Toy dog

Toy dog

Toy dog traditionally refers to a very small dog or a grouping of small and very small breeds of dog. "Toy dog" Groups may be of many different dog types. Groups are a way for show giving kennel clubs to place dogs of similar size and/or function together for show purposes. Types of dogs referred to as "toy dogs" may include Spaniels, Pinschers and Terriers that have been bred down in size. Not all "toy dogs" are lapdogs, although that is an important and ancient type of "toy dog". The very smallest "toy dogs" are sometimes called "Teacup", although no major dog registry recognizes that term.

Small Dogs

Dogs referred to as "Toy dogs", and dogs found in the "Toy Group" of breed registries, may be of the very ancient lapdog type, or they may be small versions of hunting dogs or working dogs, bred down in size for a particular kind of work or to create a pet of convenient size. In the past, very small dogs not used for hunting were kept as symbols of affluence, as watchdogs, and for the very important health function of attracting fleas away from their owners. [cite book
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Toy Dog breeds

Most major dog clubs in the English-speaking world have a Toy Group in which they place breeds of dog that the kennel club categorises as "toy", based on size and tradition. The Kennel Club (UK), the Canadian Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club, the Australian National Kennel Council, and the New Zealand Kennel Club all have a "Toy Group", all though they may not all categorise the same breeds as "toy". The United States has a second major kennel club, the United Kennel Club, originally formed to offer a centralized stud book service for breeders of hunting dogs. Today the United Kennel Club registers all breeds and sponsors dog shows. It does not recognize a "Toy Group". Small dogs are placed with larger dogs of their type, or in the Companion Dog Group. [ [ United Kennel Club (US) breed groups] ] In 2008, the American Kennel Club begin investigating whether or not to change the name of the "Toy Group" to "Companion Group" in order to emphasise that dogs are not playthings, but the name change is resisted by traditionalists. ["Toys Are Us?" by Stephanie Abraham, AKC Gazette, September 2008, pp 55-56]

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale has established common nomenclature to ensure that pedigrees are mutually recognized in all 84 member countries. The following breed groupings (Sections) are recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in Group 9, Toy and Companion dogs. [ [ Fédération Cynologique Internationale Group 9] ]

* Section 1: Bichons and related breeds
* Section 2: Poodle
* Section 3: Small Belgian Dogs
* Section 4: Hairless Dogs
* Section 5: Tibetan breeds
* Section 6: Chihuahuen
* Section 7: English Toy Spaniels
* Section 8: Japan Chin and Pekingese
* Section 9: Continental Toy Spaniel
* Section 10: Kromfohrländer
* Section 11: Small Molossian type Dogs

Not including the colour and size varieties, breeds categorized by Fédération Cynologique Internationale members as Companion and Toy are listed here. Those with flags are also recognized by the non-member countries indicated by the flag.
*Bichon Havanais (Havanese)
*Bichon à poil frisé (Bichon Frise)
*Bolognese (Bolognese)
*Coton de Tuléar
*Petit chien lion (Lowchen, Little Lion Dog)
*Caniche (Poodle -- all three sizes are in the Fédération Cynologique Internationale "Companion and Toy" Group)
*Griffon belge (Belgian Griffon)
*Griffon bruxellois (Brussels Griffon)
*Petit Brabançon (Small Brabant Griffon)
*Chinese Crested Dog
*Lhasa Apso
*Shih Tzu
*Tibetan Spaniel
*Tibetan Terrier
*Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
*King Charles Spaniel
*Japanese Chin (Chin)
*Epagneul nain Continental (Phalène, Continental Toy Spaniel)
*Bouledogue français (French Bulldog)
*Shih Tzu
*Boston Terrier

Registries within individual Fédération Cynologique Internationale members, such as the Australian National Kennel Council, may use a slightly different nomenclature, depending on the country. Non-member countries use other terminology, but the term "Toy" is only used to group dogs for show purposes.

The Kennel Club (UK) places breeds marked in the Toy Group: [ [ The Kennel Club Toy Group] ]

The Australian National Kennel Council recognizes breeds marked in Group 1 (Toys): [ [ Australian National Kennel Council] ]

The New Zealand Kennel Club places breeds marked in the Toy Group: [ [ New Zealand Kennel Club breed groups] ]

The Canadian Kennel Club recognizes breeds marked in Group 5, Toys: [ [ Canadian Kennel Club Group 5] ]

The American Kennel Club places breeds marked in the Toy Group: [ [ American Kennel Club Toy Group] ]

In addition, these national organizations also recognize the following breeds in their Toy Group:

*Australian Silky Terrier
*Chihuahua (Long Coat)
*Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)
*Chihuahua (Short Coat)
*English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan)
*English Toy Spaniel
*Italian Greyhound
*Japanese Spaniel
*King Charles Spaniel
*Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)
*Manchester Terrier
*Miniature Pinscher
*Poodle (Toy)
*Silky Terrier
*Toy Fox Terrier
*Toy Manchester Terrier
*Yorkshire Terrier

Other clubs

The major national kennel club for each country will have its own list of breeds that it recognizes as Toy. In addition, some new or newly documented rare breeds may be awaiting approval by a given kennel club. Some new breeds may currently be recognized only by their breed clubs. Some rare new breeds have been given breed names, but may only be available from the breeder or breeders who are developing the breed, and may not yet be recognized by any kennel club.

In addition to the major registries, there are a nearly infinite number of sporting clubs, breed clubs, and internet-based breed registries and businesses in which dogs may be registered in whatever way the owner or seller wishes. [ [ Dog Breed Registries in North America] ]

What makes a toy breed


The diminutive Yorkshire Terrier is in the "Toy Group" of many breed registries. The Australian Terrier is one of the smallest terriers, but is usually listed in the Terrier group. In some registries, however, the Yorkshire Terrier is listed in the Companion Dog group. Some registries do not recognize a Toy category.

The use of the word "toy" to describe small dogs that belong to a toy breed is redundant and also incorrect, suggesting that the breed comes in different sizes—there is no such thing, for example, as a "toy Chihuahua"; all Chihuahuas are categorized in the Toy Group. Some breeds do come in different sizes, such as Poodles, which come in standard, miniature, and toy varieties. The size varieties may all be placed within one group, as with the German Spitz breed under the Fédération Cynologique Internationale rules, or the smallest varieties of a breed may be placed as a separate breed in the Toy Group or some other group. The exact categorization varies between registries and countries.

Form versus function

Another area of contention is the idea that toy dogs are only companion animals, slow moving, with little need for exercise and with low endurance. Papillons give lie to this; although dainty and small they are quite capable of taking long walks with their owners and often excel at the energetic sport of dog agility. Maltese are another example of very robust daintiness. The United Kennel Club (US), which does not recognize a Toy group, defines Italian Greyhounds as having been bred exclusively as pets; the American Kennel Club states that these dogs were bred as gazehounds, dogs that hunt by sight, and are quite fast and hardy, but they are nevertheless place them in their Toy group.

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