List of topics named after Hermann Weyl

List of topics named after Hermann Weyl

This is a list of topics named after Hermann Weyl, the influential German mathematician.
* Weyl algebra
* Weyl basis of the gamma matrices
* Weyl chamber
* Weyl character formula
* Weyl's criterion
* Weyl curvature: see Weyl tensor
* Weyl curvature hypothesis
* Weyl dimension formula, a specialization of the character formula
* Weyl equation, a relativistic wave equation
* Weyl field
* Weyl group
* Weyl gauge
* Weyl's inequality
* Weyl's law
* Weyl's lemma on hypoellipticity
* Weyl's lemma on the "very weak" form of the Laplace equation
* Weyl multipole moment
* Weyl notation
* Weyl's paradox, properly the Grelling-Nelson paradox
* Weyl's postulate
* Weyl quantization
* Weyl scalar
* Weyl spinor
* Majorana-Weyl spinor
* Weyl sum, a type of exponential sum
* Weyl symmetry: see Weyl transformation
* Weyl tensor
* Weyl's theorem
* Weyl's unitary trick
* Weyl vector of a compact Lie group
* Peter–Weyl theorem
* Weyl–Schouten theorem
* Weyl transformation

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