CCD can stand for:

*Carbonate Compensation Depth, a property of oceans
*Colony Collapse Disorder, a phenomenon involving the abrupt disappearance of the worker bees in a beehive or Western honey bee colony
*Conceptual Common Denominator, the set of attributes common to the existents subsumed by a concept in the Objectivist theory of concept-formation

*Charge-coupled device, an electronic light sensor used in digital cameras
*.ccd, the file extension for CloneCD's CD image file
*Compact Compact Disc, also known as MiniCD
*Cyclic-Coordinate Descent Method, an inverse kinematics algorithm in computer graphics
*Closed Caption Display, a technology for displaying text information embedded in video signals
*Certified Community Developer
*Central composite design, an experimental design in response surface methodology for building a second order model for a response variable without a complete three level factorial
*Closed cycle diesel engines, propulsion used on diesel submarines
*Concatenated Disk, is a pseudo volume which concatenate several physical disks.
* Computacenter Distribution, the distribution arm of Computacenter PLC.

*Cleidocranial dysostosis, a genetic abnormality in humans
*Central Core Disease, a rare neuromuscular disorder
*Continuity of Care Document , an XML standard for medical information summarization
*Cortical collecting duct in the collecting duct system of the kidney

*Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, religious education programs of the Catholic church normally designed for children, originated in Italy
*Community College of Denver, a community college with six campuses around Denver, USA
*Cincinnati Country Day School, a non-parochial, private school in Indian Hill, USA

*Christian Democratic Centre, a late Italian political party

*Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities, an NGO in Thailand
*Council for a Community of Democracies, an NGO in the USA
*Canadian Coalition for Democracies, a non-governmental advocacy organisation in Canada

*Cafe Coffee Day, a chain of coffee shops in India
*Census County Division, a term used by the United States Census Bureau
*Camouflage, concealment and deception. A military term
*Cooperative Cyber Defence, a military term used by NATO
*Construction Change Directive, a term used in the construction industry when changes to the Contract Documents are made during construction.

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