List of characters in the Super Monkey Ball series

List of characters in the Super Monkey Ball series

:"Aiai" redirects here. For other possible meanings, see AIAI."Here is a list of characters that appear in the Super Monkey Ball series:

Main Characters

These following main characters appear to be in every Monkey Ball game:


In the future, Aiai is the husband of Meemee and father of Baby. In both eras, he is a hero of the island. He speaks in the monkey language, which sounds a little like, "Monkey! Monkey monkey, monkeeyy." Kaoru Morota provides the voice of Aiai, and Aiai has the letter "A" on his orange shirt for "Aiai". Other than the Super Monkey Ball series, he is an unlockable character in Sonic Riders. He appears as a playable character in the game Sega Superstars Tennis‎. He is named after the Ai-ai (アイアイ) Badniks from "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" (known as "Coconuts" in the English version).


She loves Aiai more than anything in the world (in the future, she is his wife). She also thinks that Aiai loves bananas more than her. She is firm, and she always decorates her hair with sweet scented flowers. Meemee is very kind to everyone on Jungle Island.


In the Future World that Dr. Bad-Boon came from, Dr. Bad-Boon spotted MeeMee and fell in love with her. However she was already married to Aiai by then and had a baby, simply named Baby. Dr. Bad-Boon travels back in time to where Aiai and MeeMee were not married yet, but accidentally brings Baby back with him, who tries to stop Dr. Bad-Boon, along with Aiai, GonGon, and MeeMee. Originally, in Super Monkey Ball 1, 2, & Jr., Baby could only crawl and was more like a baby, but as he grew, in the later Monkey Ball games, such as Super Monkey Ball Adventure, Baby appears to walk and run instead of crawl. He makes a cameo in Sega Superstars Tennis.Only Meemee can stop his crying.


He used to be Aiai's rival, but now AiAi and GonGon are best friends. GonGon helps Aiai accomplish tasks, such as defeating Dr. Bad-Boon. GonGon appears to be very strong and tough-looking, and although he is fierce to many people, he is actually very friendly to his friends (Aiai, Baby, Meemee, Doctor, YanYan). GonGon's feet are curved to fit the ball, as if he grew on it. He trains to be the strongest monkey in the world. He does not appear in the original arcade game (known as simply "Monkey Ball").

Residents of Jungle Island

The King

In Super Monkey Ball Adventure, on Jungle Island, near the beginning, you talk to a king. He has a very large throne, although he needs it, because he is actually quite large himself.


In , a new girl has come to town, sporting the name, "YanYan". She appears to have a huge crush on Aiai, and she shows it well with her flirtatious behavior, leading Meemee to become slightly concerned. YanYan may appear to have the best jump ability in out of all of the other monkeys, but all of the rest of her stats are somewhat below average.


In , a mysterious, elderly, lemur monkey has drifted into town with a case of amnesia - he can't even remember his name! However, this amnesia-suffering monkey also has made some great inventions, which is why the townsfolk have given him the name, "Doctor". Doctor appears to have the best acceleration in out of all of the other monkeys, and all of his remaining stats are average, but both him and Gongon have the worst jump ability.


A monkey that takes pictures of everyone he meets. He appears in many challenges in the game Super Monkey Ball Adventure, and his challenges are always to get to a certain spot of where his camera needs to take a picture for you in enough time for the camera to go off.


In Super Monkey Ball Adventure, Other than being able to buy Papa (an old guy grandpa-looking monkey) in a shop for a certain amount of bananas so you can play as him in the party games in, at the very beginning of Jungle Island, Papa appears to be the second person you can talk to.


In Super Monkey Ball Adventure, PaiPai is the shopkeeper who sells you various items at the shop found across the five monkey kingdoms. She is also an unlockable character that you can buy in the shop to play as in the party games.


In Super Monkey Ball Adventure, MerMer appears to be an unlockable character that you can buy in the shop to play as in the party games. In the video game's 2D artwork of MerMer on the character selection, he is seen holding a bucket of sand and a surfboard, so it is assumed that he likes beaches.


In Super Monkey Ball Adventure, JenJen appears to be an unlockable character that you can buy in the shop to play as in the party games. Is seen to be wearing a purple dress in the game's 2D video game artwork of JenJen.

Major Enemies

These following characters appear as "Major Enemies", not just the kind that you find on every level like a "common enemy" that there is more than one of:

Dr. Bad-Boon's assistant

An ape without words. Other than being Dr. Bad-Boon's assistant, everything about him is covered with mystery. Even Dr. Bad-Boon doesn't know his name. Like a shadow, he follows Dr. Bad-Boon wherever he goes. Cold-hearted Dr. Bad-Boon would leave him behind and escape, but still he continues to be his assistant without any complaints. He appears to be very frightening, but in reality he is very bashful.

Fat Cat

Notable for being the only real 'major enemy' of Super Monkey Ball Adventure. In the beginning you find him in Zootopia, a theme park, where he has taken over and made sure monkeys don't leave until they had enough fun. However, it turns out he was a robot designed to run Zootopia, but there was no way to measure Joy, so Fat Cat couldn't let monkeys out. Every other island does not have a major enemy, only Monkitropilis and Kongri-la share a rivalry, but their leaders are monkeys.

Common Enemies

These following enemies appear on many levels and there is more than one of them each:

(Many of these enemies appear to be a species called "Naysayers" from Super Monkey Ball Adventure, "who represent all the misery that plagues each of the monkey kingdoms. While they cannot hurt people they are a huge annoyance. Each Naysayer must be beaten in different ways that the player need to discover.")

pinning Naysayers

Spinning Naysayers spin around with their arms, hands, and claws sticking out that can hurt you (an obvious spoof of "Taz the Tasmanian Devil"), but after a while they get dizzy, and that's when you can charge into them and defeat them.

Wind Naysayers

This strange type of naysayer has a mouth in its stomach, and can suck people in to his mouth. To defeat it, wait until it swallows you and then use the Scalarball to make it explode from the inside.

Fire Naysayers

These naysayers have fire on their tail (similar to Charmander from Pokemon) and can attack people with their fire powers. You can ignite yourself with the woodball and then charge at them while on fire to defeat them.

Boxing Naysayers

These naysayers have huge punching gloves and huge fists, and attack you by punching you, making you go flying back, but if they are about to punch and you quickly go back to dodge them, then after they miss you is your chance to do a "magical chant" to give you the punching glove power and hit them in the target on their stomachs.

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