Volvo Buses

Volvo Buses

Volvo Buses is a subsidiary and a business area of Volvo which became an independent division in 1968.

It is the world's second largest bus manufacturer, with a complete range of heavy buses for passenger transportation. The product range includes complete buses and coaches as well as chassis combined with a comprehensive range of services.

The bus operation has a global presence, with production in Europe, North/South America, Asia and Australia. One former production facility was located in Irvine, Scotland (closed in 2000).




*1950s: B627
*1950s-1960s: B615/B616/B617
*1950s-1960s: B635/B638
*1950s-1960s: B705
*1950s-1960s: B725/B727
*1951-1963: B655 (mid-engine)/B656/B657/B658
*1960s: B715
*1963-1965: B755
*1960s-1980s: B57 & BB57
*1965-1982: B58
*1970-1980: B59
*1973-1985: Ailsa B55
*1978-2001: B10M/B10MA/B10MD (the double deck city bus version B10MD, built from 1982 to 1993, was also known as "Citybus")
*1970s-1991: B10R
*1990-2002: B10B
*1991-1998: B6/B6LE
*1992-2000: Olympian (modified from Leyland Olympian)
*1992-2004: B10BLE
*1993-2000s: B10L/B10LA
*1997-2006?: B7L/B7LA
*1998-2002: B6BLE
*1998-2004: B10TL (also known as Super Olympian)
*1999-2006: B7TL


*1991-: B12/B12R
*1997-: B7R
*1997-: B12B
*1999-: B12M/B12MA (bi-articulated version was introduced in 2002)
*2000-: B7RLE
*2001-: B12BLE/B12BLEA (articulated version was introduced in 2005)
*2002-: B9TL (also known as Olympian)
*2002-: B9S Articulated/B9 SALF Articulated (bi-articulated version was introduced in 2006)
*2003-: B9R
*2005-: B9L/B9LA

Complete buses

* C10M (built in 1980s)
* 5000/7500 low-floor citybus (B10L/B7L chassis)
* 7000/7700 low-floor citybus (B10L/B7L/B9L chassis)
* 7250/7350 coach (Volvo/Drögmöller B10-400/B7R chassis) - for Mexico
* 7450/7550 coach
* 8300 intercity (B9R chassis) - for Mexico
* 8500 TX intercity (B12M chassis)
* 8500LE citybus (B10BLE/B12BLE/B9S Articulated chassis)
* 8700 TX intercity (B7R/B12B/B12M chassis)
* 8700LE citybus (B7RLE/B12BLE chassis)
* 9300 coach (B9R chassis) - for Mexico
* 9700 TX intercity/coach (B12B/B12M chassis)
* 9900 coach (Volvo/Drögmöller B12-600 chassis)

Acquired companies

Bus makers owned/acquired by Volvo:
* Säffle Karosseri AB, Säffle, Sweden (1981, now Volvo Bussar Säffle AB)
* Leyland Bus, United Kingdom (1988, all Leyland products ceased production by July 1993)
* Steyr Bus GmbH, Steyr, Austria (early 1990s)
* Aabenraa Karrosseri A/S, Aabenraa, Denmark (1994)
* Drögmöller Karosserien GmbH & Co. KG, Heilbronn, Germany (1994, later known as Volvo Busse Industries (Deutschland) GmbH, plant closed in 2005)
* Prevost Coaches, Quebec, Canada (1995), now known as Prevost Car
* Carrus OY, Finland (1998, later known as Volvo Bus Finland OY)
* Nova Bus, St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada (1998)
* Mexicana de Autobuses SA (MASA), Tultitlan, Mexico (1998)


Current competitors

* Alexander Dennis - United Kingdom
* Ayats - Spain
* Busscar - Brazil
* DINA - Mexico
* Evobus - Germany (owner of Setra)
* Irizar - Spain
* Iveco - Italy (owner of Irisbus)
* Marcopolo - Brazil
* Mercedes-Benz - Germany
* NEOMAN Bus - Germany
* Scania - Sweden
* Van Hool - Belgium
* TATA - India

External links

* [ Volvo Buses official website]

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