Willow (disambiguation)

Willow (disambiguation)

A willow is any of the several hundred species of deciduous trees and shrubs in the genus "Salix".

Willow or willows may also refer to:

In entertainment

Fictional characters

* Willow (comics), a mutant character created by Marvel Comics for their Marvel 2099 run "X-Nation 2099"
* Catherine Willows, character on the CBS television series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
* Grandmother Willow, character in "Pocahontas"
* Lindsey Willows, secondary character on the CBS television program "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
* Old Man Willow, evil character in the J.R.R. Tolkien novel "The Fellowship of the Ring"
* Whomping Willow, a large, magical and violent tree in the fictional world of Harry Potter
* Willow, a character played by Britt Ekland in "The Wicker Man"
* Willow (Dreadstar), a fictional telepath created by Jim Starlin for the comic series "Dreadstar"
* Willow Rosenberg, a character created by Joss Whedon for the cult television program, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
* Willow Stark, a character in the NBC soap opera "Days of our Lives"
* Willow Ufgood, a character from the 1988 film "WIllow" (film)


* "Willow" (arcade game), a platform game based on the 1988 film of the same name
* "Willow" (video game), a 1989 video game based on the 1988 film


* "The Willows", a short story by Algernon Blackwood
* "Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman", a collection of short stories by Japanese author Haruki Murakami
* "Wicked Willow", three original novels based on the U.S. television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
* "Willow & Tara" (Buffy comic)
* "Blue Willow", a Newbery Honor book written by Doris Gates
* "The Wind in the Willows", a classic of children's literature written by British novelist Kenneth Grahame


* "The Willow Pattern", a one-act comic opera with a libretto by Basil Hood and music by Cecil Cook
* "Weeping Willow" (song), the eighth track from "The Verve"'s 1997 award-winning album "Urban Hymns"
* "Weeping Willow" (rag), a rag by Scott Joplin
* White Willow (band), an art rock band from Norway
* Willow flute, a type of Scandinavian folk flute consisting of a simple tube with a transverse fipple mouthpiece and no finger holes
* "Willow's Song", a song composed by American composer Paul Giovanni with lyrics by Robert Burns

Other entertainment

* "Willow" (film), a 1988 fantasy film written by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard
* Willow (cat), a cat on the BBC television show "Blue Peter"



* The Willows, Queensland
* Willow Tree, New South Wales


* Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan
* Willows Beach, Victoria, British Columbia

United States

* Willow, Alaska
* Willow, New York
* Willow, Oklahoma
* Willow, Wisconsin
* Willow City, North Dakota
* Willow Glen, San Jose, California
* Willow Island, Nebraska
* Willow Meadows, Houston, Texas
* Willow Oak, Florida
* Willow Street, Pennsylvania
* Willows, California

In science

* Willo (Thescelosaurus), the only dinosaur fossil ever discovered that still has an intact fossilized heart


* Pussy Willow, a name for several species of willow, when bearing their furry catkins
* Seep willow, "Baccharis salicifolia", a flowering shrub from the south-west United States and northern Mexico
* Willow Oak ("Quercus phellos"), a species of oak with willow-like leaves
* Willow-herb, any of the herbaceous plants in the genus "Epilobium", many of which have willow-like leaves
* Willow-leafed pear, "Pyrus salicifolia", a small tree from the Middle East, widely grown as an ornamental tree


* Willow Beauty, a moth of the family Geometridae
* Willow Flycatcher, a small insect-eating bird of the tyrant flycatcher family
* Willow Grouse, a medium-sized bird in the grouse family
* Willow Tit, a passerine bird in the tit family Paridae
* Willow Warbler, a small bird from Europe, Asia and Africa


* Golden Willow (horse), the youngest horse to ever win the Badminton Horse Trials
* The Willows, Greater Manchester, home of Salford City Reds rugby league club
* Willow (LACMTA Station), station on the Blue line of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
* Willow (typeface), typeface that was designed by Tony Forster in 1990
* Willow (software), a system to automatically and adaptively assess free-text students' answers [http://www.formatex.org/micte2006/pdf/2007-2011.pdf]
* Willow Bay, wife of Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger
* Willow Man, large outdoor sculpture by Serena de la Hey
* Willow pattern, also known as Blue Willow, distinctive and elaborate pattern used on some pottery plates
* Willow Tearooms, tearooms at 217 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland
* Willows and Wetlands visitor centre, Stoke St Gregory, Somerset
* Willows Shoppingtown, major shopping centre in Townsville, Queensland
* Willow (fashion label), a high-end fashion label by Australian designer Kit Willow-Podgornik

ee also

* Willow Creek
* Willow Grove
* Willow Hill
* Willow Lake
* Willow Park
* Willow River
* Willow Run (disambiguation)
* Willow School
* Willow Springs
* Willow Valley
* The Wind in the Willows (disambiguation)

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