Manufactured pop

Manufactured pop

Manufactured pop refers to a type of pop music or pop group that rely entirely on other people to create and organize their work. It refers to pop groups who have specialized songwriters and musicians who write all of their songs and managers and production engineers who manage all aspects of their work from touring and live appearances to style and personal dress and image.

The subject is usually an attractive group that are responsive to a particular niche in the record market are regulated with the sole purpose of manufacturing music and generating wealth.

Manufactured pop became popular in the 1990s, and particularly in the 2000s with reality pop shows such as Pop Idol and X Factor and their products such as Hear'Say and Gareth Gates cashing in on a teenage audience. Other bands such as S Club 7 and RBD have been marketed so as that they have even had their own TV shows, manufacturing a group that can generate income from all media areas controlled by the record company involved.


Certain manufactured pop bands and singers such as Hear'Say and Gareth Gates have received a number of public criticisms due to the fact that they are not involved in creating their own music, which instead is directly controlled by the record company involved. Notable figures who have expressed such criticism include Welsh musician Kelly Jones and Noel and Liam Gallagher, both of Oasis. Madonna has also attacked manufactured pop and has criticized the homogenization of popular culture [ [] ] . Britney Spears and Rihanna have also come under scrutiny for their involvement in their albums which are manufactured pop since they rely entirely on other people to create and organize their work.

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