Jack Snyder and Carly Tenney

Jack Snyder and Carly Tenney

Jack Snyder and Carly Tenney Snyder are fictional characters and a supercouple from the American daytime drama "As the World Turns".cite news| title=TOP 5 SUPERCOUPLES TO WATCH: 5. Jack and Carly, ATWT |publisher=Sympatico, MSN|accessdate=2007-11-23|url=http://entertainment1.sympatico.msn.ca/TV_Guide/Soaps/boldAndBeautiful/Articles/080107_news_nelson] cite web| first=Janet| last=Di Lauro |title=Supercouples: A Relic From the '80s or Still Alive and Kissing?|publisher=soapoperadigest.com|accessdate=2007-09-06|url=http://soapoperadigest.com/features/supercouples/] Jack is portrayed by Michael Park, and Carly is portrayed by Maura West. The couple has been nicknamed by the portmanteau "CarJack" (for Carly and Jack) on internet message boards.


Jack and Carly met in Carly's native state Montana. The two didn't get along at first; in fact they couldn't stand each other. But despite all their arguing, there was lots of chemistry between them. Their true feelings for each other became apparent when they investigated arsonist/dirty cop Teague. During the investigation, Jack and Carly got trapped in a cabin where they got closer and discovered that they had feelings for one another. After returning to Oakdale, Jack wanted to continue the relationship slowly; however Carly was determined to get married ASAP. When her relationship with Jack was further hampered by Jack's suspicions of her urgency to rush into marriage and her denial of any ulterior motive, Carly regretfully dumped Jack to marry her other much more pliable suitor Hal Munson. Carly claimed to realize she really loved Hal, but that was a lie.

Reeling from his breakup with Carly, Jack was all set to leave town when he met Julia Lindsey. While helping Julia escape from her controlling fiancé, he developed feelings for her. In the meantime, Jack found out why Carly really dumped him and married Hal--she would win a huge trust fund from her estranged half sister, Rosanna Cabot, if she married a man and had a baby by him by the time the year was out. Hurt and appalled, Jack told Carly to come clean with Hal or he'd completely walk out of her life. Carly refused, determined to meet her vengeful half sister's stipulations, as she was erroneously convinced that the money and silver spoon her sister took for granted, money and advantages which Carly had lacked growing up, were the key to her happiness. In the end, Hal learned the truth himself and divorced her. Luckily for Carly, she got Dr. John Dixon (whom she thought impregnated her with donated sperm while they were scheming together to keep Hal away from his ex wife and John's estranged wife Barbara) to marry her and soon after, with the assistance of Jack and Julia, she gave birth to a son, Parker, in December 1998. Carly divorced John, kept the money, and they shared custody of Parker.

Eventually, Jack's relationship with Julia ended when he found out she lied to him about killing David Stenbeck coupled with interference from Carly. Even though Jack tried to avoid Carly and deny his feelings for her, something about her kept pulling him back. Unfortunately at the time, Carly was trapped in a loveless marriage without sex with Jack's estranged brother Brad, who had blackmailed her to do his bidding with another secret-Brad discovered that Parker was really Hal's son after all, and Carly's cousin Molly had switched the paternity results so that Carly could win her $50 mill. Carly loved her son and was determined now to keep the truth a secret not only for her sake, but to ensure Parker would have all the advantages that Rosanna's 50 million dollar trust fund would afford. Jack and Carly secretly met in an abandoned boathouse where Jack was restoring a small boat, and they fantasized about sailing away together and leaving all the drama behind. Deeply buried feelings rose to the surface and Jack and Carly finally gave into their passion and declared their love . Carly swore to divorce Brad so they could be free to be together, and Jack gave her a compass from the boathouse to remind her to find her way back to him. (This compass would become an important symbol of Jack and Carly's undeniable magnetic pull that brings them together time and again.) Their relationship crumbled again thanks to Brad, who was secretly really angry that Carly had chosen Jack over him. Brad pretended to amicably grant Carly a divorce so that she and Jack could be happy, but he was only biding his time until he could blow their happiness apart. Brad took his revenge on Carly and Jack when he told Jack the truth about Parker's paternity in front of all of Jack's friends at a party for Hal. Jack was hurt that Carly kept him in the dark and humiliated to find out the truth from his jealous, vengeful brother in such a public way, and he pushed Carly away.

After a little while though, Jack took pity on Carly who had lost everything, including custody of her son, yet refused to be defeated, and, impressed by how she was trying to turn her life around, befriended her. Jack wanted to give Carly another go at their relationship, but on the stipulation that there would be no more secrets between them. So, he bet her that she could not go three months without lying. Carly, never one to back down from a challenge, took that bet. With Jack's support and understanding, Carly won the bet and Jack proposed to her on Christmas on land that he had purchased for them to build their future dream home. They named the land Carly's Prize.

Unfortunately, Jack was about to get his heart broken yet again in 2000. The day of their wedding, Carly arrived at the church and told Jack that she was leaving him to pursue a business opportunity in Paris. A heartbroken and shattered Jack wrote off Carly forever. Months later, Jack would learn that Carly did not want to leave him, but was being blackmailed and told that her son would be killed by Winston Lowe, a dangerous, powerful man she married and deserted in Hong Kong long before she met Jack. However, by now Jack was involved with Julia again, and decided he couldn't let himself be fooled anymore by Carly and her lies. Jack and Julia rushed to Las Vegas to elope with Carly hot on their trail. Jack went through with the ceremony, refusing at first to believe that Carly's far fetched story about Winson Lowe was the truth. Eventually, Jack realized that Carly wasn't lying, but he had already made a commitment to Julia.

As much as he wanted, Jack couldn't deny his feelings and in 2001, after Julia miscarried her and Jack's baby, Jack finally confessed to Julia that he still had feelings for Carly. Though he tried to honor his marriage vows to Julia, he couldn't stay away from Carly and continued to create excuses to meet with her. Jack's undying devotion to Carly drove Julia over the edge. She tried to hurt Carly first by alerting Craig that she was spying on him for Jack and the cops, and then by killing Carly's prized horse, Flashdance. Jack, concerned about Julia's state of mind, insisted that she check herself into an institution and get help. Jack, blaming himself for Julia's mental state, tried to protect Julia by keeping her crimes from the police. Jack's plan backfired when Julia became increasingly unstable and used his guilt to her advantage, refusing to divorce him so that he could be with Carly. She later destroyed Carly's Prize, and attempted to kill Carly amidst the ruins of what was once supposed to be Jack and Carly's future home. Luckily Jack was able to save Carly from Julia, and she was led away by the police. With the nightmare of Julia over, Jack was finally able to be with Carly. Unfortunately, the whole experience with Julia left Carly very shaken and she pushed Jack away.

A few months later Carly would mysteriously disappear along with Emily Stewart and Rose D'Angelo. Though Barbara Ryan admitted that her evil mastermind ex-husband James Stenbeck kidnapped the women on her behalf (Emily was married to Barbara's true love Hal, Rose was dating Barbara's son Paul, and Carly teamed with Barbara's enemy Craig to compete with her in business), she had no idea as to where they were. After months of chasing down leads that led nowhere (and after being kidnapped, drugged, tortured and raped by a demented Julia) Jack made a deal with James: he'd return Carly in place of Barbara. Though he initially wanted to use a decoy in place of Barbara, Barbara demanded that she be allowed to go in person to assuage her own guilt. Intending to double cross James, Jack's operation was ruined by a hypnotized and brainwashed Hal, and James escaped.

Although Carly was elated to be reunited with her family after months of captivity at the hands of James Stenbeck, there was just one problem: due to her treatment at the sinister "spa" where she was held, Carly looked decades older. Disgusted by her appearance, Carly was reluctant let Jack (her rescuer) into her life, and refused to see Craig, who cringed when he saw her. However, despite Carly's appearance being radically altered, when Jack looked at her, all he saw was simply the woman he loved, alive and finally out of harm's way. He did not even flinch when he laid eyes upon her for the first time upon her return; he held her and loved her unconditionally and she felt it. Though Carly was afraid that she'd be disfigured for life, the doctor who treated Carly at the spa was captured and "persuaded" by Jack to undo the damage he did to Carly. Her face restored, Carly settled down for a life with Jack. Later that year, Julia returned to town with a baby, Jack Jr., claiming he was Jack's and a product of the rape. Though the paternity test confirmed this, later it was discovered that the child was stolen by Julia in an attempt to further torture Jack, and was returned to his biological parents.

Unfortunately, Jack and Carly's happiness wouldn't last long. Jack was jealous over Carly's friendship and working relationship with Craig, who made no secret that he would like to bed Carly, and the couple argued bitterly right before their wedding, leaving Carly devastated. She drank too much champagne and found comfort in former flame and friend Mike Kasnoff and the two made love.

Jack eventually came to his senses, Carly decided to keep the one night stand with Mike a secret and the two reconciled in time for their glorious wedding. Though the marriage started on happy note with Carly expecting their baby, it soured when Jack learned about the night Carly spent with Mike before their wedding, and that the baby might not be his after all. Bitter at being kept in the dark yet again, Jack threw Carly out of his house. He contemplated divorce, and at one point had papers drawn. Though still jealous of Mike, Jack softened when he finally realized the child could actually be his and he agreed to help Carly in her pregnancy. To that end, when Carly was ordered to avoid stress in order to ensure a safe delivery, Jack pleaded with Carly to stop all work at Monte Carlo. Unfortunately, Carly wouldn't listen--especially when she found out Barbara was trying to get her job. Later Barbara disappeared and later resurfaced claiming that she'd been kidnapped. Skeptical at first, Jack did some digging and discovered that Craig, Rose and Emily did in fact kidnap Barbara. Not wanting the others to suffer, Jack kept quiet about the crime only to be ratted out by Henry Coleman. Not long after, Carly, who was suffering a creative block, was accused of ripping off Barbara's designs and Jack blew up at her. By the time he learned that Craig had actually stolen Barbara's ideas without Carly's knowledge, Carly had disappeared to quietly have her baby in Montana without telling anyone. Jack eventually found out and after Carly's cousin Molly Conlan McKinnon convinced him that Carly wanted him to follow her, Jack hightailed it to Montana where he begged Carly's forgiveness and asked her to give their marriage another try. Jack ended up delivering Carly's baby, a daughter that they named Sage. After the birth, Jack promised Carly that he'd stand by her no matter what. Jack and Carly finally renewed their vows in the place where they had met all those years ago. Later, Jack and Carly learned that Sage was Jack's daughter after all. It seemed like a happily ever after storybook ending, until....

A year later, Jack would find himself in a perilous situation while trying to protect Molly. After having helped rescue Molly from a mobster named Starziak who feared she was going to testify against him, Jack offered to let her stay in his house since she had no where to go and feared for her life. Molly's fears seemed grounded when Starziak found her at the Snyders and went after her. Fortunately, Jack and Carly arrived home in time and Jack was able to subdue Starziak. However, the frightening ordeal left Molly hysterical and she demanded that Jack take him away. Though proper procedure was to wait for police backup, to appease a hysterical Molly, Jack took the criminal away himself. However, in the car, Starziak attempted an escape by grabbing Jack's steering wheel and the car went into the water. Jack was presumed dead and Carly was devastated by the loss of her true love.

Days later, Jack would wake up in a hospital with no memory of who he was. Knowing his name was Jack (from the inscription on his wedding ring), Jack met a dark haired nurse named Julia Larrabee and was convinced she was his wife. Julia did nothing to contradict him, and the two bonded. However when he made the assumption that her son, J.J., was theirs, Julia revealed that she'd only gone with his assumptions because his doctor asked her to. (The doctor thought it would help Jack) Soon after, Jack was released, but with nowhere to go. Feeling sorry for him, Julia let him stay with her and J.J and promised to help him find out who he was. Staying with Julia, Jack developed feelings for this woman and her son, who were the only family he knew since he regained consciousness. Although the search for Jack's identity led nowhere, he and Julia got a clue when a pair of hippies suddenly recognized him from pictures they'd seen carried by a crazy woman who hitched a ride with them one day. She had called Jack her husband. The crazy hitchhiker happened to be Jack's murderous ex-wife Julia. Suddenly Jack had a memory flash of Julia trying to kill him! That memory scared Jack and he decided that his former life was better off buried, and he focused on creating a new future for himself.

Meanwhile, Carly refused to believe Jack was dead and began to look into the accident. Although it seemed hopeless, Carly had one small lead--a dark haired woman at the water park with a small child named JJ was at the park with the blurred man in the photo. Her luck changed when a report came in that Jack Snyder's wallet had been stolen. It was proof that Jack was alive! Carly soon got wind and began her own investigation to find her husband. But throughout the weeks the search proved fruitless. Finally Parker (who'd been having psychic flashes throughout all of this) told Carly that it was too late and then collapsed. Fearing what this was doing to her son, Carly decided to give up the search. But that all changed when Carly learned that the dark haired woman from the water park had been in her house wanting to tell her something. The same day, Parker found a pen in the trash, which must have been left by the dark haired woman, a pen from St. Genevieve Hospital. Now with a solid lead, Carly and Rosanna did some searching and found out the woman's identity--Julia Larrabee.

While bonding with Julia and JJ, Jack would periodically get flashes of a vivacious blonde but had no idea what those flashes meant and how they related to the crazy woman who tried to kill him. Then came the arrival of Julia's abusive ex-husband, Les who threatened to take JJ away. Having an instinctive need to protect his new family, Jack talked Julia into marrying him. Although she hesitated since they both had no idea what was in his past, Jack was happy in his new life, was totally dependent on Julia for any sense of identity, and assured her that he didn't care about his past. So, after obtaining a fake ID, under the name "Jack Jackson", Jack and Julia married. Weeks later, Jack was startled when Julia suddenly insisted that they had to move immediately. Though Jack was content remain where he was and worried about JJ leaving in the middle of a school year, Julia insisted that they had to move to Louisville that night. After being told that Julia had a job offer there, Jack agreed to the move. After driving all night, Jack and his new family stopped at a hotel called the White Horse.

When Carly went to Julia's home, she was told that she'd left suddenly with her son and husband, who had to be Jack! With the clock ticking, Carly and Rosanna went searching for Julia and Jack. Although they were thrown off course since Julia had told people she was headed for Tennessee, Carly soon figured out she was heading somewhere else and with some information from some truckers at a rest stop deduced that Julia and Jack could be headed for Louisville, Kentucky. Hitching a ride with a trucker, Carly searched at every hotel on route for Jack to no avail. Finally at dawn's light she got a clue from Parker--Jack was at the White Horse.

That night, Jack would be shocked to find a police badge in Julia's possessions--his badge with the name Jack Snyder. Shocked, Jack confronted Julia the next morning with the fact that she knew his identity. However, Julia maintained that she'd only found out the day before when she left the hospital. Buying her explanation that the hospital gave her the rest of Jack's effects, Jack went out and came face to face with a blonde who immediately recognized him--Carly. Unfortunately, Jack had no memory of Carly at all. Although Carly tried to jog his memory by showing him a family picture and telling him about their past, he still could not remember anything. Not feeling anything for this woman in front of him, Jack only wanted to return to Julia and was shocked when Carly told him that Julia had known who he was, that she'd been to their house in Oakdale. Not knowing who to believe, but not liking Carly's confrontational attitude toward Julia, Jack took Julia aside and demanded the truth. Caught, Julia tearfully confessed that she'd learned of Jack's identity much earlier but kept quiet since she'd fallen in love with him. Touched, Jack forgave Julia. Although Julia wanted to go ahead and move far away, Jack convinced her that he had to find out who he was.

So, Jack went back to Oakdale, and brought Julia and JJ, with him. This development didn't sit too well with Carly and she had several run-ins with Julia, whom Carly accused of exploiting Jack's vulnerable state to keep him close. Carly's antagonism toward Julia only ended up alienating herself from Jack. Knowing that Jack considered Julia his real wife, Carly went to court and had Jack declared incompetent and had him placed in her custody. However, though Jack was now at home, he was colder than ever to Carly. However, he was starting to bond with his children and the Snyder family. Meanwhile, after weeks of Jack being hostile towards her, Carly tried to make him remember their past by tricking him into going to Montana. There she discussed their past and started reciting their wedding vows. Suddenly, Jack started remembering them too and his entire memory came flooding back! He and Carly embraced. But even though his memory had returned, Jack still had a problem--he loved Carly, but also cared for Jula, and he had promised a very fragile JJ that he would keep he and Julia safe from the abusive Les. As Jack struggled with his choice, in the end Carly decided to make it easy for him and signed divorce papers. However, to her delight, Jack had already made his decision to return to Carly, the love of his life, and try to do right by Julia and JJ some other way, and Jack tore up the divorce papers. Months later, Julia was tragically murdered by her ex-husband, Les, and Jack and Carly were granted guardianship of JJ.

A few months later, Carly started having nightmares of a woman screaming at her demanding to know what she’d done to her child. Convinced this was a traumatic childhood memory, Carly did some digging though her father’s things and found a photo of him and a dark haired woman. The odd thing was that the photo was taken near Mabel’s in Oakdale. Confused since her father never mentioned living there, Carly asked around but no one remembered her father or the woman he was with. Trying to support her, Jack did some digging and found out who the woman was and her relationship to Carly. Determined that Carly would never learn the truth, Jack located the woman, Iris, in Oakdale and went to her to tell her to stay away. Unfortunately, Carly saw them talking. To Jack’s relief, Iris simply told Carly that she dated her father when Carly was a girl.

Meanwhile, tragedy struck when Rosanna was run off the road by Craig and fell into a coma. At the time of the accident, Rosanna had made plans to adopt a baby boy from teenage unwed mother. With Rosanna incapacitated, Carly decided to raise her sister’s baby, whom she named Rory, after Rosanna. Unfortunately the mother, Gwen Norbeck, decided to sue the Snyders for custody since she didn’t know or trust Carly. A week later, at the trial, Iris told Carly the secret she’d been hiding. She had given birth to Carly's father, Ray Tenney’s, child and Carly, in a childhood pique of jealousy, murdered her newborn baby. Since Carly was underage, the records were sealed. When Carly relayed the story to Jack he was forced to admit that he’d not only seen the juvenile records; he’d destroyed them. As for Carly, all she remembered was a small baby and Iris screaming that she’d killed him. In the meantime, the custody battle seemed to be turning in Gwen’s favor with her getting visitation rights.

Desperate to make sure she didn’t lose Rory, Carly set out to make Gwen look like an unfit mother by arranging her to drink tainted water during an outing so Gwen would fall asleep while watching the baby. Upon learning that Carly had arranged for the drugged water, Jack again covered for Carly by lying to Hal. Not long after, Carly and Jack were shocked to learn that Iris was Gwen’s mother. Painting herself as the perfect mother, Iris petitioned the court to let Gwen have temporary custody of the baby while under her care. To Carly’s dismay, the judge agreed.

After a few weeks when Iris accused Will Munson (who was seeing Gwen) of poisoning her, the teens ran off with Rory to New York City. Carly and Jack went to NYC to locate them. Finally they found them. on the steps of the NYC university, Carly and Gwen were on the top steps and Jack, Will and Iris were near the bottom of the steps) Gwen was holding on to the baby carriage, when Carly and her got into fight over Rory, Gwen lost her balance. The carriage went over first, and Jack caught the carriage, and saved Rory. Unfortunately, Gwen lost her balance and fell down the stairs. Suddenly, at that moment Carly had a memory flash to the night Iris’s baby died. She suddenly remembered that it wasn’t a baby BOY but a GIRL. Carly suddenly put two and two together and figured out that Iris set up Carly in order to get her and her baby away from the Tenneys. That meant that Gwen was her half-sister.

Despite the revelation, Carly refused to acknowledge any sisterly bond and was still determined to keep Gwen away from her baby. Meanwhile, Hal found out about Jack destroying Carly’s juvenile record and had him suspended without pay. In the end though both women ended up losing when another major revelation came out--Rory was not Gwen’s baby. He was actually Jennifer Munson’s. Both babies had been born on the same day but one wouldn’t survive. Unknown to everyone, Craig had switched the babies so everyone thought that Jen’s baby had died. With the truth finally discovered, Rory was given to Jennifer and saddened by Gwen’s loss (since it reminded her of a previous miscarriage), Carly truly bonded with her sister.

As for Jack, although he was cleared by Internal Affairs for what he’d done, his job had already been given away to Mike’s cousin, Nick Kasnoff. He was allowed to work part time on the force, partnered with none other than Nick. Although Carly detested Nick since she felt that he'd stolen Jack's thunder, Jack tried to make the best of the situation, though he wasn't Nick's biggest fan either. Then both Nick and Jack were assigned to crack a gambling operation, with Nick as lead detective. Hoping to help Jack get the information to crack the case, Carly (without Jack's knowledge) took a job at the club they were investigating. Things became complicated when Nick spotted Carly working at the Galaxy club as a waitress. She quickly spun a story about them needing the money since Jack wasn't working full-time and begged him to keep her job a secret from Jack.

Despite a few close calls, and several run-ins with Jack, the secret remained safe, although Jack became suspicious of the many conversations between Carly and Nick. After several weeks of Carly's suspicious behavior, Jack soon learned the entire truth and feeling betrayed left Carly. In the meantime, while Jack was finally reinstated at the force, Mike was caught up in trouble of his own when he discovered a skeleton in the basement of the Snyder home (his old house) The body belonged to a woman Mike briefly knew named Maya Gold and since he was the last person to see her alive, he became the prime suspect. However, Carly and Katie started wondering if it was Nick, not Mike, who was the killer. It turned out the ladies were right. Realizing he was about to be found out, Nick took both women hostage. Luckily, Mike and Jack found them. In an effort to protect Mike, Katie shot Nick dead. Realizing he'd almost lost her, Jack almost reunited with Carly.

Unfortunately, soon after, he was forced to admit that he couldn't fully trust her and their marriage. Angry, Carly threw him out and warned him that she might not wait around for him this time.

Carly then moved on to a flirtatious relationship with new business partner, Simon Frasier. A jealous Jack realized how much he missed his soulmate. Carly then refused to take jack back and entered a serious relationship with Simon.

Carly and Simon end up stealing some crown jewels and go on the run, they leave Oakdale, but Carly returns to say goodbye to the children. Jack is there and catches them, but allows Carly and Simon to leave, still in love with her and deciding to set her free. After Carly is gone, a bitter and lonely Jack got involved with Katie. Carly later returns, missing her old life, returning the jewels and leaving Simon. Now Parker is upset with Carly and after a series of events he runs away. After repeated attempts to get Carly to understand that he was tired of hurting over and over and wanting to move on with Katie, Jack finally told Carly that he could see himself marrying Katie. Carly soon manipulated Katie into believing Jack was going to propose to her, but it backfired on her when Katie and Jack realized what Katie and Brad were up to.

Soon, a woman named Ava surfaced, approaching J.J. and addressing herself as a friend of his biological mother Julia's. When she asked for a key to a music box, J.J. reluctantly agreed until matters took a turn for the worse. Silas and Ava kidnapped J.J. and asked for ransom. Despite Jack's orders not to do so, Carly sought help from friend Lily and paid off the kidnappers, only to be double crossed. Ava and Silas soon fled with J.J. and took him all the way to Idaho to start their "new family". Jack was injured by Silas in an explosion, and when Katie rushed to his side to tell him she loved him, a semi-conscious Jack replied, "I love you too...Carly." Katie kept this information to herself when Jack woke up in the hospital.

Before Jack and Carly left to pursue the kidnappers, Jack proposed to Katie and she said yes. Finally, an injured, disgruntled Jack and ex-wife Carly were able to work off of a lead and tracked the kidnappers down to Idaho. In an action packed chain of events, Carly saved the day, then Jack saved Carly, J.J. was finally freed, Ava ran off with the ransom money, and Silas was arrested.

Returning home, Jack and Carly did a news story on the kidnapping and their closeness upset Katie, who left. Jack went to find Katie, telling her that he did not have feelings for Carly, and he wanted them to get married. Once Carly heard about the engagement, she began scheming to break them up. She dressed up in Jack's favorite dress for the engagement party to try to seduce Jack. Her plan failed and Jack was pushed further away.

Carly then began having dizzy spells and fainting. She fainted on a couch while listening to Jack and Katie argue about having more children, was discovered, and neither the believed her story that she fell asleep. She faints again while trying to convince Katie that she was not following her. Jack and his brother, Brad, come upon the scene and Jack lectures Carly about getting up to her old tricks. Brad thinks that something might be wrong with Carly, but she tells him to keep it quiet. As Carly drives Sage to Jack and Katie's wedding shower, she gets dizzy, sees a flash of white light, and drives off the road. Nobody is hurt in the accident, but Jack is forced to leave the shower and is upset that Carly crashed with Sage in the car. He is even more upset when she will not give him a reason for the accident. After Jack leaves, the doctor tells Carly that he thinks she should see a neurologist.

The next day, Carly goes to the neurologist and he tells her that she has a lesion, a tumor, or her brain. Because of the position of the tumor they cannot operate. He gives her two months to live and says that there is nothing they can do for her. Carly goes home, takes a bath, and slides under the water. Brad finds Carly and pulls her out of the tub. She admits to him that she is dying, but refuses to let him tell Jack until after his honeymoon. Together, Carly and Brad call other doctors but they all confirm that Carly has a tumor and nothing can be done.

On the day of Jack and Katie's wedding, Carly collapses in Old Town and for a moment can't remember who she is. A police officer recognizes her as Jack's ex-wife and takes her to the police station. He tells her that unless she calls someone to get her, he will call Jack. Carly calls Brad and his phone rings, interrupting the ceremony. He tells Jack that he has to leave, and asks them to wait for him to come back. He goes to get Carly at the police station and brings her to the hospital.

Jack decides that he doesn't want to wait for Brad, and the ceremony continues. He and Katie are married and the reception begins. Just before Jack and Katie are going to leave for the honeymoon, Katie throws the bouquet and a returning Brad catches it. Jack is angry with Brad for leaving until he mentions that something is wrong with Carly. Jack thinks it is just a trick until Brad confesses that Carly is in the hospital and refuses treatment. Jack relays the news to Katie and then leaves to go see Carly in the hospital. When he arrives, Carly is upset that Brad told her secret, but finally admits to Jack that she is dying. She breaks down and the two embrace as Katie watches from outside the room.

Jack and Katie put the honeymoon on hold and Jack tells Katie that he needs to spend more time with Carly. Meanwhile, a suspicious Parker asks Brad why Jack and Katie aren't on their honeymoon and guesses that it has something to do with Carly. When Brad won't tell him anything, he goes to Katie, who confesses that something is wrong with Carly, but she can't tell him. She promises him he will find out by the next day. With this information, Jack and Carly decide that they have to tell the kids. Brad and Katie bring Parker, J.J., and Sage to Carly's house and she and Jack tell them that Carly is sick and is going to be in and out of the hospital a lot. Sage and J.J. take the news well, but Parker knows that it is more serious. After the others leave, Parker tells Carly that he can handle the whole truth. Carly tearfully tells him that she is not going to get better.

Later that night, Carly wants Jack to help her make a video for the kids to watch after she dies. He does, and after he leaves Carly makes a video for him, confessing her love and her desire for him to live a happy life. A few days later, Jack accidentally sees the video and Carly confirms that it was all true. She tells Jack that she just wants one more chance to feel loved and asks for one last kiss. Jack obliges, and he realizes that he still has feelings for Carly. Jack goes home to Katie and tells her what happened. She is upset and suggests that they should take a break. Jack doesn't want to do that, but Katie says that she can't stand not knowing when he is coming home and knowing that he is with Carly. She tells him to put her first and asks him to move out, which he does regretfully.

The same night, Carly prays, asking God for a miracle for her children. Soon after she gets a call from the neurologist who wants to meet with her. He comes over and tells Carly that she does not have a tumor, but an abscess and is not dying. Carly is thrilled and wants to tell Jack when he arrives. However, he makes her sit down and takes her temperature first. She asks him why she came back and Jack admits that Katie wants to live separately. Carly decides not to tell Jack so he won't go back to Katie. Brad soon finds out that Carly is not dying, and urges her to tell Jack. Carly convinces him to stay quiet by telling him that this is his best chance to get Katie to himself.

Carly tells Jack she wants to go to Montana before she dies. They go together, without telling Katie. Katie wants to talk to Jack, but Gwen, who is watching the kids, tells her Jack is in Montana with Carly. Katie is upset and tries to get Brad to sleep with her. They almost do, before Brad stops it, convinced that Katie loves Jack too much to do that to him. Meanwhile, Carly and Jack are both affected by the memories in Montana. Jack lays Carly down on the bed to rest, she draws him into a kiss, and the two make love. Afterward, Jack feels guilty about betraying Katie and insists they return early. Katie has decided that she wants to reconcile with Jack and asks her to meet her at the Lakeview. He goes and she begins apologizing for pushing him away and tell him he can spend as much time with Carly as he needs. When Jack doesn't respond, Katie gets suspicious and Jack admits that he slept with Carly in Montana. Katie and jack separate and jack ends up proposing to Carly. At the alter, Jack leaves Carly after she tells him she is not sick, and she has known for a while. Jack tells Carly he does not think he can ever trust her again and tries to keep the kids from her. Parker gets mad and refuses to speak to her and only wants to stay with Jack.

Enter Kit, a changed woman who was once involved in JJs kidnapping but has now come back to apologize to Carly. Carly decides to let Kit stay at Carly's house while they re open the bar Metro with the money Carly got from the doctor's misdiagnoses. JJ freaks out when he sees Kit and goes to get Jack, who rushes in and points the gun at Kit. When Carly explains why she is there, Jack says she had better hope she is right about Kit and tells her he wants the kids to stay away from her. Enter Sam, Kits ex boyfriend a few days later, and Kit and Carly take him in as he starts his relationship with Kit back up. Jack does not trust either of them, and he and Parker and JJ are worried about them around Carly. Kit earns Jacks trust however when Carly and Sage are involved in a hold up and Kit saves them both by facing down a man with a loaded gun. Katie sees jack hugging a saved Carly and Sage and realizes they are a family and decides to stay away from Jack. Sam gets more and more interested in Carly as time goes on, and Parker and Jack begin to distrust him more and more as well. When they finally convince Carly to fire him and make leave Carly and the business alone, Sam attacks Carly, telling her he loves her and tries to rape her. Parker enters and shoots Sam, who lies on the ground supposedly dead. Jack shows up and takes Carly and parker to the police station. Although it is a self defense case, the DA decides to try parker as an adult for murdering Sam. Carly and jack learn that a second shot was fired that killed Sam, in the heart, and Carly knows it was Kit. (Carly remembers in a dream that parker only fired one shot, and she knows kit was the only other person with reason to kill Sam) Kit continually plants Cowboy Jack, Sam's creepy ventriloquist dummy, around Carly to creep her out because Kit acts like she blames Carly for Sam's death. Jack and Carly try several times to trick Kit into confessing, and Kit in turn tries to kill Carly at an old abandoned warehouse when Carly goes there. Jack saves Carly and brings her home. When they later return to the warehouse, Kit tries to kill both Carly and Jack, and Kit ends up shooting Jack. Carly in turn grabs jack's gun and follows Kit, who shoots at Carly. Carly returns fire, killing Kit, without a confession of the murder. Jack survives, but Parker's trial begins. Carly finds a homeless woman (ruby) who can prove Kit was in town the night of Sam's murder (she had supposedly been in Chicago) and Jack and Carly convince her to testify on Parker's behalf. The judge, who had convicted Parker as guilty, reverses the sentence after ruby testifies. Parker is made innocent, and the family returns home. Jack decides to stay at the farm for a while for the kids and so Carly can help him get better from his gunshot wound. Carly decides she wants Jack back, but he is weary. After talking to Lily though, he decides that he and Carly need to start as friends and see where it takes them. She agrees.In another story, supercouple Holden Snyder and Lily Walsh began to have trouble in their relationship. Carly and Holden confided in each other about their messed up love lives and, when they grow closer and closer as they stay a night together at their daughters's camp, the two end up in a kiss. They have an akward car ride home and do not talk much about the kiss. Then Holden aleeps with Lily to try to forget carly and announces that they should take a trip together. Carly confronts Holden about the kiss and the two go on a horseback ride together. As Lily searches for Holden on the farm, Carly tries to leave and Holden stops her, and the two are about to kiss.


Jack and Carly were nominated as "Most Irresistible Combination" at the 32nd Daytime Emmy Awards. [ [http://www.cbs.com/daytime/specials/emmys_2005/nominees/viewer_choice/nominees/nominees002.shtml Nominees] ]

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