Bronchopulmonary segment

Bronchopulmonary segment

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Each of the tertiary bronchi serves a specific bronchopulmonary segment. These segments each have their own artery. Thus, each bronchopulmonary segment is supplied by a bronchus, and an artery.

There are 10 bronchopulmonary segments on Right Lobe lung (3 in right superior lobe, 2 in middle right lobe, 5 in right inferior lobe) and 9 bronchopulmonary segments on Left Lobe( 4 in left superior lobe, 5 in left inferior lobe). Each of which is separated from the others by a layer of connective tissue.

This means that each bronchopulmonary segment is a discrete anatomical and functional unit, and this separation mean that a bronchopulmonary segment can be surgically removed without affecting the function of the other segments.

Bronchopulmonary segments of right lung

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* superior lobe
** apical
** posterior
** anterior
* middle lobe
** lateral
** medial
* inferior lobe
** superior
** medial-basal
** anterior-basal
** lateral-basal
** posterior-basal

Bronchopulmonary segments of left lung


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* superior lobe
** apico-posterior (merger of "apical" and "posterior")
** anterior
* lingula of superior lobe
** inferior lingular
** superior lingular
* inferior lobe
** superior
** medial basal (merger of "anterior basal" and "medial basal")
** posterior basal
** anterior basal
** lateral basal

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