Nikon F55

Nikon F55
Nikon F55 with a 50mm f/1.8D.

The F55 (or N55 as it is known in the U.S.) is a 35mm film SLR autofocus camera introduced by Nikon in 2002. [1] It was targeted at a new and lower price-point than the F65 (previously Nikon's cheapest autofocus SLR). The F65 continued to be sold alongside the F55. The camera is Made in Thailand.

It is unique among recent Nikon autofocus SLRs in that it does not support autofocus on Nikon lenses with "AF-S" silent wave motor focussing, or the "VR" optical stabilisation features found on some lenses.

It features several different operating modes, including "Auto" and manual.

A date/time-imprinting facility is included with the F55D variant.


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