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Tor Books

Tor Books is one of two imprints of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, based in New York City. It is noted for its science fiction and fantasy titles. Tom Doherty Associates also publishes mainstream fiction, mystery, and occasional military history titles under its Forge imprint. Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, was formed by Tom Doherty in 1980, and sold to St. Martin's Press in 1986. Along with St. Martin's Press, Henry Holt, and Farrar Straus Giroux, it is now part of the Holtzbrinck group.

In March 2006, Holtzbrinck forced Tor Books, which is owned by Holtzbrinck, to stop making its books available as eBooks via Webscriptions because of concerns regarding the lack of Digital rights management (DRM). These concerns abated in 2007 and selected Tor titles will soon be available as e-books via Baen and a variety of other online retailers.Fact|date=February 2008

Tor has won the Locus Magazine poll for best science fiction publisher every year since 1988.Fact|date=October 2007

Authors published by Tor

*Poul Anderson
*Catherine Asaro
*Neal Asher
*Kage Baker
*Stephen Baxter
*Elizabeth Bear
*Joanne Bertin
*Ben Bova
*Steven Brust
*Tobias Buckell
*Emma Bull
*Orson Scott Card
*Jacqueline Carey
*Jonathan Carroll
*Cathy Clamp & C. T. Adams
*Samuel Clemens
*Glen Cook
*Kathryn Cramer
*Linda Crockett
*S.J. Day
*Michael de Larrabeiti
*Charles de Lint
*Philip K. Dick
*Cory Doctorow
*Sara Douglass
*Steven Erikson
* Sam Falene
*David Farland
*John M. Ford
*Robert Forward
*Isamu Fukui
*Richard Garfinkle
*Gary Gibson
*Terry Goodkind
*Kathleen Ann Goonan
*Steven Gould
*Andrew M. Greeley
*Elizabeth Haydon
*Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson
*Raelynn Hillhouse
*James P. Hogan
*Robert Holdstock
*Robert Jordan
*Susan Kearney
*Mercedes Lackey
*Jonathan Lethem
*Paul Levinson
*Jane Lindskold
*Eric Van Lustbader
*Ken MacLeod
*James Mallory
*Juliet Marillier
*George R. R. Martin
*A. Lee Martinez
*David Marusek
*David McDaniel
*Shannon McKelden
*Laura J. Mixon
*L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
*Sarah Monette
*Warren Murphy
*Linda Nagata
*Alan Nayes
*Larry Niven
*Andre Norton
*Eric Nylund
*Takashi Okazaki
*Hayford Peirce
*Gary Phillips
*Jerry Pournelle
*Tim Powers
*Cherie Priest
*Kit Reed
*Mike Resnick
*Spider Robinson
*Ginny Rorby
*R.A. Salvatore
*Brandon Sanderson
*Robert J. Sawyer
*John Scalzi
*Karl Schroeder
*Charles Sheffield
*Will Shetterly
*Joseph Staten
*Charles Stross
*Patrick Taylor
*Harry Turtledove
*Vernor Vinge
*Jo Walton
*James M. Ward
*Lawrence Watt-Evans
*Peter Watts
*David Weber
*Walter Jon Williams
*F. Paul Wilson
*Robert Charles Wilson
*Gene Wolfe
*Jane Yolen

Editors at Tor

*Susan Chang
*Claire Eddy
*James Frenkel
*Anna Genoese
*Liz Gorinsky
*David Hartwell
*Harriet McDougal
*Beth Meacham
*Patrick Nielsen Hayden
*Teresa Nielsen Hayden
*Heather Osborn
*Eric Raab
*Melissa Ann Singer
*Paul Stevens


Tom Doherty Associates publishes a number of imprints:
* Forge Books (mainstream and historical)
* Paranormal Romance
* Orb Books (trade paperback science fiction and fantasy reprints)
* Starscape (science fiction for children)
* Tor Teen
* Tor/Seven Seas (manga)

External links

* [ Tor Books website]
* [ community site]
* [ Tor Books MySpace Page]
* [ Tor Books Facebook Page]
* [ Tor/Forge Authors on Twitter]
* [ Tor/Forge on YouTube]

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