geofront, destroying the city to take out Night Raven. They will then chase the Night Raven out of Geofront and shoot it (and Rena Hirose) down. Afterwards, they will chase down Dision and Keith will destroy him, damaging his own plane in the process.


Gilbert Park

Born on 3/6/1992. After graduating from Beijin University's economics department in 2014, he joined General Resource Ltd.. After he successfully filled several important posts at all of the corporations in General Resource Group, in 2031 he received recommendations from GR and transferred to UPEO. He presided over a UPEO increasing in its ability to maintain peace and order. Now he serves as the supreme-commander of NUN's UPEO.

He is generally mistrusted by every character in the game, and for good reason; he is revealed to be the leader of Ouroboros. No matter what the player's decisions, he will die at the end of the game.

Abyssal Dision

Dision is the main antagonist of Ace Combat 3. In 2018, Dision finished his education in Sandbury Defense College organized by General Resource Ltd, graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. The September following his graduation, he joined the General Resource Defense Force, gradually becoming an Ace pilot after successfully completing missions assigned to him with outstanding results. This includes his service of suppressing terrorist operation in 2026.

In 2030, Dision got involved in a top secret General Resource research project known as 'DOE', led by an experienced General Resource scientist, Yoko Inoue, whom he later had a relationship with. Dision and Yoko were experimenting the process of duplicating a subject's consciousness into the Electrosphere, a process termed as Sublimation. Dision, being one of the first test subjects, has successfully uploaded his personality into the Electrosphere.

During their extensive research a mysterious military faction bombed their laboratory, killing both Yoko and Dision in the explosion, leaving a sad AI Dision on the Electrosphere as the only person to know about the Sublimation project.

At around the same year, Dision met a 9-year-old girl with great flying talent, especially using COFFIN system. Later, he invited this girl, known as Rena Hirose, to participate in GR's power development project before joining UPEO 7 years later, in 2037.

Dision later became Keith Bryan's military partner, who graduated from the same college in Sandbury Desert. During the war, they have undergone joint training schemes in conjunction with UPEO pilots. Later on, Dision defected from GRDF with secret plans of using his knowledge of Sublimation and his abuse of Rena's capabilities of piloting the Night Raven, to spawn a long hidden terrorist organization spearheaded by himself, called the Ouroboros.

Dision successfully lured a selection of key players in the war (one of which was Cynthia, a NEU Ace Pilot) into signing up for the Sublimation project, to "experience a world unlimited by the boundaries of flesh. To try and convince Rena into flying the Night Raven for him, he first promised her an explanation to her past and the Night Raven project. Failing to convert her to Ouroboros, he attempted to use her ENSI connection to corrupt her memory.

At the beginning of the corporate war, Dision met Nemo during one of the GRDF-SARF joint training missions. Amazed by Nemo's performance and thinking Nemo could be a great asset if turned over to Ouroboros, Dision asked Nemo to follow him to leave the paper tiger that is UPEO and join GRDF. From here the story can split into four paths:


Nemo declined Dision's offer and chose to stay with UPEO. Seeing there's no hope in Nemo, he resorts to his original plans of converting Nemo's then fellow pilot, Rena. Rena followed Dision's fake claims (accompanied by Nemo if he chooses to in the previous mission). Seeing Nemo as an obstacle, Dision risks exposing the Ouroboros by starting a terrorist attack in Axel Bay as a distraction. When Nemo was handling the Cralias threat, Dision offered Rena the opportunity to join Ouroboros, but unable to completely convince her, she returns to the UPEO base.

Much later on in the war, seeing it's best to strike when the conflict is at its most vulnerable part, Dision leaves GRDF in an unexpected move that leaves even his own colleague, Keith, surprised. As the leader of Ouroboros, he starts raids on Neucom and General Resource bases everywhere while summoning candidates of the Sublimation project to the Sphyrna. Dision uses Rena's ENSI connections to corrupt her memory and forcefully makes her pilot the Night Raven for Ouroboros. Rena, under Dision's control, annihilates Neucom's greatest achievement and command centre, Megafloat in one hit.

Ouroboros' success was short lived when Rena started to break out of Dision's control. She, with help from Nemo and Erich, destroyed the OB headquarters, the Sphyrna and Dision, effectively putting an end to the organization. With Neucom and GR exhausted from the war and the unexpected OB attacks, the corporate war has reached an end.

Neucom Path

If Nemo joins Neucom he will end up helping Fiona Fitzgerald. The fight was on when Fiona sought the truth about her sister's intentions. She and Nemo would end up fighting against Dision's Ouroboros faction who made her sister 'suffer'. The final fight started above the remains of Megafloat and ended inside the GeoFront, when Dision was at last shot down, while crying for his lover during his last moments.

General Resource Path

If Nemo joins General Resource (GR), he will fly along side Dision and Keith without any problems. It was not until only moments before the mission, "Dilemma," that Dision showed his true motives. During an encrypted message to Nemo, he said that he had this dream that people shouldn't be limited by their flesh and they should break free. The message was a one-time-deal, and he kept silence to the others until he said his objective clearly after Mission Dillemma. After Dision went to Ouroboros, Nemo stayed, and the GR side went on a full-scale battle against Neucom forces when suddenly a transmission came in showing pieces if Dision's memories. The static transmission consisted of conversations between Yoko and Dision. Later, Dision and Nemo came face to face above Port Edwards where he was finally shot down, Keith making the final death blow.

Ouroboros path

If Nemo does decide to join Ouroboros, Dision went on fighting the world along with Nemo across the continent. The fight was reaching its climax when Rena, suddenly went haywire. Dision, worried by his apprentice weird behavior, went on a rescue mission when he met Keith who was hunting the Night Raven. During their fight, a piece of information flashed. It was a few years back, where Dision still had his 'flesh body'. The scene showed Yoko successfully upload Dision's personal data to the Electrosphere, creating a secondary consciousness of Dision. But there was an armed group who advances towards them. Dision's 'secondary consciousness' tried to warn Yoko and his own body about the attack, but it was all in vain. After the fight, Rena was shot down, and it was Dision who went haywire. He had a mental breakdown and Nemo set about to eliminate Dision. Dision, refused to be 'deleted' jumped to Electrosphere followed by Nemo. The two fought to the bitter end, and Dision was shot down inside the Sphere.

Alternatively, Nemo could help Cynthia who joined the Ouroboros to feel 'sublimation.' Cynthia would later seek revenge on Dision for the death of her sister, Fiona, who was killed during an Ouroboros raid. If Nemo follows this path, Dision would later be shot down along with the Sphyrna above the Usean Sea.

Rena Hirose

Born with Silverstone disease (the pigment offers no protection from sunlight), she is forced to wear a special spacesuit-looking suit to protect her from direct sunlight. Rena joined General Resource Ltd. in an early age of 9 for her extraordinary ability in piloting. There she was involved in the development of the Night Raven. In 2037, she was transferred to UPEO. She is a pilot for SARF, which formed in 2040, along with three other pilots. She always flew her blue Su-37R during her flight with SARF.

Her first mission in the corporate war was to stop Neucom transports over Expo City along with other SARF members. From then on, she flew on various missions for SARF. Until the decide of Megafloat and Mt. Lambert.

There are five possible 'fates' for Rena Hirose from the Corporate War. Four while she was with Ouroboros and one in which she helped SARF. For the Ouroboros path, there is only one pattern. She came from nowhere, destroyed the Megafloat and than engaged Nemo in battles. The only different thing is the location she is defeated at.

In Ouroboros Endings: in one mission she (and her Night Raven) were destroyed inside the Geofront; two saw her being shot down above Port Edwards (both night and day); and on one mission saw her sunk to the bottom of the Erusian ocean.

When the player decides on the SARF Path, Rena and her companion flew for various missions. She flew on a mission inside Hatties Ravine and above Expo City, canceling the General Resources' attack on the city where she found out that her enemy is none other than Abyssal Dision. And then she came as reinforcement above Mt. Lambert just to tell the other pilot that the transport they have been escorting is on the run to Neucom. She gave the pilot Nemo an order to shoot the transport along with Fiona in the helm. Various missions were flown by this ace while she tenured at UPEO until mission 'Bug Hunt' where she is 'bombed' by ANB because she was contaminated by nanobytes. She went to the Ouroboros' flying fortress and joined them for a moment before she was crashed above Erusean Sea. She was later discovered by Erich and Nemo and possibly rescued from her wrecked aircraft.

Usean Continental War (Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies)


Mobius 1

Starting out as a F-4 Phantom II pilot for the 118th Tactical Fighter Wing of the Independent States Allied Forces (ISAF) naval forces on the carrier Fort Grace, Mobius One (real name unknown) became a pillar of support for the allies fighting in the conflict and a terror for those who opposed him. Although noted for his phenomenal skills in battle, his fame in the war was dramatically increased after single-handedly destroying the asteroid defense platform turned anti-aircraft superweapon Stonehenge, and he appeared in several newspapers and magazines. Mobius One's last known assignment was a mission to eliminate a splinter faction of the Erusian armed forces that refused to surrender (Operation Katina, Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War).

Following the progression and completion of the war, the ISAF initiated an investigation into the extent of the pilot's abilities and resulting in the astonishing announcement that the combat effectiveness of Mobius One was equal to that of an entire squadron.

Although the pilot's callsign seems to suggest that he is the leader of a squadron, other Mobius aircrafts (2 through 8) are only seen during the final mission, piloting F/A-22 Raptors against the remaining members of the Yellow squadron alongside with Mobius 1 and assisting in destroying the Megalith (mission 18 "Megalith"). It is suggested and implied that Mobius 1 alone (usually) comprises the entire 118th Tactical Fighter Wing.

Sky Eye

Sky Eye is the AWACS that provides the squadron with assistance and support throughout the war. The first and last battles of the war occur on his birthday. Like Mobius 1, he also reappears in Ace Combat 5's "Operation Katina", once again as Mobius 1's AWACS. In the level "Aces" in AC5 the friendly Yuktobanian AWACS is called AWACS Oka Nieba, claiming it is Yuktobanian for "Sky Eye".

Erusean Air Force

Yellow 13

Yellow 13 is the Erusian ace pilot of the Erusean 156th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Yellow" in Ace Combat 04. The Yellow Squadron was tasked to defend the Erusian superweapon Stonehenge. During the war he often visited a local bar in the occupied city of San Salvacion. Always choosing to fly a 5-man formation using Su-37 Terminators, Yellow 13 prides his record of never losing any squadron members (a record that remained unbroken until the destruction of Stonehenge). His squadron always flies in its signature "V" formation. Yellow 13 is said to have compassion towards the enemies that he shot down, and his kill record is known to exceed 64. He flew his final sortie during the siege of Erusian capital city of Farbanti, where he was shot down and killed by Mobius 1.

Yellow 4

The only female pilot of the Yellow Squadron, Yellow 4 has been known to be the wingman of Yellow 13. Yellow 13 and Yellow 4 are believed to be friends since childhood and that Yellow 13 taught her the skills for flying. Yellow 4 never allowed Yellow 13 to receive any harm, even on the ground. During the war, rebels in captured ISAF territory damaged several planes, including 4's Su-37, right before the ISAF assault on Stonehenge. Arriving too late to prevent Stonehenge's destruction, Yellow 4 was then shot down and killed by Mobius 1.


Barkeeper's Daughter

The daughter of the barkeeper at the Sky Kid Bar and Restaurant, she keeps the tables, serves food and drink, and other barkeep duties. The narrator suspects that she has a crush on Yellow 13 and is jealous of Yellow 4.

One night, the story-telling child discovers her secret: she, along with her father and several other men and women, are members of the town resistance. She attempts two bombings on Yellow squadron facilities over the course of the game; the first damages multiple planes and indirectly results in Yellow 4's death, while the second attempt fails. She is caught by Yellow 13, who decides to let her go. After the Eruseans retreat from the town, she accompanies the narrator as he attempts to track down Yellow 13.

Her fate after the war is unknown, but in the last cutscene, a picture of an unknown woman is shown, possibly the barkeeper's daughter.

Storyteller Boy

An average boy who knew nothing of war, this unnamed child lived in San Salvacion on a cape, until the war took everything from him. At the end of summer vacation, he was riding his bike to school when he observed an air battle between two aircraft. One, an Su-37 marked with a yellow "013", shot down the other, which crashed into the boy's house and killed all still inside it.

He then moved in with his uncle (a taxi driver) in San Salvacion. Soon after, the Erusean military arrived and occupied the town. Numerous changes were introduced, including a fuel rationing and curfew. The fuel ration hurt his uncle hard, being a cab driver, and he soon turned to heavy drinking.

The boy sustained himself by playing his harmonica in the local bar, the Sky Kid, for small change. A few days into the job, the usual Erusean soldiers were chased out and a number of Erusean Air Force personnel took over the bar. The boy soon discovered that one of them was the pilot who'd splashed the plane over his house - Yellow 13. After spending a while in his company, the boy realized he couldn't find the words to confront him. They sat and accompanied each other, while 13 playing "la catedral" on guitar and accompanied by his harmonica. They soon became friends, and the boy got to know the Air Force pilots and spent hours at their improvised airstrip. The boy's uncle was imprisoned for assault on a yellow pilot (Not mentioned in game.)

One night, the boy was sleeping in the cafe after closing when some noise awoke him. He walked upstairs and stumbled into a meeting of the Resistance. He was roughly but quickly interrogated before the Barkeep's daughter took pity on the young child and let him go. Like with 13, the boy and girl also became friends.

After his wingman Yellow 4 was killed in action, Yellow 13 drifted away. The war was turning in the favor of the Independent State Allied Forces. One day, Yellow 13 went out on sortie and never came back. The ISAF forces came into the town soon after, and the boy went with some fleeing Erusean troops to try and find Yellow 13. Presumably, he had no luck, but found out that an ISAF pilot with the callsign "Mobius 1" had shot him down. Years later, he wrote a series of letters to Mobius 1, hoping to learn more about Yellow 13.

Circum-Pacific War (Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War)

Wardog/Razgriz Squadron


The lead pilot of the famous Wardog/Razgriz squadrons, Blaze shows skill on a level unseen during the Circum-Pacific War and above the level of other legendary aces. Not much information is ever learned of Blaze's personal stance on the war, however it seems likely he shares a viewpoint close to that of his fellow wingmen.

After the Circum-Pacific War, the Razgriz Squadron composed of Blaze, Kei Nagase, Marcus Snow, and Hans Grimm, have vanished without a trace. The epilogue shows that many people compare them to the long-lost Wardog squadron, but the only official reports were of them being shot down.

Capt Kei Nagase

Voice Actor: Karen Strassman (US AC5), Wakana Yamazaki (JP)

The only trainee in Wardog squadron out of those who flew with Captain Bartlett during the opening battle of the Circum-Pacific War to survive the surprise attack by hostile forces, Nagase holds the position of Wardog 2, although briefly holds the position of Wardog 1 in some missions.[1] Nagase is a strong believer in peace, joining Osea's Air Defence Force in an effort to keep it. She is also the only female pilot in the Wardog Squadron.

When war breaks out, her skill in battle earns the attention of troops on both sides, until her squadron's apparent treachery and subsequent destruction; however, unknown to military and government officials, she and the rest of her squadron survives with the help of the OFS Kestrel and her fleet and take up a new allegiance to a group of joint Osean and Yuktobanian resistance forces in an attempt to end and uncover the truth about the conflict. At this point the team become the lead squadron of these rebels and were nicknamed 'the Ghosts of Razgriz'.

Throughout the war, Nagase blames herself for the loss of her captain's aircraft and his disappearance. In a POW rescue operation, upon attempting to locate Jack Bartlett (Wardog Squadron's former captain) she was shot down in the same manner as she would have been had Bartlett not rescued her. Her guilt is later reduced when they learn of his survival and efforts in helping the Resistance end the war in Yuktobania.

Nagase in other games

Nagase appears in other Ace Combat games, making her one of the few characters to appear in more than one game, and the character with the most appearances in the series. A female pilot named Kei Nagase appears in Ace Combat 2 using her same callsign, Edge; however, since AC2 likely takes place in 1998, this Nagase may not be the same as the one in AC5, which takes place in 2010, since in AC5 she is still a trainee, however it should be noted that in AC2, she was a mercenary, so its possible that she joined the Osean air force years later, and this is reflected in her natural skill. In Ace Combat 4, a woman on board an airliner calls herself "Nagase.". Nagase also appears in Ace Combat 3 briefly. She can only be seen in a certain story branch, and is seen in a news broadcast. Notably she looks exactly like she should during the timeline of that game. She also has a brief cameo in Assault Horizon, even though that game is set in a different continuity.

LtCol Alvin H. Davenport

Voice Actor: Eddie Frierson (US AC5), Hideo Ishikawa (JP)

Talkative, confident and energetic (hence his callsign), Davenport strongly admired Captain Bartlett as a bad mouthed, good natured Captain, and was doubtful of Blaze when he takes over as squadron leader; however in time "Chopper" comes to respect Blaze just as much. Chopper's nature makes light on difficult situations and acts as the comic relief of the Wardog Squadron.

In a planned attack on the November City stadium by Yuktobanian forces, Chopper's aircraft is badly damaged. After holding it in the air while civilians are evacuated Chopper is unable to eject, becoming the first and only member of the Wardog Squadron to be killed since the initial attack on Sand Island. Chopper technically becomes the highest ranking Wardog squadron member after receiving a posthumous 2-rank promotion. Although at first the enemy planes thought his death would demoralize Blaze, Edge, and Archer, his death lit a fire under Wardog Squadron that caused them to fight with even more skill then they did before, adding to their already impressive legend. Despite his frequent clashes with AWACs Thunderhead, after his death everyone—including Thunderhead—is audibly shaken by it.

A1C Hans Grimm

Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch (US AC5), Kenji Nojima (JP)

Although not an actual member of Wardog for the opening events of the Circum-Pacific War, and apparently not finishing the replacement pilot training course, Grimm joins the squadron soon after Sand Island is again attacked by the Yuktobanian Air Force. Grimm is the youngest and most inexperienced of the team, and seems reasonably unsure of himself. However, he has a strong motivation to help end the war with as few casualties as possible. Over the course of the war, Grimm's piloting skills dramatically improve and "Archer" easily becomes on par with the rest of the squadron (with the exception of Blaze) and handles his missions without sustaining major damage to his aircraft. His unnamed brother is a member of the Osean ground forces (the 1st Airborne Division), and is involved in the landing on Bastok Peninsula (Operation: Footprint) and in the ground battles in the Jilachi Desert (Operation: Desert Blitz).

CPT Marcus Snow

Voice Actor: Beau Billingslea (US AC5), Kenji Nomura (JP)

For the first half of the war, Capt. Snow is one of the highest ranking members of the Osean Maritime Defense Force on the Kestrel and leader of its fighter squadron. The Japanese official Ace Combat 5 website mentions him being captain of the 206th Strike Fighter Squadron. During the course of the war, his wingmen are shot down and eventually he becomes the only active fighter pilot on the Kestrel. After the apparent rebellion of the famous Wardog squadron, Captain Andersen (possibly by the request of Pops) sends Snow to falsify the deaths of Wardog before sending the Sea Goblin Marine Force to rescue them off the coast of Solo Island.

Using captured aircraft from South Belka's Gründer Industries, "Swordsman" joins the team in a mission to the Waldreich Mountains to rescue Vincent Harling, President of the Osean Federation who had been captured beforehand. After the operation, the makeshift squadron is named 'Ghosts of Razgriz' with Snow permanently taking the position of Razgriz 3.

It is interesting to note that although Capt. Snow is of a relatively higher rank than the rest of the Razgriz Squadron members (Naval Captain is equivalent to an Air Force Colonel), Snow does not take command of the squadron despite having plenty of combat experience as a squadron leader. This is, of course, providing that the Wardog survivors did not become part of the Naval Air Arm. Another possibility is that Snow was an Osean Marine aviator serving aboard the Kestrel, and the rank of Captain would translate over to the naval rank of Lieutenant. However, it is more likely a mix-up of ranks, as in the Japanese dub, Snow is referred to as Tai-i, the equivalent of a Lieutenant in the Navy.

Osean Air Defense Force

Capt Jack Bartlett

Voice Actor: Steven Blum (US AC5), Unsho Ishizuka (JP)

Former leader of the Wardog Squadron based on Sand Island, Bartlett—although a very talented pilot—has had a notorious history of being unable to comply with orders given, opting instead to follow his conscience. Bartlett cares for all the trainees under his command, and in Nagase's case, made her the number two of his flight upon realization that she is skilled but needs to be reined in shortly before the Circum-Pacific War.His F-4G was shot down by an unidentified ship (later revealed as a Yuktobanian spy vessel), however when helicopters came to rescue the captain he could not be found. He had become the very first POW of the war, but had escaped and eventually joined up with a Yuktobanian resistance group.

"Heartbreak One" came by his callsign after breaking up with love interest a Yuktobanian Officer who is known only as Major. Years later, during the war, she and Barlett are reunited and work together to free Prime Minister Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor from prison.

After being shot down during the Belkan War near Area B7R by Ashley Bernitz,[2] he met the pilot later known as Peter N. Beagle and both become great friends.

Bartlett also appears in Ace Combat Zero, during the major offensive in Area B7R; "The Round Table". During the mission, an allied aircraft is labelled "HRTBREAK 1" which leads to suggest it is no other than Bartlett, as this is also his callsign in the Ace Combat 5 game.

2Lt Wolfgang Buchner

Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook (US AC5), Chikao Otsuka (JP)

Oldest son of a Belkan aristocratic family and known as 'Huckebein the Raven', he was one of the most talented pilots in the Belkan War. Soon after defecting after refusing to drop a nuclear bomb on a Belkan city in the Waldreich Mountains, he was shot down along with Captain Bartlett of the Osean Air Force. After meeting and getting back to Allied lines, Bartlett and Buchner apparently had a hard time convincing the forces they were on the same side (presumably hard to do while wearing a flight suit of the Belkan Air Force).

Taking the alias of Peter N. Beagle and joining the Osean Air Defence Force as an engineer he moved to Sand Island—the furthest place from Belka in Osean territory—to escape the Gray Men, who considered him a traitor. After 15 years of isolation, Pops found himself back in the heart of another war with Belka, becoming the base commander of the Razgriz Squadron as they attempted to foil Belka's plans to deploy more V1 nuclear weapons.

In Ace Combat Zero, he appears along with Heartbreak 1 in the mission entitled "Mayhem".Also, Ace Combat Zero's Assault Records says that he took the name of Buchner, which means that Buchner may not be his real name.

Maj Allen C. Hamilton

Voice Actor: Crispin Freeman (US AC5), Yasunori Masutani (JP)

Former trainee of the Grabacr Squadron, Hamilton is one of the several Belkan agents that helped provoke and prolong the Osean-Yuktobanian conflict. After the continued success of the Wardog team, Hamilton informed Perrault partly of Pops' dubious history, resulting in the base commander ironically mistaking the Sand Island squadron for enemy spies. After the squadron escaped Sand Island, Hamilton called the 8492nd (Grabacr) Squadron to chase after and destroy them. During the mission the Grabacr lost sight of them due to electronic interference from a volcanic island below. The Sand Island squadron was later reported to have been shot down by Osean navy aircraft led by Captain Snow; however, this was just staged.

Hamilton rallies the warmongers of Osea in the final battle in Sudentor. When the Razgriz manage to fly into the tunnel housing the SOLG's control systems, Hamilton gives chase, skillfully flying all the way through, only to be hit by a plane that was chasing after Captain Bartlett.

Col Orson Perrault

Voice Actor: Peter Lurie (US AC5), Daisuke Gori (JP)

The commander of the Sand Island Air Force base, Perrault is a obese, rash, aggressive and headstrong individual. Although he tries to bolster troop morale when he can, Perrault rarely has kind or uplifting words to say to those he works with. He is also directly responsible for the deaths of the trainees Sand Island squadron had escorted back, despite the Commander of McNealy Air Force Base (in an earlier sortie) barred them from participation. Later, Perrault, after taking the advice of Belkan aggressor Allen Hamilton, mistakes the Sand Island Squadron and Pops for traitors working for Yuktobania and orders their arrest.

Osean Naval Self Defense Force

CPT Nicholas A. Andersen

Voice Actor: Simon Prescott (US AC5), Takeshi Aono (JP)

His life before 2010 is unknown, but in the Circum-Pacific War, he was known as a delightful, modest, and compassionate leader. His credibility of leading in sea battle is unquestionable seeing that he had faced many battle experiences with his fleet. With his popularity and personality, his crews have huge trust and respect for him. He is willing to do everything as long as the crew under his command remain safe. Like the others, he seemed to have interest in the song “Journey Home”. Apparently, he was the one playing the record in the middle of a sea battle.

He is the commander of one of Osea’s most prominent naval groups, the 3rd Naval Fleet. Among the crews, he is branded as “The Father of the Osean Navy”. During the war, he captained the Kestrel, the flagship of the fleet. He first appeared in the mission Narrow Margin in Port St. Hewlett while his fleet was under attack. Fortunately, he successfully managed to escape to open water despite attack from Yuktobanian air forces and naval ships. Several days later, he stayed with Kestrel to rendezvous with other carriers in Eaglin Straits before the carriers Buzzard and Vulture were sunk by powerful burst-missiles, allegedly launched from a Scinfaxi-class submarine. Prior to the next encounter, he led the fleet to Kirwin Island, getting ready and setting up with Wardog Squadron.

He, with Yuktobanian Prime Minister Nikanor on-board, also became major role participating in Operation Sea of Chaos in encountering full-scale naval attack from Yuktobanian navy and some escort fighters, even though later the Kestrel was sunk by anti-ship missiles at last. Despite losing his flagship, he and his crew manage to launch Razgriz Squadron one last time before abandoning ship. Despite the loss of his ship, Andersen still considers it a victory since he had managed to launch all of his planes safely.

Grey Men

Ashley Bernitz

A former Belkan ace who claims to have shot down Bartlett and Wolfgang (aka Pops). After the Belkan War he joined the Osean airforce, forming the aggressor unit 8492 Squadron, but he in fact was a secret member of the Grey Men Organization (where his Belkan 6th Air Division 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Grabacr" survived within). In order to stir up hatred between Osea and Yuktobania, the 8492 squadron attacked civilian targets during Osean invasion of Yuktobonian mainland. He came into contact with the Aces of Razgriz on many occasions and, during the final battle, they were shot down by them. It's also interesting to note that, during the Belkan War, he was shot down by Cipher during the same engagement where he shoots down Bartlett and claims to have shot down Wolfgang, despite Wolfgang having the "Escapee Killer" and (if the player chooses) Cipher tailing him.

Michael Heimeroth

The leader of Belka's 6th Air Division 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron, or Ofnir Squadron. He was a student of Lieutenant Colonel Dietrich Kellerman, and, even as a rookie, he managed to shoot down 25 Allied Forces aircraft at B7R. Like the Grabacr squadron, the Ofnir squadron survived within the Grey Men and was posing as an aggressor unit in the air force of Yuktobonia. His first involvement with the Razgriz was a failed interception where Blaze, the Razgriz flight lead, located and escaped with data of a nuclear weapons storage facility in Belka. He was shot down during the second encounter with the Razgriz team in Yuktobonia. He and his squadron, along with Ashley and the Grabacr, went down for the second time in the final battle over Oured, Osea. It's believed there are no survivors.


President Vincent Harling

Voice Actor: Bob Buchholz[3] (US AC5), Hideyuki Tanaka (JP)

Harling is the president of Osea during the Circum-Pacific War (apparently on his second term). Advocating co-existence with Yuktobania, he sought for major reductions in the defense budget to allocate funds for the construction of the Basset Space Center's mass driver and the Arkbird shuttle. Such measures would infuriate much of the military leadership and allow the 8492nd Squadron to capture him during the events of the Ace Combat 5 mission "Handful of Hope," which he didn't revealed who he was in the transport craft and just saying that he is the cargo the plane was carrying. Harling spent most of the war inside Stier Castle, located in Belkan territory until he was finally rescued by Osean Maritime Defense Force marines. Soon after he returned to the capital and removed the military junta ruling Osea, returning to power. He held a news conference with Prime Minister Nikanor of Yuktobania, and ended the war.


Maj Natasya Vasilievna Obertas

Voice Actor: Wendee Lee (US AC5), Misa Watanabe (JP)

Major from the Yuktobanian Army Information Division who broke Bartlett's heart during the Belkan War. While working under Prime Minister Nikanor, she grew attached to his message of peace and stayed by his side, even after the coup d'état. She eventually was reunited with Bartlett when he was captured and helped him escape the prison camps. With the help of Bartlett and Razgriz Squadron, she freed Nikanor and, in return, supplied them with information on the Grey Men.

Prime Minister Seryozha Viktorovich Nikanor

Voice Actor: Paul St. Peter[3] (US AC5), Masashi Ebara (JP)

Prime Minister of Yuktobania at the time of the Circum Pacific War. He was a peaceful, pro-Osean prime minister that worked with Osea on the Arkbird. Unfortunately, neither the Grey Men, nor Yuktobania's hard-liners appreciated his views of peace, and he was removed from office in a silent coup d'état. He was eventually broken out with the help of Razgriz, and went on to host a press conference with Osean president Harling, ending the war, as he was still acting prime minister.


Voice Actor: Dave Wittenberg (US AC5)

His real name is unknown but he is the leader of a resistance group in Yuktobania that opposed that nation's military government, though whether that included Nikanor's government or just the wartime government isn't made clear. His group somehow gets their hands on one of the two Belkan nukes, and they successfully disarm it, while being covered by the Razgriz. They then discard the pieces of the bomb into the ocean using a submarine.


Albert Gennette

Voice Actor: Matthew Mercer (US AC5), Hiroaki Hirata (JP)

A freelance journalist stationed on Sand Island in 2010, he falls in with Wardog Squadron, whose early missions are chronicled in his first big story, Four Wings of Sand Island. He was very defensive of Wardog, even when the OADF believed they were spies. After Wardog was betrayed, he left with them to the Kestrel, where he stayed until it was sunk on December 30, 2010. A few years later, he released a story about the Demons of Razgriz.

Gennette appears ten years later in Ace Combat X, covering the war between Aurelia and Leasath for the Osea Times. At first, he is unhappy at being sent to cover another war. However, he soon finds himself hooked onto the dark truth behind Diego Navarro, and sides himself with Gryphus One. After the war, he even buys a Santa Claus statuette, with the emblem of the Southern Cross.

Belkan War (Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War)

Ustio Air Force

Galm 1, "Cipher" Ustio Air Force/ 6th Air Division/ 66th Air Force Unit

"The Demon Lord of The Round Table"

Cipher is the main character played in the game. A mercenary pilot of the Ustian Air Force, Cipher was placed in charge of Galm Team at the period where Ustio was in resistance against the Belkan invasion. His wing-man is Galm 2, Larry "Pixy" Foulke, who'd opened fire on Cipher during Mission 12: Stage of Apocalypse on June 6, 1995 (the day Belka dropped nuclear bombs on its own soil), and at the same moment took his chance to escape. Cipher displayed outstanding combat abilities during the Belkan War, destroying several unique weapons systems, savaging the Belkan Air Force and defeating the rebel organization A World With No Boundaries; his unrivaled skills and maneuverability of air superiority over area B7R (The Round Table) had earned him the title "The Demon Lord of The Round Table". During the course of his missions, Cipher flies a variety of aircraft in a variety of roles - from Interception, Air Superiority, Escort, Strike and Close Air Support.

Primary accomplishments include participation in the liberation of Solis Ortus and the capital, Directus; the attack on the Belkan mountain fortress Glatisant and air superiority over area B7R (The Round Table); the neutralization of the special weapon Excalibur, XB-0 aerial fortress and the V-2 ballistic missile complex at Avalon Dam, and defeated Pixy in the ADFX-02.

At the close of the Belkan War, this highly decorated pilot vanished from sight with no clues as to his fate. This seems to be a common link between the player's pilot alias in Ace Combat 4, 5 and Zero.

Galm 2, Larry "Pixy" Foulke Ustio Air Force/ 6th Air Division/ 66th Air Force Unit

"A Brother in Arms"

Voice Actor: Yuri Lowenthal

Cut-Scene Actor: Sean Ryan[4]

A pilot in the mercenary squadron of Ustio Air Force well known for once having completed a mission and landing safely while his F-15's wing was blown off. Perhaps due to that, when signing up as a mercenary, he used the name "Solo Wing". He was Cipher's wingman for the first half of the game. Although Foulke accepts war for what it is, he hates the concept of it. He looks at the world as having no boundaries but only those placed there by war. Although sharing this philosophy with friends such as the leaders of Osea's Wizard Squadron, he did not act on it until June 6, 1995 when Belka - in an attempt to stop the allied advance - dropped seven V1 nuclear warheads on the Waldreich mountains. Taking the opportunity, he engaged Cipher, and then took the opportunity and escaped in the midst of the chaos.

Helping to establish A World With No Boundaries, Pixy was given the ADFX-02 Morgan (named after Morgan le Fay) prototype aircraft, meant to control the V-2 missile system. Facing off against his former wingman ,Cipher, to try and stop him from stopping the V-2 missile impact, Pixy was shot down over Avalon Dam and was given shelter by those still living in the blast zone. Leaving the Osean continent behind, Pixy goes on to fight in the Usean Continental War as a volunteer in the border conflict near Delarus. When he was interviewed, he seemed to have come to terms with himself, accepting borders and seemingly sorry for betraying Cipher.

Patrick James "P.J." Beckett

Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch

A young mercenary pilot flying for the Crow team and hired by the Ustio government to fly against the Belkan Air Force during The Belkan War. James' character appears to resemble those of the Wardog Squadron, Hans Grimm, from the war 15 years after then those of his fellow mercenaries, proclaiming that he is fighting for peace and often at odds with Solo Wing over the nature of the war.

After Pixy goes missing in action on the 6th of June, where Belka dropped 7 nuclear V-1 bombs to halt the advance of the Allied Forces, Crow 3 is transferred to the Galm Team as Galm 2, flying as Cipher's wingman for the continuation of the war. After helping in the Avalon Dam raid and destroying the V2 control devices, PJ is shot down and presumed killed by laser fire from Pixy's ADFX-02 Morgan, his fate was presumed KIA, due to his F-16 Falcons haul(memorial)next to the Avalon Dam, that had flowers upon it, in the cinematic epilogue.

Belkan Air Force

ROT 1, Detlef "Red Swallow" Fleisher Belkan Air Force/ 2nd Air Division/ 52nd Tactical Fighter Squadron

"A Pilot That Lives by Pride"

Voice Actor: Liam O'Brien

Detlef Fleisher, callsign Red Swallow of ROT Team- Rot 1, was a proud ace who was determined to lead Belka to victory. Fleisher's squadron consisted of four EF-2000 Typhoons with a grey, red and white paint scheme and were well-known for using their XLAA's for long-range attacks. His squadron was the most famous in the Belkan Air Force and was often used as propaganda. Their main priority was to watch over Area B7R.

During Operation Choker One (The Round Table), he encountered Galm Team and was shot down over B7R, while his wingmen were killed in the battle. He continued his career in the Belkan Air Force, working his way up from Officer to Base Commander. After the war, he left the Air Force and became a professor for the University of Dinsmark. However, he is still clearly bothered by the fact that he was beaten by a mercenary, and tries to rationalize his loss to Cipher.

Grun 1, Bernard "Owl" Schmidt Belkan Air Force/ 10th Air Divisio/ 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron

"The Strategist"

Voice Actor: Liam O'Brien

Bernard's Grun Team consists of four green F/A-18C Hornets and are capable of adapting their fighting style to suit any situation. Nicknamed/Callsigned the 'Owl', Schmidt gained the title of Ace for his unorthodox ability to instantly read the tide of battle.

During a battle against Galm team, Schmidt's plane was shot down over B7R and survived the fight, along with Fabian Rost (Grun 2). He retired from the Air Force and returned to his hometown of Sudentor in Belka (though currently now in Osea), where he currently resides.

Indigo 1, Dimitri "Indigo Heron" Heinreich Belkan Air Force/ 7th Air Division/ 51st Tactical Fighter

"A Man Who Upholds Honor"

Voice Actor: JB Blanc

Heinreich's squad of four white Gripens with indigo stripes were well-known for their elegant style of fighting and were given the title of 'Indigo Order of Belka'. Nicknamed 'Indigo Heron' for his precision & grace in flying, Dimitri was a descendant of the Belkan Knights and flew under the 'Code of Knighthood'.

Though their main duty was to defend the relatively stable Eastern Front, their assignment changed to defending Area B7R when Belkan pilots in the Round Table were being quickly shot down by Ustio mercenaries. When they encountered Galm, Heinreich was shot down and was rushed to a hospital where he successfully resuscitated. The rest of his squadron also managed to survive the battle.

He now works for the family business, where he currently maintains a busy schedule.

Gelb 2, Rainier "Cormorant" Altman Belkan Air Force/ 5th Air Division/ 23rd Tactical Fighter Squadron

"The Fallen"

Voice Actor: Joshua Seth

The Gelb team were a two-man squad made up of two yellow Su-37 Terminators. The only members of this squad were Major Orbert Jager (Gelb 1) & 2nd Lieutenant Rainer Altman (Gelb 2). Despite the lack of wingman, they were well-known for their co-operation in battle and their advanced aerial tactics, earning their nickname 'The Coupled Cormorants'. They were also known for their unrivalled agility with their aircraft and their ability to fire their missiles backwards, making them a formidable & deadly duo. Their main duty was to defend the Hydrian Line in Belka's Southern defense line.

During Operation Constantine (Diapason), their duty changed to preventing the liberation of Directus, Ustio. Upon their arrival, Directus had already been liberated, thanks to the efforts of Galm Team. In response, they fought Galm, but were defeated. While Altman survived, his flight lead was killed in the battle. Since then, Altman has continued to live in Directus, where he is married and currently has a family. However, the bells Directus rings to commemerate their liberation only serve to remind Altman of Jager's death.

Schwarze 1, Dominic "Vulture" Zubov Belkan Air Force/ 13th Night Fighter Air Division/ 6th Tactical Fighter Squadron

"The Bringer of Death"

Voice Actor: D.C. Douglas

The special surveillance unit Schwarze is made up of eight black MiG-31 Foxhounds with red stripes. Feared among even Allied Forces as an 'Escapee Killer', Zubov & his squadron were infamous for being the only squad in the Belkan Air Force to shoot down fleeing allies with unconditional clearance & without hesitation. Despite being tasked with maintaining battlefield discipline of the Belkan Air Force, Dominic Zubov is actually a mercenary from Yuktobania, one of the countries opposing Belka.

When Wolfgang "Huckebein the Raven" Buchner refused to drop a nuclear bomb on a Belkan city, he fled from the Belkan Air Force after being branded a traitor. As a result, Schwarze Team was assigned to take out Huckebein who, unlike the other previous pilots they shot down, was a top ace. They pursued Huckebein into the Round Table, where Schwarze tried to attack Galm Team but instead got bogged down and lost Huckebein in the process. Schwarze team attempted to seek revenge on Galm Team for losing their target but were shot down. Zubov survived but fled after the war to avoid prosecution as a war criminal, though he claims he was just following orders. He jokes that Cipher is probably dead, since true heroes always die while villains like him and Pixy continue to live in their personal Hell. Although reports have it that he currently resides in Osea, there is no evidence to prove this.

Schnee 1, Erich "Phonix" Hillenberand Belkan Air Force/ 22nd Air Division/ 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron

"A Man Who Lived for Battle"

Voice Actor: Kirk Thornton

Erich's squad consists of four F-14D Super Tomcats & an EA-6B Prowler used for radar jamming. Like the Rot squadron, Schnee's F-14D's are capable of using XLAA's for long-range attacks. After inflicting critical damage to enemy forces in the Southern Front (possibly Osean Forces) and wiping out dozens of Ustio aircraft, they were sent to the frontline.

Hillenberand's only goal was to live his life as a regular ace pilot in the Air Force. He never had any great ambitions, nor was he interested in promotions or awards, earning him his title of 'Eternal 2nd Lieutenant', despite his skill & experience. He never liked belonging to a specific group and rarely co-operates with his allies when not in battle, but they have a complete trust in him during combat.

During Operation Battle-Axe (Mayhem), Schnee Team were assigned as reinforcements to maintain air superiority over The Round Table. After most of their allies were shot down by Galm Team, Schnee Team fought Galm, but were defeated. During the battle, Hillenberand was shot down and managed to bail out. Rather than wait for the rescue party to come, Hillenberand went on a three-day journey walking to the nearest air base he could possibly find. After the war, he retired from the Air Force and now works as a pilot instructor in Jackson Hill Airport, North Osea. Despite his defeat and the end of the war, Hillenberand still desires to fly with (or against) Cipher again someday.

Silber 1, Dietrich "Boss" Kellerman Belkan Air Force/ 51st Air Division/ 12th Tactical Fighter Squadron

"The Reborn Veteran"

Voice Actor: Jamieson Price

Silber Team is made up of four F-16C's and one F-4E (piloted by the flight lead). Their aircraft are painted with silver zebra stripes, but Kellerman's aircraft also features silver wingtips, a white cross on the tailfin and a shark-like head on the nose.

Kellerman initially served in the Belkan Air Force in the 70's, but quit in the 90's. After the outbreak of the Belkan War, he returned to the Air Force and was sent to the frontline to boost troop morale. He was once the Head Director of a special Air Force Academy known as the 'Kellerman Institution', where he trained many cadets before returning to active duty. It is revealed in the Ace Combat Zero Assault Records that Micheal Heimeroth, leader of Belka's Ofnir Squadron, was a student at the institute. He is also a man of few words, often letting his flying skills talk for him.

On May 28, 1995, Silber Team were assigned as reinforcements to maintain air superiority over Area B7R. When they entered The Round Table, they encountered & battled Galm Team, but were defeated. Kellerman survived along with Rupert Appling, but only Kellerman managed to return to base (after Appling was shot down, he was forced to land in Ustio Territory and was captured. He ended up being a prisoner of war). After the war, he retired again and now quietly lives in the remote countryside. He later reveals that most of his students and all of his sons were killed in the war, and that he will no longer teach, as he is confident that all of his lessons have already been passed on to the next generation of pilots.

A World With No Boundaries

Espada 2, Marcela "Macarena" Vasquez Sapin Air Force/ 9th Air & Land Division/ 11th Tactical Fighter Squadron

"A Woman of Undying Faith"

Marcela Vasquez is the 2nd member of the Espada flight team and thought to be a survivor of A World With No Boundaries. She is the only female pilot to be interviewed by Brett Thompson on her encounter with Cipher. Vasquez's sole motivation during battle was for her flight lead, Alberto Lopez, whom she had an intimate relationship with. Her squad is the first ace squad from A World With No Boundaries to be encountered by the re-formed Galm Team (after PJ replaced Pixy), as well as the only team from Sapin to achieve fames comparable to those of "the Knights of the Round Table". Marcela flies a dark grey Rafale M with red & yellow trims, while Alberto pilots a red J35J Draken with yellow & black stripes.

As members of A World With No Boundaries, Espada Team were assigned to escort the XB-0 Hresvelgr superweapon. After the Hresvelgr bombed the city of Lumen (where the cessation of hostilities treaty was signed) & inflicted extensive damage to Valais Air Base, Galm Team immediately took off to retaliate, shooting down Espada team before destroying the Hresvelgr. After that battle, she quit A World With No Boundaries and now lives as a dancer in Gran Rugido, Sapin. Though Alberto Lopez would die, his fate during & after the mission depends on Cipher's ace style.

Espada 1, Alberto Lopez Sapin Air Force/ 9th Air & Land Division/ 11th Tactical Fighter Squadron

Only very little information is confirmed about Alberto Lopez. He was in the command of Sapin 9th Air & Land Division 11th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Espada", using a J35J Draken fighter. It was verified that he joined a terrorist group called "A World With No Boundaries" and was assigned to escort XB-0 Hresvelgr during Operation Valkyrie over Valais Air Base. He was partnered with Marcela "Macarena" Vasquez as his wingman, Espada 2. A rumour said that they entwined a loving relationship in private life.

While escorting Hresvelgr, Espada Squadron was engaged by Ustio's Galm Team. Espada 2 had broken away from danger in dogfight with Galm Team, however Lopez was shot down and went missing through the battle. His fate is determined the player's ace style:

  • If Cipher is a Mercenary, Alberto is killed during the mission
  • If Cipher is a Soldier, Alberto survives the battle but later dies from wounds suffered during combat
  • If Cipher is a Knight, he survives the mission. Marcela reveals that he later returned to the skies but was killed in action (the cause of his death or whether this is even related to any war at all is not revealed).

Gault 1, Anton "Dr." Kupchenko Belkan Air Force/ 18th Air Division/ 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron

"The Guardian"

Prior to the Belkan War, Anton Kupchenko was a highly decorated ace pilot who served in the Belkan front line. He was once head of Belka's department of weapons development & technology, but was later sent back to front line duties as a commander by the military.

He is also thought to have been the head director of A World With No Boundaries. Sometime in March 1995, when the Belkan War began, Kupchenko & his company disappeared and was never accounted for after that. The Belkan Air Force announced that he died in combat. After the Belkan War, the terrorist organization, along with the development of the XB-0 Hresvelgr and a V2 launch facility, was discovered by the Ustio Air Force. After the destruction of the XB-0, Anton & his squad of eight Su-47 Berkuts flew to the Round Table in an effort to stop Galm Team from heading to the V2 launch facility. His squad was defeated, and Anton was killed in the battle. His corpse was later found in the outskirts of Area B7R and was buried at the Holtz Public Cemetery in Belka. No picture of him exists, so much that the headshot on his Belkan Air Force personnel card shows a white spot where the face should be. Though the whole story behind his disappearance is still shrouded in mystery, some reports claim he disappeared in order to form the coup d'état. His headstone reads the following:

"The gate to the new world has been opened.

My soul shall be the wind that enters the gate.

When the Sleeping King awakes,

My body, too shall surely rise."

Note: Anton & his squad are told not to look at their enemy, but only to listen to orders while flying. This tactic was used during the Vietnam War by MiG-21 pilots.

Sorcerer 1, Anthony "Bedivere" Palmer Osea Air Defense Force/ 8th Air Division/ 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron

"The Witness"

Voice Actor: Beau Billingslea

Anthony "Bedivere" Palmer was an Osean ace during the Belkan War. He joined the air force around the mid to late 1980s rising to become a 1st Lieutenant by the start of the Belkan War. During the conflict, Palmer took part in Operation Battle-Axe (Battle of the Round Table) on May 29, 1995, where he took down numerous Belkan fighters. After the battle, Palmer had disappeared in the decisive Battle of Waldreich (Operation Ravage) on June 6, 1995.

Palmer would later resurface as a member of the coup d'état force known as "A World With No Boundaries" he would go on to face the Galm Team on New Year's Eve 1995 (Operation Thunderbolt) which saw him and his squadron shot down by the Demon Lord. The battle was costly and saw 4 pilots from Palmer's squadron killed. After the war, he had somehow avoided a military court martial and became an insurance salesman in Oured, the capital city of Osea. He remarked that the first time he fought Cipher, he was struck with such a profound fear that he declared he would never fly again.

Wizard 1, Joshua "Lucan" Bristow Osea Air Defense Force/ 8th Air Division/ 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron

"A Revolutionary"

Joshua Bristow was an ace pilot at the time of the Belkan War, and subsequently, the leader of A World With No Boundaries. Bristow had taken part in the Battle of the Round Table (Operation Battle-Axe) where he flew an F/A-18C Hornet to assist Allied forces against the Belkan Air Force. Later on, Bristow would be declared MIA after June 6, 1995 during Operation Ravage (Battle of Waldreich) but not before bringing Solo Wing Pixy/Galm 2 with him to join him in defecting.

He would return as the founder of the coup d'état group "A World With No Boundaries". The Wizard Squadron would then face the Galm Team over B7R on Operation Thunderbolt on December 31, 1995. Bristow's squadron had fought ferociously against the Demon Lord, but in the end, was unable to defeat him. One of the Wizard pilots was killed during the battle.

After the war, Bristow and the remnants of Wizard Squadron were involved in an assassination plot against the President of Osea in 1996. The attempt had failed which led to three members killed by Osean special forces and the remaining members jailed. Bristow remains imprisoned to this day. Though defeated, Bristow is confident that the world can still change and believes that today's world has already changed.

Aurelia-Leasath Conflict (Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception)


Gryphus 1

Gryphus 1 is the pilot the player controls throughout the entire campaign. Not much is known about him except that he is the most famous pilot in his country and that he hates warm weather. He is dubbed "Southern Cross" by his fellow pilots.

Eugene Solano

Eugene Solano is the player's radio operator, similar to the AWACS of the other games in the series. His code name during battle is "CRUX". Eugene is confirmed to have white skin and black hair. After witnessing the Gryphus Squadron nearly being wiped out by an SWBM, he is left traumatised, and continuously fears for the safety of the player and his wingmen. Eugene is a good friend of Albert Genette, the reporter covering the war for the Osea Times press.


Diego Gaspar Navarro

Diego Gaspar Navarro was the Leasath Armed Forces' supreme commander during the war with Aurelia and as it turns out, the mastermind behind the entire conflict. In October 2020, he directed an invasion of Aurelia, supposedly because Aurelia had caused a civil war in Leasath by supplying the latter's enemies. This is revealed to be nothing more than propaganda. On the other hand, Aurelia had along been generously donating resources to aid Leasath's recovery and Navarro was in fact stealing them. Coupled with the money he would earn during the war as commander, he had come up with a twisted and sickening plan. He used all this money to fund the secret development of the 'ultimate weapon', the Fenrir attack jet. He was intending to export it to other countries and stood to make huge profits to line his own coffers with. When Aurelian special forces stormed into Griswall, Navarro had already escaped back to Leasath to commence production of the Fenrir and unveil its existence to the world. However, Aurelia's ace pilots of Gryphus Squadron managed to take out Fenrir and destroy its production facility on Sentry Island. Following this, he fled yet again, his whereabouts unknown.

In another scenario, Navarro holds a public exhibition of Fenrir and its capabilities, with real-time satellite feed from Sentry Island. Following Fenrir's unexpected destruction however, the Leasathian citizens decide to revolt, and stage a riot against him. It is unknown exactly what happens to Navarro after this, though it is suggested that he might have been beaten to death by his own countrymen.

Emmerian-Estovakian War (Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation)



Talisman is the PC of Ace Combat 6, callsign Garuda 1. Nothing else is known about him, except that he was assigned to Gracemeria Air Force Base in 2013 and has been mentioned in the game as being a "him". Talisman was first seen in the evacuation of the Emmerian military from their capital of Gracemeria in the face of overwhelming Estovakian numbers. During the uprising of Emmerian forces against Estovakian rule, he becomes a pillar of hope and the backbone of their push back to Gracemeria, and a symbol of fear to Estovakian opposition. During the liberation of Gracemeria he and Garuda 2 "Shamrock", along with other Emmerian squadrons, did battle against the new leader of the Estovakian Strigon aces, Ilya Pasternak in his CFA-44 Nosferatu. After a tough battle against the agile and deadly aircraft, Talisman managed to shoot down and kill him, finally liberating Gracemeria in the process. On the night after the city's liberation, he joins the rest of the Emmerian squadrons in patrolling the area, even if they believe hostilities have ceased. During the sudden surprise attack on the city by long range cruise missiles, he successfully shoots them down and defends the city once again. The next day, he and the other squadrons set off to attack Estovakia's long range rail cannon system, the Chandelier, responsible for the missile attack. Using exceptional piloting skills he destroys the weapon's cooling units and the primary core inside the cannon itself, destroying it and bringing the war to a close. However, like the other Ace Combat protagonists before him, Talisman disappears shortly after the end of the war.

Chris Matel noted that the "only kind of character development you’re going to get on Talisman is how you perform in missions, and this setup actually works."[5]

Marcus "Shamrock" Lampert

Voice Actor: Sam Riegel (US) / Rikiya Koyama (JP)

Shamrock is shown in the introduction of Ace Combat 6, being attached to the nascent Garuda team as Garuda 2. As Talisman's wingman, the player can give him commands. He has a wife and a daughter who reside in Gracemeria, being shown to be concerned about them by saying to himself "Please be safe" due to the ruthless tactics used by the Estovakians in their offensive (bombing of civilians, destroying infrastructure, etc.). He joins the rest of the Emmerian forces in the evacuation Gracemeria, though not without promising to be back soon. He proves to be a valuable asset to Garuda 1/Talisman as his wingman and they complete many missions together. During the game it is shown that Shamrock would do anything to get back to Gracemeria and free his people, this includes disobeying a direct cease-fire and continuing to dogfight several members of the Strigon team while being pressured to retreat, ending in Garuda Team's suspension from active duty until the mission "Weapons of Mass Destruction." After the liberation of the city of Gracemeria he learns that his wife and daughter died during the conflict, cursing himself for being unable to protect them and vows to 'turn in his wings'. However, due to the threat of the Estovakian-controlled Chandelier railgun, Shamrock remains on active duty. During the strike on the Chandelier, he single-handedly flies through the trench loading the cruise missiles and then into the weapon itself, while under heavy fire, to give AWACS Ghost Eye the position of the internal Cooling Unit. His plane is severely damaged in the recon flight, though he ejects offscreen before his aircraft is destroyed. The injuries that he sustains during his ejection temporarily confine him to a wheelchair forcing his retirement from the Emmerian Air Force. He is shown in the ending cinematic enjoying a meal with Melissa and the children in full view of the King's Bridge which is undergoing repairs.

Louis McKnight

Voice Actor: Kirk Thornton (US)

A sergeant in one of Emmeria's tank battalions, McKnight is first seen guarding a bridge and directing Emmerian refugees across it. However, McKnight and his tank unit are ambushed and annihilated by Estovakian planes, with McKnight and two other sergeants being the only survivors. He manages to link up with the rest of the Emmerian forces and becomes the unofficial captain of his tank after drawing straws. Shortly before the Emmerian landing operation on the mainland, McKnight and his crew devise a plan to loot the Gracemerian central bank, believing that the Estovakians haven't been able to open the vault yet and because one of the crew, Donnie, insists that he had dug a tunnel to the vault. They desert their unit in the midst of one of the battles and make their way to Gracmeria. On the way, they come across and pick up Melissa and Ludmila and kindly give them a ride to the outskirts of Gracemeria before going their separate ways. During the liberation of Gracemeria, McKnight and his crew attempt to break into the vault, but end up inadvertently rescuing Voychek, Matilda, and the statue of the Golden King. Instead of stealing it, McKnight and his crew strap the statue to their tank and parade it around Gracemeria as a symbol of liberation. As a tribute to their country, the tank is left in the town square.

Melissa Herman

Voice Actor: Cindy Robinson (US)

The wife of an Emmerian fighter pilot and Matilda's mother, Melissa finds herself caught in the middle of the war when the Estovakians attack Gracemeria. Believing that Matilda was killed in the attack, Melissa leaves the city along with other refugees, where she then comes across the remains of her husband's crashed plane, showing that he was killed in battle. Later, at a refugee camp, Melissa hears Matilda's voice on the radio and realizes that she had survived. Determined to reunite with Matilda, Melissa makes her way back to Gracemeria. On the way, she meets an Estovakian named Ludmila who is looking for her lover, who is turn out to be Toscha Majasik of the Strigon squadron, and the two women begin to form a bond of friendship as they travel to Gracemeria. When they reach the city, Melissa manages to find Matilda, who introduces her to Voychek. After the cruise missile attack on Gracemeria, Voychek gives Melissa the blueprints to the Chandelier and she transmits the information to Emmerian forces conducting an airstrike on the cannon. After the war, Melissa moves back to her old home and is seen caring for war orphans.[6]

Matilda Herman

Voice Actor: Erin Fitzgerald (US)

Matilda is separated from her mother after going on a field trip to see the statue of the Golden King on the first day of the war. When the Estovakians attack, Matilda hides out in the basement of the city's old palace along with a group of war orphans and helps them protect the statue of the Golden King. During this time, she is welcomed to speak over an Estovakian radio broadcast. She does not take very kindly to this and confronts the broadcaster to "Dance with the angels", which soon becomes a morale-boosting catchphrase among her fellow Emmerians. When Voychek discovers the group and is trapped with them after a booby trap is inadvertently set off, Matilda quickly befriends him. After she is rescued by McKnight and his tank crew, Matilda reunites with her mother and is seen playing with her friends after the war.[6]

AWACS "Ghost Eye"

Voice Actor: D.C. Douglas (US)

"Ghost Eye" is the TAC callsign of the Boeing E-767 AWACS aircraft that performs a passive support role for the player throughout the game, much like previous AWACS supporters in previous Ace Combat installments. "Ghost Eye" is present in every mission through the course of the game. Although not displaying as much of a patriotic view towards the war like pilots such as Marcus Lampert, "Ghost Eye" valiantly upholds mission orders sent through HQ and also cares strongly for the wellbeing of all forces currently in battle. This vehement desire to uphold orders is witnessed during the Garuda Team's attack of the Moloch Desert, as the operator becomes furious at both the player and their wingman for non-compliance of a retreat order. Despite bitter words from "Ghost Eye", the Garuda Team continues to fight, and both of its pilots are subsequently suspended after the mission is completed. After Shamrock is shot down whilst attacking the Chandelier in the final mission, "Ghost Eye" temporarily breaks down at the loss, but soon regains composure in order to assist the player in destroying the final objective.


Victor Voychek

Voice Actor: Paul St. Peter (US)

Voychek is the commander of the Estovakian Air Force's famed "Strigon Team" and a highly respected fighter pilot. He appears soon after the Nimbus' midair impact that destroys the already-atrophied Emmerian Air Forces and Navy, and proceeds to attack. He has the full respect of his team and is known to have suffered leg injuries during the conquest of Gracemeria (even if the PC shoots down Voychek's plane, it is revealed via radio communication between the various members of Strigon that he managed to recover in his badly damaged plane and limp back to base) that prevented him from flying again. He is then reassigned to intelligence duty with the Estovakian Air Force, having the blueprints for the Estovakian Rail Gun, the Chandelier, stored in his laptop. It is shown that he mentored both Toscha Mijasik and Ilya Pasternak before "losing his wings" during the conflict, and is greatly respected by both. During the war, Voychek comes across Matilda and a group of war orphans, and begins to have a change of heart about the war. After he reveals Estovakia's plan to destroy Gracemeria with the Chandelier, Voychek hands the blueprints over to the Emmerian armed forces, allowing Talisman and Shamrock to find the weapon's weaknesses and destroy it. Voychek then spends the rest of the war in an Emmerian prisoner of war camp and is the best man at Toscha and Ludmila's wedding.

Voychek is an anomaly in the Estovakian ranks, as while the two names that are recognizable in the Estovakian side (his and Toscha's) are Slavic, he alone has a Russian/Slavic accent, whereas the majority of the Estovakians (including all the rankers without exception and everyone else in Strigon team) speak in American-accented English, like their Emmerian opponents.[6]

Ilya Pasternak

Voice Actor: Steve Van Wormer (US)

Ilya Pasternak was a member of the Estovakian Central Forces Precinct Air Force 370th Aviation Regiment, 9th Tactical Fighter Squadron, also known as Strigon Team. He gained fame and popularity during the Estovakian Civil War that eventually brought the country under military rule. Ilya Pasternak was Victor Voychek's most promising student and he has great faith in him, as evidenced by him saying upon his arrival at Central Station 2 in Gracemeria that "he'd be sure to be a thorn in the side of the Emmerian military" with him as the new Strigon lead. Pasternak is gifted with a cool, confident and calm demeanor even when facing insurmountable opposition, and is an incredibly talented pilot. He holds a burning sense of rivalry with the Garuda Team, one that makes Voychek regret that he cannot join in the fight with him. Toscha Mijasik had also noticed that he preferred to listen to the pirated Emmerian radio broadcast, and upon asking whether or not he had a girl waiting for him Pasternak replied that he didn't. He also replied that he could get any woman he wanted, if he tried, which Toscha amusingly agrees upon. Pasternak flew the CFA-44 Nosferatu alone against the combined might of the Emmerian forces during their liberation of Gracemeria, so as to save the rest of his comrades from death. Using the Nosferatu's incredible speed and agility he proved to be well enough a match for the forces by himself, on top of the plane's advanced All Direction Multi-Purpose Missile (ADMM) system, reinforcement UCAVs, and its stealth capabilities. As he spins slowly in the air his last words were "The Strigon Team has fled the combat airspace." "We've won..." His plane explodes glad his teammates escaped, but leaves Toscha brokenhearted.

Toscha Mijasik

Voice Actor: Yuri Lowenthal (US)

At just 26 years old, Mijasik is the youngest member of the Strigon Team. His flying skills, however, are of such quality that he is even praised by his flight leader, Victor Voychek, during the invasion of Gracemeria. Before the war, he was still in high school, and also had a relationship with a woman called Ludmila Tolstoya. He prefers the brotherly nature of his new flight lead, Ilya Pasternak, to Voychek's reign, going so far as to refer to the latter as a 'pushy authority figure'. He also appears to be triskaidekaphobic; although being the 13th member of his squadron, he sticks with the callsign 'Strigon 12'. When the squad returns from a patrol mission only to find that Gracemeria had been lost, he feels a sense of guilt, inside his heart begging for Ludmila's forgiveness. However, Pasternak urges his wingmen to return to Estovakia and defend their country's future while he sacrificed himself. Instead of joining in the defense of the Chandelier railgun, he surrenders as his love for Ludmila is too great, and marries her in the game's epilogue (in a prison). It is implied that out of all the Strigon Team members, he is the sole survivor (besides Voychek).

Lorenz Riedel

Lorenz Riedel, callsign, Feniks; was born in Belka and eventually joined the Air Force before the outbreak of the Belkan War in 1995. Lorenz was assigned to the Belkan Air Force's 18th Air Division, 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Gault". His position being Gault Seven; the squadron was sent to the front lines in January 1995. Being led by Anton Kupchenko, the Gault Squadron was active until March of that same year, when all members suddenly disappeared without a trace. The Belkan Air Force pronounced them as killed in action, with no new information or reason for their disappearance.

During this time, it is believed that the Anton Kupchenko had founded "A World With No Boundaries", a multi-national group of military personnel which aligned itself with no nation(s). On December 31, 1995, A World With No Boundaries planned to use the Belkan-made V-2 rocket to strike multiple capital cities around the world to achieve their plan of a conflict-free world. As the 66th AFU Galm of the Ustian Air Force's 6th Air Division flew towards Avalon Dam, the V2 launch facility, the Gault intercepted the Galm Team. During the battle, the unit was shot down. However, his body was not found at his aircraft's crash site.

After the war, in 1996, reports of Lorenz Riedel being sighted began to arise. He was believed to have been seen in Oured, the capital city of the Osean Federation. Osean Special Operations began to investigate, however, his whereabouts were never confirmed.

Lorenz had managed to evade Osean Special Operations and escape from the Osean Continent, making his way to the Anean Continent. He arrived in the Federal Republic of Estovakia, during the nation's long lasting civil war. During this time, Lorenz became a key part of the Estovakian Military. Riedel, like other defectors, brought technology from their homeland, and this technology became the deciding factor in the outcome of the Estovakian Civil War. Details on this technology remains undetermined as of 2015.

Lorenz Riedel provided information on the XB-0 'Hresvelgr' and other support which led to the construction of the P-1112 Aigaion 'Aerial Aircraft Carrier and Heavy Command Cruiser' and later, the P-1114 Gyges 'Fire Support System' and P-1113 Kotos 'Electronic Warfare Platform'. These P-111X models would become the Estovakian Aerial Fleet.

After "The Generals" took power in Estovakia and with the outbreak of the Estovakian-Emmerian War ("the Anean Continental War"), the P-111X models were deployed into combat. During the war Lorenz was leading the Estovakian Central Forces Precinct Air Force 6th Aviation Regiment 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron. During the Emmerian counterattack, the Estovakian Aerial Fleet was ambushed by multiple Emmerian Aircraft, most notably of which was the by-then legendary pilot Garuda 1. During the battle, the P-1112 Aigaion lost many of its engines, and it was at that time that Lorenz Riedel launched from the Aigaion in an Su-33 Flanker-D and attempted to defend the massive aircraft. However, in the end he shot down by the Emmerian Air Force's 28th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Garuda". His current status is unknown.

Gustav Dvornik

Gustav is one of the "Generals" running Estovakia, and, in many ways, the main antagonist of Ace Combat 6. Dvornik was supreme commander of the Eastern Faction during the Estovakian Civil War, and was a founding member of the nation's new government when the war ended. Years later, Gustav was the supreme commander and main Expeditionary Forces General during the invasion of Emmeria, employing a highly successful blitzkrieg. However,he couldn't stop the Emmerian counterattack, and suffered a major loss with the death of his daughter Irena, who died at the hands of Garuda 1. Barely able to escape the Emmerian capital, Gracemeria, before it was recaptured, he arrived back in Estovakia, and secretly began reconstruction of the Estovakian superweapon, Chandelier, and later used it as a retaliatory weapon against the Emmerians, targeting Gracemeria. The Emmerians, led by Garuda Team, launched a subsequent assault on the facility, and managed to nearly destroy it. When all looked lost, Gustav attempted to escape via airplane, but was shot down and killed by Garuda Team.


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