Cairo (disambiguation)

Cairo (disambiguation)

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. It may also refer to:

Towns or cities in the United States

* Cairo, Georgia
* Cairo, Illinois
* Cairo Township, Minnesota
* Cairo, Missouri
* Cairo, Nebraska
* Cairo (town), New York
* Cairo, Ohio
* Cairo, Stark County, Ohio
* Cairo, West Virginia


* Cairo (operating system), the internal Microsoft code name for a 1990s technology project
* Cairo (typeface), a symbol typeface
* Cairo (graphics), the free software vector graphics library


* "Cairo" (1942 film), an American film starring Jeanette MacDonald
* "Cairo" (1963 film), an American film starring George Sanders


* Cairo (band), a progressive rock band
* Cairo, Illinois (song), a song from the 1974 musical film "Huckleberry Finn"
* L'oca del Cairo, an opera buffa


* Francesco Cairo, a 17th century Italian painter
* Miguel Cairo, a Major League Baseball player
* Cairo Foster, an Asian-American skateboarder
* Ellery Cairo, Dutch soccer player


* Cairo Jim, a popular series of children's books by Australian author Geoffrey McSkimming
* Cairo Trilogy, a trilogy of novels written by Naguib Mahfouz
* Cairo poets, a literary group based in Cairo, Egypt during World War II
* "Cairo" (graphic novel), a graphic novel by G. Willow Wilson and M.K. Perker


* HMS Cairo (D87), a ship in the Royal Navy
* USS Cairo (1861), an ironclad river gunboat in the United States Navy during the 19th century

Other uses

* Cairo 52, a term referring to an incident where fifty-two men were arrested on May 11, 2001
* Cairo Apartment Building in Washington, D.C.
* Cairo Conference, a meeting between the Allied position against Japan during World War II.
* Cairo Declaration, a result from Cairo Conference at Cairo, Egypt, on 1943-11-27.
* Cairo Gang, a group of 18 MI5 agents sent to Dublin during the Anglo-Irish War
* Cairo Montenotte, a comune in the Italian region Liguria
* Cairo pentagonal tiling, a geometrical pattern
* Cairo Road, an important thoroughfare in Lusaka, Zambia
* Pieve del Cairo, a comune in the Italian region Lombardy
* Cairo Station, a fictional orbital Super MAC defence platform in the Halo 2 video game
* International Conference on Population and Development Cairo conference, ICPD, at Cairo, Egypt, September 1994

ee also

* Kairo

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