Jubayr ibn Mut'im

Jubayr ibn Mut'im

Jubayr ibn Mut'im ( _ar. جبير بن مطعم) (d. AH|57|676|+ http://dictionary.al-islam.com/Arb/Dicts/SelDict.asp?DI=26&CurrPage=3&TL=1&Theme=26&RDF=1] or AH|59|679 [http://www.al-islam.org/ Al-islam.org] [http://www.al-islam.org/thaqalayn/nontl/Nar0-2.htm] ] ) was one of the Meccan enemies of the Islamic prophet Muhammad whom later became a Sahaba.


He was the son of Mut`im ibn `Uday


In BH|12|610, Abu Bakr had initially engaged his daughter Aisha to Jubayr ibn Mut'im, but when Jubayr's father Mut`im ibn `Uday was informed that Abu Bakr had adopted Islam and rejected polytheism, Mut`im no longer wished his son to marry Aisha [ [http://www.altway.freeuk.com/Clarification/35-Problems-3.htm] [http://www.barn-i-islam.dk/Profeten%20Muhammad%20(saws).htm Norwegian link] ] .

He was especially known for his knowledge of genealogy .

He was the owner of Wahshy ibn Harb, the slave who killed Hamza ibn 'Abdul Muttalib.

He adopted Islam in the period between the Hudaibiah Treaty and the Conquest of Mecca .

He had two sons, Nafi' ibn Jubayr [ [http://www.bogvaerker.dk/Bookwright/rijal.html Rijal: narrators of the Muwatta of Imam Muhammad ] ] and Muhammad ibn Jubayr [http://www.hadithblog.com/yahya-related-to-me-from-malik-from-ibn-shihab-from-muhammad-ibn-jubayr-ibn-mutim-that-his-father-said-i-heard-the-messenger-of-allah-may-allah-bless-him-and-grant-him-peace-recite-at-tur-sura-52-in-t/yahya-related-to-me-from-malik-from-ibn-shihab-from-muhammad-ibn-jubayr-ibn-mutim-that-his-father-said-i-heard-the-messenger-of-allah-may-allah-bless-him-and-grant-him-peace-recite-at-tur-sura-52-in-t.html] .

He is included in the "Isnad" of several hadith [bukhari|8|73|13] , among them being the hadith of the two weighty things

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*Jubayr (name)


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