Penis Song (Not the Noel Coward Song)

Penis Song (Not the Noel Coward Song)

:"Note: an unrelated song titled, "The Penis Song", appears on the 2001 album "Funktronic" by Momus.

"The Penis Song" is a song originally from the film "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life" and released on the album "Monty Python Sings".

In the film, it is sung by Eric Idle at a piano in the persona of a Noel Coward-style lounge singer: hence the sub-title of the song "Not the Noel Coward Song."

Beginning by addressing his audience, the singer says "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Here's a little number I tossed off recently in the Caribbean." This opening innuendo is the opening gambit to a series to euphemisms for male genitalia. The overall message of the song appears to be summed up in its opening line: "Isn't it awfully nice to have a penis?"

Euphemisms within the song include:

*John Thomas
*One-eyed trouser snake
*Piece of pork
*Wife's best friend

The final segment of the song advises that if you "take it out in public," then "they will stick you in the dock," a reference to the part of a British courtroom where the defendant stands.

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