Data Transmission Network

Data Transmission Network

DTN, formerly known as Data Transmission Network, is a subscription-based service for the delivery of real-time weather, agricultural and commodity market information. Telvent DTN is the name of the service that is owned by its parent company Telvent. Telvent DTN’s primary users are agriculture producers, professionals in weather-sensitive industries and commodities and futures traders.

Telvent DTN provides information to professionals in agriculture, refined fuels, commodities and futures trading, public safety, aviation, turf, recreation, construction and transportation.

The company delivers market information, commodity cash prices, industry news and analysis, and location-specific weather for more than 120,000 subscribers working in agriculture, refined fuels, market trading, and weather forecasting.

DTN is especially targeted toward those interested in trading in markets such as futures and commodities, and is popular among many farmers as well for its real-time weather data. Meteorlogix is a part of Telvent DTN which forecasts for several divisions of weather, including Aviation, Energy, Transportation and the PGA Tour.


Meteorlogix Division

Meteorlogix is the weather division of Telvent DTN that forecasts location-specific weather for several industries. Meteorlogix is the official forecaster for the PGA Tour.

DTN/The Progressive Farmer Agriculture Division

DTN/The Progressive Farmer is an agricultural information services provider to the North American corn, soybean, and cattle complex.


Based in Omaha, Nebraska DTN was originally founded in 1984 as Dataline, later changing their name to Data Transmission Network. In the company’s early days, DTN delivered data to its customers solely by way FM radio broadcast, later adding dedicated, one-way Ku-Band satellite-based computer terminals using small dish antennas mounted at the customers’ site. Some customers received their DTN signal via the Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) of the PBS television broadcast.

Currently, two-way information is delivered primarily via the Internet, but the company continues its satellite service for customers who are unable to connect to the Internet due to their remote locations. The current generation of satellite receiver is the DTN D8000-series, which can be networked into an existing LAN using Ethernet. Third-party software can be used to display and interpret the data on a personal computer.

In 2007, DTN acquired The Progressive Farmer magazine (Circulation: Approximately 650,000) from Time Warner with the stated purpose of broadening its focus to the information needs of commercial farmers and landowners.

In 2009, DTN was acquired by a new parent company, Telvent, which in turn was acquired in 2011 by a new parent company, Schneider Electric.

Media Contributions

Various members of DTN’s editorial staff are regular contributors to commodity-related news stories by a variety of media outlets, including the Associated Press, Dow Jones “MarketWatch” and the Wall Street Journal. DTN senior analyst, Darin Newsom, and DTN grains analyst, Elaine Kub, are often featured in CNBC televised segments.

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