The New Authorized Version

The New Authorized Version

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translation_title=New Authorized Version in Present-Day English
full_name=AV7, The New Authorized Version in Present-Day English
textual_basis=claimed to be same as King James Version of the Bible
copyright=Held by The New Authorized Version Foundation
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The New Authorized Version in Present-Day English is a version of the New Testament (along with some Old Testament passages) published in 2006. The copyright holder is an organization called "The New Authorized Version Foundation." This version is known as "AV7" for short.

The "Introduction" to "AV7" states that "among the great number of different versions of the Bible in print, many use interpretive paraphrasing that may dilute, diminish, or misrepresent the full truth of the Word of God . . . . AV7 is different. It is not a product of commercial sponsorship or the result of any individual's or committee's interpretation of what the Word of God says. Instead, AV7 is a present-day English update of the traditional English text that stood for more than 300 years as the most widely accepted, literally accurate English language translation of the Bible." It is claimed (in a section at the end of the volume called "Features & Benefits") to be a "computer-generated, updated, and enhanced presentation of the Bible" that was "compiled by an automated system that is able to perform translations directly from Greek and Hebrew original language sources into word-for-word, direct equivalent English."

Early distribution of AV7, according to the translation's official website, was made through "more than 2,800 Dollar Tree stores throughout the United States" beginning in April 2006. Because this translation is relatively new, there was not as of Fall 2006 a great deal of information or critical reviewing of it found online.

This translation is not to be confused with the Third Millennium Bible, which also uses the alternate name "The New Authorized Version" but is unrelated to AV7.


* [ Official Website of "AV7, The New Authorized Version"] .
* [ Review of AV7] by the editor who began this Wikipedia article.
* [ AV7 responses to the initial review.]

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