Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries is a documentary series produced by Diverse Bristol for BBC Two. Each series follows a team of physically disabled adventurers as they take on some of the toughest expeditions on the Planet under the guidance of EX SAS Major Ken Hames.

Series One - Beyond Boundaries Nicaragua

Beyond Boundaries Nicaragua is a series which follows a group of men and women, each of whom have a physical disability, as they trek across the rainforests, deserts, rivers and mountains of Nicaragua. The arduous route takes the participants from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. The last Westerner to attempt this route was Christopher Columbus in 1492, but he had a galleon and then only made it half-way.

They start on the treacherous Mosquito Coast, escorted by armed soldiers to protect them from bandits and drug traffickers. They then make their way through a jungle and crocodile infested rivers, and climb a live volcano to make it to their finish line — the Pacific Coast. They have twenty-eight days to cross two hundred and twenty miles.

This series was first transmitted on BBC Two in October 2005.

"This is one of those rare examples of inspired television that might well change the way you look at the world." - The Times.

It "would be difficult to exaggerate the emotional impact of this series." - Saturday Times

eries Two - Beyond Boundaries: The African Challenge

Beyond Boundaries: The African Challenge follows a group of disabled adventurers on a 2,000 mile journey across continental Africa. They have to work together as a group to cross the two oldest deserts in the world, avoid lions and rhinos, and ride the world’s most dangerous rapids at Victoria Falls before reaching their destination on the Skeleton Coast.

This series was first transmitted on BBC Two in October 2006.

"If ever a programme made you aware of your own limbs, it's this one... Again and again the programme opens our eyes to the heroic efforts its subjects make... it may well leave a lump in your throat." - The Radio Times

eries Three - Beyond Boundaries: Across the Andes

10 physically disabled teenagers cross the Andes, one of the highest mountain ranges in the world. Over a period of four weeks and 400km, these young people will have to fight their way from the edge of the Amazon Basin, climb to over 5000m to reach the snowline on Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the world, and then descend to sea level, wading through miles of swamp before reaching the Pacific Ocean.They are led by ex-SAS commando Ken Hames.

This series was first transmitted on BBC Two in May 2008. It started on May 9th at 2100 GMT and is scheduled to last for four consecutive weeks.

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