List of wars

List of wars

This is a listing of lists of wars, sorted by country, date, region, and type of conflict.:"This list is incomplete and, quite possibly, will never be completed."

Wars by country

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Wars by date

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*List of wars before 1000
*List of wars 1000–1499
*List of wars 1500–1799
*List of wars 1800–1899
*List of wars 1900–1944
*List of wars 1945–1989
*List of wars 1990–2002
*List of wars 2003–current
*List of ongoing conflicts

Wars by region

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*List of conflicts in Asia
*List of conflicts in Africa
**Conflicts in the Horn of Africa
**List of conflicts in the Maghreb (Northwest Africa)
*List of conflicts in Europe
*List of conflicts in the Middle East
*List of conflicts in North America
**List of conflicts in Canada
**List of conflicts in the United States
*List of conflicts in Central America
*List of conflicts in South America

Wars by type of conflict

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*List of wars of independence (national liberation)
*List of military conflicts spanning multiple wars
*List of world wars
*List of proxy wars
*List of wars extended by diplomatic irregularity
*List of possible exceptions to the democratic peace theory

ee also

*List of wars extended by diplomatic irregularity
*List of wars and disasters by death toll
*Military History
*List of treaties
*List of battles
*List of invasions
*List of wars in the Islamic world
*Campaign history of the Roman military

External links

* [ Complete list of wars] World War 2, Vietnam, guide to past and current wars.
* [ Index of Wars World History Database]
** [ Index of Civil Wars World History Database]
** [ Index of Battles World History Database]
** [ Index of Captures World History Database]
** [ Index of Sieges World History Database]
** [ Index of Treaties World History Database]
* [ Major Episodes of Political Violence, 1946–2002]
*Radford, Robert, " [ Great Historical Battles / Les grandes batailles de l'histoire] ". An extensive list of important battles and leaders, between 490 BC and present times.

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