Sisu (disambiguation)

Sisu (disambiguation)

Sisu may refer to the following:
*Sisu is a Finnish concept, described as will, determination, perseverance
*Sisuradio, a Swedish Finnish-speaking radio station
*Mount Sisu, a mountain on Antarctica
*Suomen Sisu, a Finnish nationalist organization
*A type of candy manufactured by Leaf Candy Company
*Two Finnish icebreakers, Sisu icebreaker (1939) and Sisu icebreaker (1976)
*Sisu sailplane, the first sailplane ever to fly over 1000 km.
*The Sisu tree, an important timber species.

There are several corporations named "Sisu":
*Sisu Auto, a Finnish automotive truck manufacturer [] :*Sisu XA-180, commonly known as Pasi ("panssari-Sisu", "armored Sisu"), an armored personnel carrier
*SISU, a Canadian company that makes vitamins and mineral supplements []
*Sisu Medical Solutions, an American non-profit company providing IT support []

SISU as an abbreviation may refer to the following:
*Shanghai International Studies University (SISU).
*Service Intervention Sociale Urgente, a psychosocial emergency assistance service of the Belgian Red Cross for events like fire, explosions, floods, catastrophes and disasters.
*SiSU, a text structuring, document publishing and search framework for Unix.
* SISU Idrottsutbildarna, the educational association of the Swedish National Sports Confederation.

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